Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bling on 2009!

Happy new year to all of you! I really would like to thank those who come by to read my blog, see what I have been creating, and “listening” to me go on and on about life in general.

My new year is starting off well. I entered “Born in my Heart” in the A Cherry On Top bling contest last month and it won! I really went all out with bling in the form of glitter, gemstones, glaze and glitter pens. I blended alcohol inks on wet paint to dress up the Magistical Memories chipboard flowers.

The prize is a $25 GC to the store. Haven’t had time to browse yet, but I am hoping there is some of Cosmo’s 2008 Xmas line as we did not get that in the store this year, and I have a mini album I had wanted to make with it.

On new year’s eve day I worked at the Scrapbook Superstore and just had a great day helping customers and showing several of them the very cool embossing features of the Cuttlebug. I have never been a serious cardmaker, but that Cuttlebug really makes me consider taking up card-crafting on a regular basis. I just LOVE the embossing capabilities and it’s versatility in using other dies. Who knows, by the end of 2009 I just may cave, get the Cuttlebug and start making cards on a more regular basis.

New Year’s Eve we attended our first party in probably 8 yrs. It just became too difficult when Kyle was young to secure a sitter for the evening, and Jesse is always tired with his early morning work hours, so we have basically been hanging out at home, playing with the kids and Kyle and I have been the only ones to make it to the new year for the past several. Last night we all attended a party at Abby’s former daycare provider’s home. I had a blast playing air hockey with Kyle and meeting new people. Abby was moving non-stop, and even when her young friend and her family went home shortly after 10 – Abby kept going and really seemed the most lively of all the people there – including the teens.

We paused the game of Apples to Apples to hoot and holler at midnight, after which Kyle was anxious to go home as he had this grandiose idea that his father would stay up and watch Pirates 2 with him. (LOL) Abby did not want to leave the party – she was having too much fun. Finally we get her buckled in, she looks around at the Moser’s house twinkling with Xmas lights, the snow…and she says, “are you sure it’s 2009? Everything looks the same.” Kyle and I just cracked up at the comment, and seconds later the girl was OUT like a light.

I purposely did not take my camera to the new year’s eve party. I wanted to just have fun, meet new people and play, and I did. I do wonder, however, how I might scrap that comment Abby made without a photo. It was too cute to not preserve it.

Speaking of Abby, I just had a report from our son that she fell asleep on the couch at 6:15 pm. Not surprising! This means an earlier viewing of Pirates 2 – I only hope I can stay awake! I work the next several days in a row, and won’t scrap much at all. But the kids return to school on Monday and I am off, so here is hoping!

I also want to wish Wendi Wright, owner of the Scrapbook Playground, all the best as she closes down the site after many years. The SBPG was a great place to be and I really enjoyed my time there and serving on the DT.

I pray that all of you have a wonderful and healthy new year. To celebrate the new year I chose quotes that focus on “new” for the inspiration challenge at Kjoi Studios. Create a layout using any of these quotes to get your new year started.

The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings. ~ - Dave Weinbaum

"When God closes a door he opens a window."
Maria - Sound of Music

“Ring out the old, ring in the new, Ring, happy bells, across the snow: The year is going, let him go; Ring out the false, ring in the true.” Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Each new day is a gift from God, greet it with open arms and thanks!

If you create a digital layout, post in the Kjoi Studios gallery and provide a link in the inspiration forum to have a chance to win a $5 GC to the Kjoi prize vault. Happy scrapping!


Hollis said...

Hi Rita! Many blessings to you this year!

I have been visiting your blog for awhile now, but just felt like fessing up, I totally LOVE your stuff, and how much you bring to the Scrapbook Superstore.


peata said...

ha ha!
bling it on!