Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful for my name...

It may seem like an odd thing to be thankful for, but my name is pretty unique. When I was young I never liked it - I wished to be a Mary or Lori, like everyone else. Eventually I became used to being the only Rita in my school, and it was nice. There was never confusion if my name was being called. (LOL)
The layout being shared today is dedicated to my namesake, my mother's cousin Rita. She is also my godmother, and although I never got to know her real well as we didn't live too near - I have always been proud to be her namesake.  When we do get together she is so easy to talk to, and I love spending time with her.
This weekend I will be seeing this wonderful woman, probably for one last time. The past three years have been ailing ones for her, and the doctors sent her home from the hospital yesterday, saying there is nothing more they can do for her. Her heart is failing fast, and she is not expected to live long.
After three years of a lot of pain, she told her husband she is ready to go. Of course, he is not even close to being ready to let go. I called my mom and offered to drive her to see her cousin, my godmother, when I get done with work Friday. I made arrangements to stay at my sister's house for the night, and we can visit Rita on Saturday.
You don't have to spend a lot of time with a person to be thankful for having them be a part of your life. I remember yearly Christmas cards, and she always commented on something I had done that year and how proud she was. We talked about Italian recipes, and sadly we never did get together so that she could teach me Old World family cuisine. I look forward to seeing her again, and although it will not be a totally joyful visit, I feel God's calling to make the trip, and hope for some time to reflect upon God's goodness in our lives together.
This post makes me think of Marv as well, and how Carol must be feeling going into her first holiday season without him. The holidays can be lonely for someone surrounded by family and friends, when a dear one has died. As you gather with family this Thanksgiving, remember those who lost someone dear this past year...reach out, with a phone call or send them a card.
May God bless all of you this Thanksgiving and may you remember, and create memories this holiday season.

Happy creating,