Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sweet Treats with BoBunny Sophie!

I'll be the first to admit...any holiday is a good reason to buy holiday colored M&Ms.   Everyone in my famiy, except me, loves peanut M&Ms. I have a personal affinity for dark chocolate M&Ms, so if I fill a jar with the peanut version I am not tempted.  For this Easter, however, I found milk chocolate in speckled form, and the dark chocolate are plain - which means I can pick out dark chocolate. Oh boy....

This jar has been on a shelf in my kitchen for years, filled with rocks given to me with love by Kyle when he was a little one. Instead of dandelions, he constantly gave me pretty rocks. Of course I scrapped a few layouts about this, one was even published! I've had my eye on the jar, very much wanting to decorate it for our holiday M&M tradition. All the rocks went into a box, and will probably form a cache around a special perennial this coming summer - except for my very favorites, which I will keep. (You have to realize that a pretty rock to a 4 yr old boy could be a piece of broken off blacktop from the road - anyone relate?) (LOL)

Using BoBunny's Sophie Stripe paper (which is GORGEOUS in of itself as there are hints of floral shadows within the design) I created a wrap for the jar. I used a lace border punch with Kiwi Green Dot cardstock and stitched it along the bottom and top edge, lengthwise. 

If you have done wraps for jars and candles before - you may already know that often 12" paper is not long enough to wrap completely. It's about 1.5" short for this jar.  To get past this problem I created a medallion with a large circle, using foam adhesive to adhere the medallion to one end of the wrap.  I layered BoB flowers with a sticker diecut fromSophie Combo stickers, and coated all the flowers with sparkle Mod Podge. A few ribbon loops were made, and punched with my Crop-o-Dile to create a hole for a brad, which holds the entire flower ensemble to the medallion. Velcro dots are used to close the wrap - which makes it very easy to remove the spring wrap and replace it with a patriotic wrap for Independence Day M&Ms, Halloween M&Ms, etc.

Don't mind us and our M&Ms...of course you can also put healthier snacks inside the jar as well. No matter what is inside, a seasonal wrap is a fun addition to a jar or container that sits out on your countertop, desk, or shelf.

The top of the jar can be decorated as well - I simply layered several BoBunny flowers and secured with a Sophie iCandy Brad. Another embellishment that is easy to replace seasonally.
BoBunny Sophie Stripe Paper, iCandy Brads, Flowers, Combo Sticker; Kiwi Dot & Coffee Dot Cardstock, Clover Ribbon

I hope you have enjoyed this sweet piece of home decor. I am sure you have a jar sitting around that could be altered - even a canninig or Mason jar would get a facelift with a wrap! Simply decorate the lid with patterned paper in a circle, top with flowers and walah!! Not your ordinary canning jar any longer....  as always, happy creating!

Rita S.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chocolate "Bo" Bunny Easter Card

Like children in homes throughout the United States, our children receive Easter baskets filled with candy and a small toy on Easter Sunday. As Christians, however, we know that chocolate bunnies, Cadbury eggs and baskets have nothing to do with the true Easter story. To help our children remember this, in addition to Holy Week worship services, I wanted to create a card that reminded them of the real reason for Easter.
The outside of the card reads “Some bunny loves you.”, and although one might expect it to say “Mom and Dad” on the inside, the sentiment inside reads:
 “Remember, Easter is not about baskets, colored eggs, and chocolate bunnies; it’s about Jesus loving you so much that he died on the cross, so that you may believe and have eternal life.”

The message of Easter is sweet indeed, knowing that Jesus crucifixion and the power of the resurrection promises a glorious new life with our heavenly Father when we die. There is victory on the cross – death has lost its sting! Amen. If you celebrate the Christian Easter with your family, I encourage you to find a way to share the true story with the children in your lives. We have enjoyed using Resurrection Eggs, among other things, and this Chocolate Bunny Card is one more way for me to share the message with our kids.
Supplies Used:
BoBunny Sophie Bouquet, Notebook, Stripe; Coffee Dot and Grape Dot cardstock, Passion Fruit Double Dot Ribbon; piece of cardboard measuring 4” x 7 ¾”.
Rhinestone circle frame – Heidi Swapp for Advantus
Colorbox Chalk Ink,
Velcro dots

How To:
1. Purchase a chocolate bunny, and use it as a template to trace a bunny shape onto double dot cardstock. Because the bunny in my project is dark chocolate, I used Coffee Dot cardstock. Of course Chocolate Dot is perfect for a milk chocolate bunny! Once the bunny is drawn, use a micro tip scissors and cut along the INSIDE of the lines to create a smaller bunny to be used for the front of the card. Note: If you are not comfortable cutting without guidelines, simply draw the bunny a second time, inside the lines. The bunny on the front of my card was created drawing ¼” or more on the inside of the traced chocolate bunny line.

