Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Scrap Your Passions - more MME Penny Lane!

Every year around my birthday I create an "all about me" layout. When the My Mind's Eye Penny Lane arrived at the Scrapbook Superstore about 6 weeks ago I was instantly inspired by the "passionate" die-cut card, which is a part of the Free Bird collection. I knew right then and there I wanted to scrap my passions.

I am passionate about so much more than what I had room to write about on the layout, so you know what that means, don't you? Yep, another mini album to add to my ever growing list of mini album ideas that I hope to create one at a time. As I type this my mind is filling with various ideas of how to incorporate my passions into a mini all about me album. But I need to shut off that part of my brain at this moment, and continue showing you some ideas and details in this "I Am Passionate About..." layout.

The journaling was important - and I decided to choose my top 4 passions. I LOVE patterned paper with the notebook rule design. I actually snagged about 5 sheets of this immediately as I was stocking the MME kiosk (a perk of working at the store!).

True to myself, I made sure this layout included my creative passions: chipboard (Magistical Memories scroll courtesy of the fun hammer shape, now short a few swirls; and a circle shape from the May flower package), bling, paint and ink. AND of course COLOR - my favorites are all here: gecko green, red, pink, turquoise and brown. I love that the Penny Lane collections can be mixed, and they do work well together, don't you think? This layout uses Free Bird and Feelin' Groovy, and I believe Tiny Dancer.

This layout is another adage to the phrase, "there is no such thing as a mistake, just creative moments" - ok, I don't believe I worded that even close to the saying...but here is what happened... I was tracing around the chipboard with a broad tip brown Zig marker, when WHOOOPS! - the marker jumped on top of the chipboard creating a fat brown line. Ugh!! I quickly took my finger and smeared it - so now it looks like a heavy distress mark. Can't have just one though, or it looks like a mistake, so I started putting brown marks on the chipboard and smearing quickly with my finger since the ink dries so fast. My thumb was quite stained when I was done - but I think the chipboard looks much more interesting now than what it would have had my outlining been done perfectly. (LOL)

An even more close up view of the flower - for the center I simply used Cinnamon Stickles by Ranger on raw chipboard, and put a touch here and there on the Bazzill and Making Memories flowers as well. Did I mention I love bling? Yeah, I thought so...

If you have been watching my projects for a while you may have noticed I am getting a little messy in my final touches. Note the loose threads from my stitching (note the Fiskars Upper Crest border punch in use here!)... I love to sew and have always been so careful to use my microtip scissors and cut the loose ends off for a CLEAN look. Recently I decided loose threads add texture and interest...so you will be seeing those pretty much everytime I sew.

Speaking of sewing... I need to get back to a layout I am working on for a special assignment. Can't say who or what, well, I probably could...but there is always that thought that "they" won't like it enough to publish it once I am done. Anyhow - I am happy to report that I finally got monofilament to work in the old Singer I have been working with. Saying a prayer it keeps on working... I can already feel the tension getting tighter as I go along, but I have a few more seams to go. This particular layout has 4 techniques at this time, with more to happen as I continue with my creative vision. I look forward to sharing it with you in the near future!

Hard to believe tomorrow is April 1 - guess I better plant my inspiration challenge quotes at Kjoi Studios -come visit!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

And the winner is...!!!

Thanks for playing along in my border punch give away. There were several who earned a second (or more) chance by having a friend post – which means the total number of names to draw from was 108.
Yesterday we had a day trip to the Mississippi River Museum with the kids – if you live in the Midwest it is definitely worthwhile! They switch out exhibits in some areas keeping it fresh. We all ended up sticking our heads up into this bubble to be eye to eye with Rattler in the Venom exhibit!! I noted that each scale on the snake looks like it had been coated with Diamond Glaze – I never knew scales had such dimension! And no, I did not take my camera. I still haven’t scrapped photos from our trip last year!

There was a brief window before Jesse and I headed out to the Artist’s Showcase at Blackhawk Church. I printed out all the comments, cut them up, made sure there was one comment each, and hand wrote on paper scraps those who had sent a friend to comment. Thanks to these gals for sending friends: Stacey (Becky posted), Patty13 (Maldo 5 posted), fromtheowlsnest (Dawn posted), Stacey (Valerie posted), and Harley sent over two friends (T and Jo).
I had Abby sit down to draw and I took snapshots to share with you – sun coming in behind her and all. No time for a “studio” shot! (LOL) She closed her eyes and drew out…

Congratulations! As you can see, this was a scrap I hand-wrote a name on for having sent a friend. I know I have plenty of stuff around here...so Dawn, the friend sent by fromtheowlsnest will also get something in the mail. Ladies- please PM me your mailing addresses!

