Friday, March 12, 2010

Artist Showcase Day One- "He Satisfies"

"He Satisfies"

It's day one of the Artist Showcase, premeiring this evening at 6:00 p.m. at Blackhawk Church, 9620 Brader Way, Verona, Wisconsin.  This year I am thrilled to not only be an onlooker, but also an artist on display.

I love my camera...not because of it's abilities and mechanical attributes, but because it transforms the way I see things. I never head out to a nature trail without it, as cumbersome as it can be at times. With a camera around my neck I notice things that I might otherwise miss...a honey bee gathering nectar from a flower; bright, golden pollen fallen onto wet wood with amazing contrast of color; a water droplet glistening in early morning sunlight as it drips off of a leaf. I see all these things and marvel at God's creation and the beauty He has provided for our enjoyment.

Above a swallowtail butterfly alights on a Korean lilac bush in friends' backyard as we were visiting. Our family had hiked a trail that begins down our road, and takes us over a hill to another neighborhood in our town, where our friends reside. I was happy to have had my camera, and although this yellow beauty did not sit still or stay very long, I spotted him amidst conversation and excused myself to quickly leave the porch and capture the creature drinking in nectar provided by God.

Song lyrics for a Chrstian song titled "Hungry" come to mind when I see this photo. Here are a few of the words:
"Hungry I come to you for I know you satisfy. I am empty but I know your love does not run dry. And so I wait for you, I wait for you..." 
I decided to find the You Tube video for this song, you can click on the link above. Much to my surprise the video begins with a butterfly drinking nectar from a Now why does that surprise me? It shouldn't, as we all know God works in mysterious ways.

It is amazing how God cares for and satisfies. He provides for all of His living creatures. Although He cannot reveal His splendor before us, He satisfies our need to drink in His beauty by providing us with the beauty of birds, butterflies, flowers, snow-capped mountains and sparkling lakes. I will say it again, how AMAZING is our God.

The Artist Showcase continues throughout the weekend in conjunction with the Pulse Conference. Building doors will be open from the parking ramp entrances.  I encourage any locals who may happen upon this post to check it out - the artwork displayed is quite diverse, from abstract paintings to detailed photography, dimensional sculptures and artisan creations. None of the artwork is priced, but if you find something that catches your eye you can contact Blackhawk Church on Monday to inquire about the artist of interest. I have two more photographs on display this weekend, and will be sharing about them as well, right here, Saturday and Sunday.

Rita S.

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