2. Cut a piece of cardboard to fit your candy bunny, with enough length to create a “shelf” for the bunny to sit on, take the depth of the candy into account. I used a Dove Chocolate Bunny and the cardboard measures 4” wide by 7 ¾” long, with a crease 1.5” from the bottom. (I simply used my clear C-thru ruler as a guide – see image.) Because the Dove Bunny is SOLID, it is quite heavy and cardboard is needed. Chipboard may work for a hollow chocolate bunny.

3. For the remainder of these instructions, the sizes will be based on the Dove Chocolate bunny used in this project. Cut a 4 1/8” x 12” piece of Sophie Bouquet. Using a pencil, make a pencil mark at 7 ¾” from the top edge. Make another mark where your bottom “shelf” will fold. Position the bunny within the top area, and sketch out the area in which a greeting will fit. Also add two marks along either side of the neck which will later be punched for ribbon.

4. Using Word or other program, type a greeting for the inside of the card. In the area below the length of the cardboard, you can type a greeting for the front of the card if desired. Be sure to note which punch you plan to use for the front greeting and allow for it. I recommend printing on test paper before printing on the Sophie Bouquet paper - the blue ruled side.

5. Once your inside greeting is printed, trim to length of the cardboard, and use Mod Podge to adhere in place.

6. Using Sophie’s Notebook paper, trim a section 4 1/8” wide x 10.5”. Use a border punch to create a decorative edge along top and bottom. Fold top and bottom to create a top and bottom overlap on front as shown. If desired, stitch along top and bottom very close to the folds. These stitches are not only decorative, but helps the top flap remain angled over the front of the card. Use Mod Podge to adhere the paper to the cardboard, dotted side out, ensuring the scalloped edge flaps fold over the cardboard edges. Use long-reach Crop-O-Dile or other punch to punch holes ribbon to feed through later on.

7. From Sophie Bouquet, cut a 4 1/8” wide x 6 ¾” piece. Ink edges if desired, and stitch/adhere to the bottom scalloped flap ONLY.

8. Embellish the front of the card with the chocolate bunny shape, embellished as desired. Because I wanted to retain the chocolate bunny look, I simply used a stylus, with a mouse pad underneath my paper, and dry embossed an eye, nose, tail, and lines for ears, legs; and tied a bow around its neck.

9. To create sentiment on front of card I punched a 2.5” circle from grape cardstock, folded into eighths, opened the circle back up and cut along fold lines. I snipped off the straight edges to create a more rounded petal, and distressed the edges to create a flower. “Some bunny loves you” was printed to fit inside a 2” scallop circle squeeze punch. Once punched I added a rhinestone circle frame by Heidi Swapp. Layered on the grape flower, and lifted off the card with foam adhesive.

10. Half-inch circle Velcro dots were used to keep the card closed, as the bulk and weight of the chocolate bunny prevents this card from working like a matchbox, which was the original inspiration for the project. One dot is adhered at the top center of the card front, and the adjoining Velcro dot is positioned under the brown dot flap.

Use ribbon to tie the chocolate bunny to the inside back of the card. If desired, add a scalloped border in contrasting color to the back of the card to break up the chocolate dot pattern.

If you have created a sweet Easter presentation that also shares the message of Jesus great love for us, I would love to have you link your project below in comments. As Easter draws near, I pray each of you have a wonderful Holy Week with quiet time to reflect on Jesus' great love for you.
Happy creating,
Rita S.

Friday, March 26, 2010

BoBunny's Jazmyne - Inspiring!