I was blessed to read everyone’s comments. Thanks for sharing your blessings! A few in particular I would like to comment on:
Debbie – I am so glad your brave, young man is doing better. I am convinced children with special needs are angels come to earth.
Trishie – thank your sons for serving and protecting our country. May God protect them with His mighty shield and bless your family.
Stacey – I just have to say I remember well the days our DS crawled into bed to snuggle with me….sadly at 11 that hasn’t happened in years. RELISH those moments!
Tracey Wilder – congrats on the new baby to come!!
I lifted up each one of you in prayer as I read your comments - what a great way to connect with each of you!

I really love to write and share, and it is great to actually know that someone is reading it. (LOL) I hope many of you enjoyed my blog and will visit again. I have a day of scrapping ahead - stay tuned!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Preserving Heritage and Culture

The title of this layout probably confuses just about everyone, and even to me it appears that I cannot spell. However, Omma is Korean Hangul for "mother" and Ttal is "daughter". The photo in this layout was taken 6 yrs. ago when I became a mom to the beautiful little girl I am holding - she was definitely the best birthday present I have ever had - direct from God!!

I punched butterflies with the new Fiskars "All-A-Flutter" squeeze punch and blinged them by painting a coat of Ranger Perfect Pearls over the paper, then Stickles, and added gems. I kind of got carried away with the Perfect Pearls since I had some mixed... and added luster to the brads, flowers, Thickers, die-cut word block.... had to force myself to stop. (LOL)

I also pulled out my brown Stickles, which I had to have months ago and did not use until last night. I used a fine paint brush to add brown Stickle sparkle to the brown spots on the butterflies that are a part of the paper design. Of course the brown brads received a stroke or two of brown Stickles as well. Once I get started on bling I have a hard time restraining myself.

Google is my friend, and I found characters which mean "mother/daughter strong bond". Since it is seldom I find anything in SBing product that is Asian, and more rare to find Korean, once in a while I just figure out my own way of bringing our daughter's heritage into her pages. I practiced the characters several times before I was brave enough to repeat them on my pretty much finished layout.

Patterned papers featured are Dream Street "Fresh" by Amy Teets, with little bits of older releases from Dream Street. I white washed the Magistical Memories lacey chipboard border, and lightly distressed with brown ink. I then combined it with a strip of PP deco-edged with Fiskars Apron Lace border punch and layered with a favorite velvet ribbon. 3-D foam adhesive help add dimension by lifting butterfly wings off the layout base, and green tulle salvaged from a gift package add a fun touch, tied through a scallop on the chipboard border.

It looks like I will be drawing a name on Friday for the border punch giveaway!! I wonder who the 100th comment was left by...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Getting Fresh with Dream Street

Fresh!! This is the new line by my friend, Amy Teets, for Dream Street - gorgeous papers! Blue and green have always been a favorite combo, and this line uses my fave neutral as well - warm brown. The collection name inspired this layout. I got to thinking about the word "fresh" and what it means.

Many who meet our daughter will comment on her happiness and exuberance for life - a few minutes in her presence will brighten just about anyone's day. The other day I took Abby to the business next door to my workplace to introduce her to my new friend Lynn. Lynn had had a particularly stressful day, and she had only a brief moment to meet Abby and chat with her. The next morning Lynn came in to tell me just how much Abby had been the sunshine in her day - she was like a breath of fresh air entering the room.

I am convinced that Abby's ability to make people smile is a great gift from God. To think that 6 yrs ago to this day He placed her in our arms, and ever since she has brightened lives wherever she goes. She has totally freshened our lives - and will continue to do so for many more years, God willing.

I love Lumeire paints by Jacquard. I found them at Michaels several years ago - rather pricey, but a coupon makes them affordable and they give page elements a wonderful luminous shine and shimmer. I painted the Magistical Memories chipboard with a base coat of white and put a single coat of the Turquoise Pearl on top - love the cool glow!

I used pearl sticker embellishments for the butterfly, and also with the scroll rub-ons. This particular paper collection lends itself so well to be combined with the beauty of pearls.

I hope spotting this layout has freshened your day. Often our journeys can become stale and we need something to rekindle spark. When our lives begin to feel stagnant, freshness can often be achieved by looking beyond oneself. Whether it is helping others, taking up a new hobby, or changing your surroundings. How about a walk outside as spring approaches and freshness is promised? Take a deep breath and SMELL freshness after the next spring thunderstorm.