When asked to do an Easter or spring theme layout for BoBunny, I instantly remembered several photos of baby animals with adults - always a sure sign of spring. There were ducks and ducklings, goose and goslings, baby chickens, and  the photo used in today's layout...sheep and lambs, which were being herded towards a gate.  This scene was a part of a Celtic festival - a sheepherding demonstration. My life really has nothing to do with sheep, unless one considers all the sheep parables told in the Bible. When taking this photo I already had it pegged for a layout about my faith, although I did not have a particular verse in mind.
Faith and beliefs can be a difficult topic to scrapbook, yet, it is often the essence of who we are as beings. To truly leave ones legacy behind through scrapbooking, I feel it is important to create pages of one's faith, values and beliefs.

BoBunny's Jazmyne papers, with peaceful greens and rich and royal purples was a perfect choice to not only compliment the photo, but purple itslef is known for its symbolization of royalty, and I thought perfect for a layout about Jesus, my King. The title and journaling for His Flock was inspired in church on March 22 - Jesus is always seeking members of his flock, even when we have given up on ourselves or in him. There was certainly a period in my life when I was a lost lamb, but years ago I was given the gift of a vision that assured me I was never alone. You can hear the message on line if you like. The new dimensional iCandy stickers are perfect accent pieces - these are the types of embellishments I could and would put in a lot of time making - and really save time when adding finish touches.
Have you scrapbooked a page about your faith, beliefs, or what you really value in life? I really encourage you to do so, I think it is so important. Look for photo opportunities that could symbolize your faith -  analogies of sheep are used throughout the bible. Upon seeing this flock being maneuvered towards a gate by a sheep dog, I knew right away a photo would allow me to scrap a faith-based layout.
Magistical Memories chipboard was used for this layout.
Mix mediums to achieve a unique look. The fence was inked with three shades of chalk ink, spritzed with Latte Glimmer Mist, and dry brushed with a bit of white paint to give the illusion of a gate whose paint has worn off, similar to the one in the photo.

A mixture of dimensional paint and white flock give the lamb chipboard shape a wooly appearance. I ill admit that I was not satisfied with my first coat of flocking, using the ATG gun to apply adhesive resulted in some vertical streaking. I had not tried to cover such a large area before. I attempted a second coat of flocking by applying mod podge on top, and although I covered generously with flocking, it basically became absorbed in wet adhesivve and I was back to where I began once all dry. At that point I decided a soft, flocked lamb was not necessary - layouts are not made to be painted, right? (LOL)  Instead, I grabbed the dimensional texture paint intended for home wall decor, and used a popsicle stick to apply the thick paint, adding uneven, "wooly" texture.
Supplies Used
Jazmyne collection: Noteworthy, Peridot die-cut, Mist; iCandy Stickers, Buttons
Coffee Dot cardstock, Chunky Chip Bracket –Chiffon
Bazzill Cardstock
Magistical Memories fence and lamb chipboard shapes
Basic Grey Wilma Font chipboard
American Crafts letter stickers
Jenni Bowlin pearl flower clusters
Paints: American Royal Purple, FolkArt Titanium White, Delta Texture Magic –white, Lumiere Pearlescent Magenta by Jacquard Entr.
Shimmer mediums: Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist in Latte (fence) Old Lace, Shimmerz in Bamboo (on bracket shape)
Inks: Colorbox Chalk Inks
Flock: Doodlebug -white
Adhesives: Mod Podge by Plaid, Glue Dots, ATG by 3M
Jute – brown

If you are Christian celebrating the season of Easter, I encourage you to scrap about your faith and beliefs. No matter what you believe in or value, creating these types of all about me pages will give insight as to who you are as a person, and will hold great meaning for the future generations that read them.
Happy creating,
Rita S.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Decor with BoBunny, of course!

Today's BoBunny designers are sharing wonderful Easter home decor projects. HOP over to the blog to see what everyone has created - be prepared to be inspired!

My own home decor project is a simple desktop calendar made from an unfinished picture frame. I started thinking about the season of Lent and how many countdown to Easter as we do with Advent calendars and Christmas. I decided to measure the opening in the unfinished frame and created an approxmate 4x4 page that features a number from 40 to 1, or Easter Sunday. Forty pieces of paper becomes quite thick, but iCandy brads are nice and long and perfect to adhere all 40 days to the back of the frame opening.

For the remaining 325 days of the year one can drop art for the yearly month to month calendar onto paper and trim to fit the opening. because there are only 12 pieces of paper - a seam stitched with the sewing machine binds them together and makes each month easy to tear off when it is over.

The bunnies hopping around our property are quite inspiring, as is BoBunny itself! I sketched a little bunny design and used it as a template to create several bunnies along the bottom of the frame. I had fun adding pom pom tails, and bending ears for extra dimension.

A little note about the base - I painted the unfinished pine frame with black acrylic, but then coated the frame wtih sparkle Mod Podge. I just love sparkle, it's subtle but noticeable when the light hits it just so.

Supplies Used:
Allissa - So Cute, Twirls, Love You papers, So Cute iCandy Brads, Alissa Flowers and Buttons; Chunky Charms Swirls and Brackets Clear; Licorice Double Dot Ribbon
Kaiser Crafts gems, pearls; Stickles by Ranger in Emerald
Folk Art - Paint in black
Sparkle Mod Podge by Plaid
black tulle

This desktop calendar makes a wonderful gift, and of course can always be repurposed as the frame it was originally intended to be. (LOL)

As always, happy creating,
Rita S.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Wardrobe - Colorful Additions!

I love a good sale! Christopher & Banks is having a great Friends & Family sale this weekend - 40% off EVERYTHING in the store!! When I came home I decided it was time to rid my closet of tops that I never wear, am not keen on wearing, or are simply looking too wore for wear. I have a huge bag for the donation bin tomorrow.
I went in to shop for a jacket I have had my eye on, and as it ended up, did not even come home with it as I fell even more in love with two others that were not there two weeks ago.  That would be the first item in the above photo, turquoise fabric with swirls, and the bright blue, green, black and white sketchy-look floral.  The first seems rather fall like, but I loved the freshness of  the artsy looking floral print.
I didn't stop there, although maybe I should have. At that kind of savings I added a few more pretty tops to my professional wardrobe (no boring solids for me! - see the batik and rose print in the back of the line?) It was also time to get another black and a white basic shell, as I seem to layer all the time and am always short on basics for the work week.  I love the additional splashes of new colors and patterns in my closet - yeah for spring!
Speaking of color, how fitting that on the last day of BoBunny's ribbon week a large box should arrive from them - and right on top - MORE RIBBON!  Nothing like ribbon to put a smile on my girl's face. She was crying over something, and I suggested we open the box of new BoBunny together. Talk about an upside down frown! The design team was told that we would not be getting the complete release - thanks to the HUGE reception it has gotten and retail orders - thank you BoBunny lovers!! I knew that one of my assignments required a certain product from a certain line, so thought it best to take inventory of what was received. Abby wanted to jump right in on that job ...and as you can see, she is quite the little helper. Turns out, I am missing the item from a certain collection that I am to be featuring, but got something else that I might be able to work into it. The entire shipment has me drooling big time, and Sunday I really, really hope I can scrap a bit. I should be able to, I did not get home from coffee with the gals and shopping (lots of returns to make today - and parking lots were icey!) until after 1 p.m. My dear, sweet hubby had the laundry 3/4 of the way done - just some towels, sheets and my own laundry left. He even changed the sheets on our bed and complete cleaned, dusted our room! He is a keeper for sure!
Hoping everyone gets some creative time in on this first weekend of spring. Add something new to your wardrobe - something fresh, springy, and in a favorite color - you will feel great wearing it. We need that now and then!

Friday, March 19, 2010

BoBunny's Ribbon Week!

Have you been visiting the BoBunny blog? All week long the design team has been posting FABULOUS projects - think outside the box when it comes to using your ribbon!! Today wraps the week with "anything goes!" Wait until you see the adorable Easter decor made by Kristen!  For my project I chose to create a layout of Abby on the first day of school - our big first grader.

If you like the look of the ribbon frame, let me offer some tips. First, use a circle frame underneath which you can stitch the ribbon to. My circle frame is from chipboard, but of course cardstock works well, too. 5/8" wide ribbon is easier to work with than the more narrow width - but the key is to cut the width of your frame less than the width of the ribbon.