Don't forget to leave a comment in the border punch giveaway thread two more posts down for a chance to win. What are you blessed with today? What adds freshness to your life? Whatever it is, embrace it, and while you are at it, get FRESH with God ...read a scripture verse and ponder how its meaning for your life can freshen your journey!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Supporting the Red Arrow Brigade!

Today is the day - "Cards for Soldiers"! I have lots and lots of papers pre-cut, due in large part to Fiskars generous donations, and Kati Russel, my sweet friend whose hubby serves our country - bless him!

The Red Arrow Brigade, a division of the Wisconsin Army National Guard, is the largest deployment since WWII. These troops will be serving soon in Iraq - and the cards being made today will go to boost their spirit and encourage. Please stop by Crossroads Coffeehouse at 2020 Main St. Cross Plains to write a note of thanks to these soldiers. We are making cards from 10-11:30 and 1:30-3 p.m. HOWEVER, I will be making cards throughout and we will have cards left at the coffeehouse for people to sign the remainder of the week. Come on buy for a cup of jo or specialty drink and support our brave men and women!

Need to get going, but I wanted to give a praise shout for our friend Dick returning home on U.S. soil. I have not heard a progress report on his health. ALSO, Scrapbooking and Beyond requested another layout - this is one from my last stash of Hall of Fame entries - a very sweet layout that cracks me up everytime I read the letter our son wrote to Santa.

Gotta run - have a great Tuesday! Tomorrow is a memorable day for our family - we added another person into our midst and she has been a bright and shining star for 6 years - will have a new layout to share featuring Dream Street!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jillibean Soup goes Green!

Don't ya just love it!? I love FROGS and immediatley fell in love with the frog paper from Jillibean Soup! The photo is of our little wintering tree frog. I am not even sure how I obtained such a good photo - IRL you can see the moisture on the little suction cups of his toes, every bump and scale...it's something to see! Seems impossible I could have gotten that shot through aquariun glass, but I must have. I know if you bring the lens over the top he goes into hiding quickly.

Speaking of hiding - how many frogs do you count in this layout? To date no one has gotten it right the first time. I thought hiding frogs was a great interactive "I Spy" layout.

I used a Magistical Memories scallop circle frame as a base for a lily pad. Is that frog, cut from the paper, cute or what!?

I created the LO for the journaling challenge at ACOT - "green" is our theme. How does green make you feel, why do you like green, or in this case, the action of "going green".

Yes, I do know how to spell "conscience", but I was so busy trying to follow the curve of my handcut leaf and placing letters that I missed one. Hate that when it happens, but I am not going to do it over. Considered it, then though - ahhh, it is a part of scrapbooking. I have other projects waiting to be made!

Keep on telling your friends to leave a comment in the previous Border Punch giveaway blog post - need about 70 more comments to date before I draw! Thanks for coming by and joining me briefly as we share the journey!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Border Punch Giveaway!

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and although many will tout the “Luck of the Irish”, I have to share, with the risk of being boo-hoo’d, that I don’t believe in luck. Nor do our children. Today’s shared layout speaks of our firm position that there is no such thing as luck.

The journaling reads:Rabbit feet and 4-leaf clovers for good luck; stepping on cracks, standing under ladders, or black cats crossing your path for bad luck- we don't believe in any of those things. We don't believe in luck - because we know God is sovereign and in control of every occurrence - there is no such thing as LUCK.

This past Friday was the 13th - when I had our son stand under a ladder, and had our daughter stand on cracks in the sidewalk. Nothing bad happened…and in fact, our son declared it a very GOOD day because the video game he had ordered and had been waiting for finally arrived. I still recall the day six years ago when we were out walking with the neighbors. Not sure how the conversation began, but the older neighbor girl said something about good luck, and our five year old spoke right up, “there’s not such thing as luck, our fate is controlled by God.” I was walking ahead of the kids, overheard the conversation and smiled inwardly. My husband has voiced those exact same words many times…who says kids don’t parrot their parents? (LOL)

Putting this layout together was inspired by coming across an old photo from my childhood – one of my favorite black cats on the farm. I had named them all Spooky…and I think I got up to Spooky the V. Knowing I had a Magistical Memories “Black Cat Scroll” in the chipboard bin was the catalyst I needed to put this layout together. The green patterned papers are Reminisce and Collage Press. You may also note the use of the Fiskars Upper Crest border punch. Do you like it?