One thing I learned, the hard way, when stitching looped ribbon frames and strips for embellshments (and I must say I have been doing this a lot in the past 6 months!) is that taking looped ribbon held in place with adhesive gums up your sewing needle terribly, and will eventually cause the thread to break. I discovered that paper clips work WONDERFULLY for holding loops in place, and allows you to ensure the spacing is pretty even. I just pull them off as I would a straight pin, but paperclips are much easier to maneuver when creating such a piece.
Create "pom pom" flowers with various widths, stapling onto punched circle, and shaping underside of circle with mod podge to give lift. I used punched circles from my scraps stash, but it measured about 1.25". Once complete the circle is not seen. Layer your ribbons, making the pieces in the top layer a bit shorter. For the largest flower in the layout I actually layered two completed ribbon layers together, for a total of 4.

Arrange your pieces and carefully and position in the stapler to be secured together. Then take a good sharp scissors and fringe the ribbons towards the center. Be certain not to cut ribbon from the layer underneath.

To give the ribbons some lift, I used a glitter bottle as a molding base, set the ribbon flower upon the bottle upside down, and pressed down on the circle punch to encourage the sides to create a dome shape. I then spread a thick coat of Mod Podge on top, and once dry, the paper circle maintained the shape.
To finish off the flowers free-hand cut leaf shapes. I happened to cut out leaves from green Bee Mine from the Love Bandit collection, and stamped with BoB Sunburst acrylic stamps using Cactus Green Staz-On, and coated with sparkle Mod Podge.
Another idea for using ribbon is to simply create a few loops,secure with glue dots, and make a butterfly shape. Use a piece of contrasting ribbon for the center, or simply use gem stickers on their own to create the body.

Lastly, I painted BoBunny's blush alpha chipboard letters with a topcoat of translucent paint called Lumeire by Jacquard. This paint gives a beautiful pearescent sheen when applied, and Pearlescent Magenta was a perfect color match for the pinks in Abby's vest. Once dry I traced around the edges with a Sakura black glaze pen to define the edges. Note the small blooms from the patterned paper cut out and added to the center.

BoBunny Supplies:
Double Dot Ribbon in Pink Punch and Licorice, both 5/8" and 3/8"
Love Bandit Nuts 4U and Bee Mine, Persuasion Cut-Outs (inside
journaling frame) and Dot (green grid side - punched border)
Chunky Chipboard Swirls and Brackets, Alpha Blush
Boo Crew Buttons, Alissa So Cut iCandy Brad, Delilah Buttons & Bling
Sunburst Acrylic Stamps
Rub-ons: Making Memories
Inks: Staz-On by Tsukinko in Cactus Green and Fuschia
Pink Pearls: Hero Arts
Rhinestone Flourish by Zva Creative
Pearlescent Paint: Lumiere by Jacquard
Pens: Sakura Glaze Pen, Zig Writer
Sparkle Medium: Sparkle Mod Podge by Plaid Entr.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Study of Leaves - Take Two

Waiting to Fly

It was a very cold morning in January, -12 degrees fahrenheit as I recall. We had had a heavy fog the night before and I knew the creek would be alive with sparkling ice crystals on all forms of foliage the next morning, so I made plans to head out before sunrise.

I walked along the Ice Age Trail right inside Cross Plains, Wisconsin - as a part of Zander Park. No one else was around, and an occassional car broke the peaceful morning silence. As I plundered out of the snow and back onto a somewhat cleared path, a small object caught my eye. Looking down, I noticed one single brown leaf, still hanging on from fall, propped in the snow. No doubt  it had been kicked up by that which cleared the walking path. By then the sun was coming up, and as I got down on my knees for a more intimate look, I saw beauty in the backlighting of the veins, in an ordinary, small, dried up brown leaf.

As I was out on assignment, taking photos for a my B.A.G. (Blackhawk Affinity Group) - Photography, I was playing with exposure settings and white balance...thus, the very blue color of the snow. It almost looks like the leaf is on an icy lake.

Enough about the day taking this, onto what I see in this photo, "Waiting to Fly". It was titled by my friend Meri. The more I study this image, the more I read into what is really not there. Currently we have a friend battling the last stages of cancer. The dried, up brown leaf makes me think of what the cancer must be doing inside his body - over powering all good cells and consuming. As my friend continues to lose weight from no longer taking in food, he becomes more fragile; the skin more transparent, allowing veins show. And although cancer is taking its toll physically, he is upright in his strong faith, being held steady by trust of what is to come in the Promise made by his heavenly Father.

As the warm temperatures of this day forecast the sure coming of spring, the snow melts away. Soon that little leaf will be free, and dried by the sun, it will be lifted from the ground and carried upward, flying towards heaven. I know that my friend will soon be flying towads heaven as well, and it will be a glorious flight.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Study of Leaves - Take One

Heavy Metal
Two of my photographs accepted for the Artist Showcase this weekend happened to be close-ups of simple leaves. I guess I have always been fond of leaves - they are really quite intricate pieces of God's creation once you stop and really take notice. In fact, the hallway leading to our bedrooms was decorated with leaves, using some stamps for an outline and painting them in, accenting with flecks of gold.
The morning I photographed "Heavy Metal" was after a fall rain storm. I had gotten in the car to go to work, and looked through the windshield to see the debris left on my car hood by high winds. One such piece of debris was a dried, brown oak leaf. However, with large water droplets it seemed as though the rains were trying to revitalize this "old, dried out" leaf.
It happened that the photo assignment for a photography group I am involved with, for October - was to "photograph a single leaf on the ground". I decided it would be worth getting to work a few minutes late, and could not pass up my desire to photograph a naturally occuring contrast between nature, organic matter, and man-made, heavy metallic objects.
It was not until I downloaded the photography to my computer, and opened it up for viewing, that I could see how the water droplets had taken on a molten metal look as they reflected the gray skies overhead and silver metal of the car roof. Suddenly an ordinary, dried up old oak leaf has become interesting.
To my delight, as I watched people view my photo grouping on Friday night at the Artist Showcase, this was the photo that really grabbed viewers attention, with many leaning down to get a better glimpse and read the title, as it was displayed lower in the grouping.

Originially I was going to share both leaf photographs in this post. But the more I study the other, the more I am drawn to a link between the photo and one battling cancer. It makes me think of Marv, which means therefore, that I will have much to say about it. I hope to find time Sunday to share my thoughts.
Thanks for coming by - and I hope you don't mind my sharing a photograph now and then, one that is not scrapbooked, although I do have layout designs in my head for my nature photography as well.

Have fun shooting pictures! Notice Him everywhere and in everything!
Rita S.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Artist Showcase Day One- "He Satisfies"

"He Satisfies"

It's day one of the Artist Showcase, premeiring this evening at 6:00 p.m. at Blackhawk Church, 9620 Brader Way, Verona, Wisconsin.  This year I am thrilled to not only be an onlooker, but also an artist on display.

I love my camera...not because of it's abilities and mechanical attributes, but because it transforms the way I see things. I never head out to a nature trail without it, as cumbersome as it can be at times. With a camera around my neck I notice things that I might otherwise miss...a honey bee gathering nectar from a flower; bright, golden pollen fallen onto wet wood with amazing contrast of color; a water droplet glistening in early morning sunlight as it drips off of a leaf. I see all these things and marvel at God's creation and the beauty He has provided for our enjoyment.

Above a swallowtail butterfly alights on a Korean lilac bush in friends' backyard as we were visiting. Our family had hiked a trail that begins down our road, and takes us over a hill to another neighborhood in our town, where our friends reside. I was happy to have had my camera, and although this yellow beauty did not sit still or stay very long, I spotted him amidst conversation and excused myself to quickly leave the porch and capture the creature drinking in nectar provided by God.

Song lyrics for a Chrstian song titled "Hungry" come to mind when I see this photo. Here are a few of the words:
"Hungry I come to you for I know you satisfy. I am empty but I know your love does not run dry. And so I wait for you, I wait for you..." 
I decided to find the You Tube video for this song, you can click on the link above. Much to my surprise the video begins with a butterfly drinking nectar from a Now why does that surprise me? It shouldn't, as we all know God works in mysterious ways.

It is amazing how God cares for and satisfies. He provides for all of His living creatures. Although He cannot reveal His splendor before us, He satisfies our need to drink in His beauty by providing us with the beauty of birds, butterflies, flowers, snow-capped mountains and sparkling lakes. I will say it again, how AMAZING is our God.

The Artist Showcase continues throughout the weekend in conjunction with the Pulse Conference. Building doors will be open from the parking ramp entrances.  I encourage any locals who may happen upon this post to check it out - the artwork displayed is quite diverse, from abstract paintings to detailed photography, dimensional sculptures and artisan creations. None of the artwork is priced, but if you find something that catches your eye you can contact Blackhawk Church on Monday to inquire about the artist of interest. I have two more photographs on display this weekend, and will be sharing about them as well, right here, Saturday and Sunday.