Well, this could be your chance to get one! To celebrate the recent fortune of finding a job in this downtrodden economy, and the upcoming celebration of 46 years in my journey, I want to give away the Upper Crest border punch. I want to bless someone!

All you have to do is leave a comment in THIS THREAD, and tell me one blessing you have experienced today. Send a friend over to post, make sure they include your name, and you will be entered again. Please, I need to limit the drawing to U.S. citizens only. Unfortunately, we are still recovering from my previous job loss, so I cannot be too extravagant with shipping costs, as much as I wish I could be!

I would love to have Abby draw a name on Thursday, March 26th, HOWEVER, I want to see at least 100 comments left before the drawing takes place. So please help spread the word - thanks! I know God is in control of this drawing, and I cannot wait to see who He is going to bless with Upper Crest!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunshine - Spring is Near!

By special request (just for you Carol!), I am reposting "Little Miss Sunshine" featuring Cosmo Cricket papers and journaling cards. I believe I used three journaling cards on this layout - using two to create the window. It remains one of my all time favorite layouts, and seems so appropriate today with the sun shining for two days in a row. I don't see daffodils, but some dianthus are up out of the winter ground by about 5" - spring is coming!

For the window I stamped a bird in one section, and created a valance with Fiskars Threading Water border punch. I also framed it in with black cardstock.

Yesterday was my first photogrophy group meeting - comprised of several folks from our church and their friends. The groups are called BAGs (Blackhawk Affinity Groups), which bring together people with common interests in a small group. When a church is several thousand, like Blackhawk, small groups are key into getting connected and being a part of a church family.

The theme for our March meeting was "edible". Since I joined the group on Thursday, I quickly took some shots Saturday morning.

I took this photo with my Nikon D80 - and honestly am not beyond using any mode other than automatic yet. I have a lot to learn, but seemingly no spare time to learn it. I am sure you know how that goes!

Here is a close up using the macro setting on my Olympus C-765. I love my little pocket camera for close-ups. One of the folks in our group showed me how to get a macro shot with the Nikon - I was having trouble with that. I learned at least three things yesterday, and met about 8 great people. I already have ideas for the April challenge, which is "empty space". Totally scrappable ideas floating in my head - can't wait to try and make the visions become reality in a photo!

Have a wonderful Sunday - back to my bible study for class tonight, and I plan to finish a "Luck" themed layout for the Magistical Memories March theme contest - you still have time to create and enter for awesome chipboard!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Recap, Happy Mail and Sponsor Thank Yous!

What a day it has been! I left at 8 am and got home at 8:30 pm.
An abbreviation of my day includes:- drove Kyle to band practice on acct. of cold and windchill
- Finished getting Abby to school, did some PR work for the "cards for soldiers" event
- worked for 8+ hours, passed my exam!! (YEAH)
- Parent/teacher conference for our son - we had to fill out papers for middle school (yikes!! reality is - my little boy is not so little anymore!)
- Art Night/Spaghetti dinner at the school, great to see neighbors and friends from our former church
- Bible study with my girlfriends
- Home again to say good night to the kids!

I worked late, which made us late for PTC, which put us behind getting in line for the spaghetti dinner, which made me late for bible study - but at least the gals did not abandon ship (or coffeehouse), and waited for me to get there. It has been one of those non-stop days.

I am so relieved to have taken my exam at work. It took a chunk out of my day leaving LOTS on my Friday to do list. I am doing some more PR work tonight on the cards event - but here I am blogging right now. (LOL) A great thing about networking - my friend Donna read about the "cards for soldiers" event and had some pre-made thank you card fronts on hand intended for soliders - and passed them to me. I wasn't sure how I was going to find time before Mar. 24th to make up some pre-mades for those wishing to write a thank you and not make a card - that concern resolved! Thank you Lord and thank you Donna!

I have to give a shout out to other awesome sponsors for "Cards for Soldiers". Besides Donna, fellow scrapper Candy P. donated a packet of papers and cardstock to make cards - it arrived today - thank you Candy! As did my friend Kati R., whom I worked with at the store. Kati's hubby is a military man, and Kati is also helping me on the day of the event to assist folks with making cards.