Rita S.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Picture Perfect Persusion

Today's layout is a quickie...and honestly, uses very little patterned paper. When you have a design like BoBunny's Persusion...with the floral borders, as in the backside of the Moments paper, you really do not need to add a whole lot to the layout to make it stand out.

First, I want to give credit to Tina McDonald, the fabulous new sketch artist at Magsitical Memories. This layout is based on her March sketch.  There is plenty of March left - so be sure to create a layout based on this sketch and load it into the Magistical Memories sketch gallery for a chance to win fabulous BBQ Chipboard! The newest release of chipboard yumminess by Crystle and all the designers may be one of the best releases ever - lots of detail and finery which I love, Love, LOVE!
The chipboard shape is Magistical Memories new Open Heart Swirl - it is such a versatile piece. I used it as a vine embellished with flowers, but also love that the heart shape gives it a flourish symbolizing love.

The treatment for the chipboard is as follows, and one I am really loving as of late...
  1. Dry brushed chip shape with Kiwi green paint
  2. Rub with chalk ink - for this shape Colorbox Brilliance Olive was used
  3. Spritz with Shimmerz Spritz, Bamboo Leaf green was used in this example
Bamboo Leaf green spritz was also misted onto the paper flowers (the moisture helps the petals lift upward), punched from BoBunny's 'Tis the Season (yes, Christmas!) papers. I love the word print on flowers, and by the time the shape is punched, you really cannot make out the Christmas words. Don't get caught in a rut when it comes to using seasonal scrapbooking supplies.

You can also see the bling on the paper Prima flowers. I brushed Under The Sea blue Shimmerz onto the petals. For the detail at left I layered the flower on an olive green BoB button, and topped with an iCandy brad from the Love Bandit collection, as my Persusion supply is pretty much gone. As you can see - mixing BoBunny collections can definitely create a beautiful layout - mix and match for creative fun!
Don't forget, you have until the end of March to use Tina's beautiful sketch and create a layout - for a chance to win fabulous chipboard. And while you are at it, check out all the challenges at A Cherry On Top this month and work your layout into one of their many challenges. This layout happens to fit the March Countdown Challenge, which includes:
5 green elements (any kind other than leaves or branches) - my layout uses green chipboard, ribbon, button, gems, and glitter brads
4 leaves or branches - the paper I chose took care of that for me, and then some
3 pictures
2 green papers (used the green grid paper from Persusion and green word paper from Tis the Season)
1 circle frame (easily accomplished with BoBunny's cardstock sticker frames in a circle shape for the journaling spot)
Spring is coming, but it is still cold, and definitely rainy in some areas. Find time to create, use spring colors, flowers, and sparkle and your spirit will be uplifted as winter's end draws near.
Happy creating!
Rita S.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Birthday with BoBunny!

Have you visited the BoBunny blog today? You will definitely want to see the great ideas the design team has come up with to celebrate birthdays.
I thought I would re-share a card I had created probably a year ago, made with papers from BoBunny's Love Shack and Alyssa collections. The background pink cardstock is Core-dinations with the white core.
I created a layered cake and placed it on a cake plate, covered in dimensional glaze. It looks like a glass platter IRL - very cool.

Supplies Used:
Cardstock: Coredinations
Papers: BoBuny Love Shack and Alissa (black)
Gems: Kaiser Crafts
Ric Rack- Wright & Co.
Dimensional Glaze: Judikins Diamond Glaze
Pens: Sakura Glaze (black and orange), Sakura Glitter (pink)
Ribbon: Misc
Candle Stamp: Hamptom Art
Glitter Medium: Stickles

How To:
1. Using embossing folder/machine to add “birthday” design to Coredinations cardstock, sand. Adhere 4.25x5.25” piece to bottom left side of card

2. add other two strips of patterned paper as shown

3. Apply punched border along top and ric rack along cardstock seam

4. Adhere 3.25 x 4.125” piece of black patterned paper, or cardstock, over pink cardstock, setting at angle as shown

5. Create cake, and cake plate, by cutting shapes from various patterned papers. Trace along outside edge of each with black glaze pen. Apply dimensional glaze to cake plate to give the look of glass, set aside to dry.

6. Stamp candles and cut out – apply stickles. Note: To get shades of one color, stamp off lightly on scrap paper, then stamp onto cardstock and cut out lighter version of the candle. Variations of one color will give more depth when placed on the cake. Fill in dots with glitter pen, flames with orange stickles. Don’t worry about “staying in the lines” - once dry cut out candles.

7. Build cake layers, add candles to top. Tie bow around cake plate, gem stickers if desired.

8. Create sentiment in 1.5” circle, outline with glaze pens and apply with 3-D adhesive squares.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Doin' It - Creating with BoBunny, that is!

I was thrilled to discover that not all of my BoBunny Flutter Butter collection had been used up. I wanted greens, browns, and other nature tones to showcase a nice photo of Kyle captured this past July. This layout also features a twill fabric photo mat, as a part of the BoBunny blog featuring fabric earlier this week.
As you can see, I stitched multiple times around the photo, and actually stitched within the photo as well - alternating brown and yellow thread. I love the grid pattern in BoBunny's Stamp and Store disStress me out acrylic stamp set - and stamped several times before putting the photo mat in place.  Not intentional, but the stamped image reminds me of loose fabric threads - as if the twill mat is fraying. Love that unintended design element. (LOL)
As you can see, I repeated the stamped grid design on Chiffon Chunky Chip alphabet letters. I have come to the conclusion that BoBunny's chiffon chipboard is a hands down favorite as it is so versatile to recolor or add designs to.

I love the Magistical Memories chipboard used in this layout. I simply inked the chipboard with Colorbox chalk ink, and spritzed with Shimmerz Mist in bamboo green. The chipboard itself was a spray of two leaves coming out from a circle frame. I cut off the leaf sections to be used separately.

Also, as a part of the fabric challenge, I cut out circles of felt and layered them to make lollipop flowers. However, I stitched around the inside edge of the perimeter first. Because the pieces are small, a tip to help with the stitching is to punch a circle from paper, put a touch of dry adhesive in the center for the felt to stick to, and then stitch. The paper will help stiffen the felt so that its small size will not bunch or get caught in your machine, which it tends to do because it is so small. Lesson learned, believe me...
Another detail in this layout is the use of buttons - which have been inked around the edges. I love chalk ink and am happy distressing the edges of just about everything. I think the only thing I have not distressed is rhinestones...hmmmm.... To give another masculine element to this layout I used jute through the buttons and tied a knot or two at the top. I have to admit - threading stiff jute through button holes is much easier than putting ribbon through - but both have a wonderful look and you just need to decide upon the theme of the layout as to which works best.

 Journaling - when I have quite a bit I want to say, I don't trust that I will fit it all in with hand writing. Therefore, I will use a strip of the BoBunny cut-outs and go about setting up text to hit the right spot and fill in. By strip I mean that I will cut the full 12" length from the cut outs, and plan ahead when it comes to journaling. If cardstock or paper is too small it jams in the printer, so by keeping the journaling cards intact, and typesetting the journaling for more than one layout at a time, it makes the journaling come about much faster than if it were hand written.
I would be amiss if I did not brag on our son a bit...Abby takes center stage perhaps too often on my layouts as of late. Teachers have told us what a well-rounded person he is, and confident in who he is. He does not concern himself with what others think or say, i.e. the class bully has no effect on him. He is very responsible at home - has regular chores to do each week such as trash and compost take out, washing the kitchen floor, taking turns cleaning the bathroom and living room. Every Sunday he has the trash gathered from throughout the house before we leave for church, as Monday is trash pick up. This past Saturday I asked him to do the dishes, and of course he had other plans...but I gave him a time in which they had to be done He said, "I may as well just do it, not that I like it, but might as well get 'er done." His dad praised him for a great attitude, and I told him I had just finished a layout about his willingness to help - reward for job well done!
I hope this has given you a few more ideas about scrapbooking with fabric. Garage sales season is coming up - be sure to keep your eyes opened for nice pieces of quality fabric, buttons and other fun elements to utilize on layouts. I hope you have enjoyed these little detail shots, and hope you are inspired to scrap with fabirc.

Happy creating,
Rita S.