Fiskars came through will a cart FULL of product - from papers, both flocked and glittered, to punches, trimmers and adhesive. The unexpected donation of tools is going to make my task easier, as now I am not going to worry so much about pre-cutting everything. The kids will have a super time using the punches. Fiskars also donated some caddies, perfect to put the writing utensils, glue bottles and such in. I hope to host this event at least twice a year and having the tools will be helpful. After meeting with Donna this evening, the tools can also be used for a huge city wide volunteer effort that our church is doing in May. MUCH appreciation goes to Stephenie Hamen for pulling all the products together for me. It was wonderful to have lunch with her this week and catch up on how she and her family are settling into the area.

Cosmo Cricket sent a number of crafting kits, and the Scrapbook Superstore in Madison also donated consumables for the card-making event.

Thank you to ALL of our sponsors! We should have plenty of materials for this card-making event and more. I hope to use any left-over products to create items for silent auctions and other community fund-raisers.

I learned in the "spaghetti line" this evening that Abby begins a "gifted and talented" class on Tuesday, for Math, I assume. This was news fed to me by the kindergarten teacher, Mrs. C, that works with the advanced readers, as I went through the line. (She was scooping sauce.) (LOL) I know the kindergarten teachers were concerned that our school has no program for gifted children in 2nd grade or under. I appreciate Mrs. C going to bat for our kids, and getting something going. Now I don't have to worry about Abby being underchallenged and bored in school during mathtime.

When I wrapped up my busy-ness of a 13 hr day, I did discover a couple of great packages that had come in the mail. One was Candy's donation - yeah! The other was a pizza like box... can't even begin to express how excited I get over anything shaped like a pizza box. Some time ago I had won a blog prize from Bo Bunny. Well, it arrived today - and my heart be still - the box contained my most favorite of all the BoB releases- LOVE SHACK! I so heart the bright, sizzling, tropical colors. I cannot wait to find time to play with it...although if future weeks are like this one - I have not scrapped one iota since Sunday night!

Thank goodness I am heading to Plover, Wi on April 18 for the Fiskars crop! Rather than layouts I hope to work on one-two of the many mini albums I envision. It will require much less packing of supplies if I go the mini album route.

I wanted to announce a fanstastic give away today...but instead really wanted to give a shout out to the event sponsors. Be assured you will want to watch for my RAK - hint: a much sought after tool.

Happy scrapping! Take joy in the most wonderous of God's creations - YOU!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cards for Soldiers - This March

Hey all - just a quick post to let you know about an event coming up in Cross Plains end of the month. God put this project on my heart - and my goal is to have the community and surrounding area rally to make 100 cards for military personnel serving our country from this area. I will be making some cards ahead of time as well for people who only wish to write a note of thanks.

If you could pass the word about this event that would be great. Crossroads Coffeehouse is having someone make up posters - if you have a good spot to place an 8.5x11" poster please stop by the coffeehouse (if you are local) by the end of the week to pick one up, or contact me I will make sure you receive one.

Following is a little press release should you like to help me advertise it through your own means, whether it is Facebook, blogging, or an internal company newsletter or ad flyer.

"Cards for Soldiers" - March 24th from 10-11:30 a.m., and 1:30-3:00 p.m. at Crossroads Coffeehouse, 2020 Main St., Cross Plains. Come and make/write a card of thanks for our military service men and women. Children 10 and under must be accompanied by adult. Coffee and hot chocolate provided. Hosted by Crossroads and Edward Jones-Cross Plains Branch. Sponsored by Sprint Print II, Middleton; Fiskars Craft Division, Madison; Cosmo Cricket, Utah; Dab’N Stick, Illinois; Scrapbook Superstore, Madison.

Every day I am thankful that I have the freedom to worship, vote, and live without fear. Too often we take for granted the freedoms we have, and if it were not for those ensuring our freedom, our world would be a much different place. Thanks for helping me spread the word.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dabby Glue Review

No pics this eve...just a shout out for a product that deserves some attention. This past summer when I attended CHA I was given a sample bottle of Dab'n Stick "Scrapbook Glue" and "School and Craft Glue". Being pretty loyal to my tried and true adhesives, the samples sat all these past months. HOWEVER, as I am organizing a "Cards for Soldiers" event in our community, I wanted to find an economical adhesive that would be easy to use for people of all ages, was not messy, and would stretch our budget $ of zero.

I remembered Dab'n Stic, and googled for retailers. I found it in the JoAnn Fabrics on-line store, and read a partial review that gave a negative review. Hmmm, I thought - let me test the glue myself, so I did. The complaint noted that the paper moved around and it did not stick. I tested both the glue made for scrapbooking, and the school and craft version. What I found is that the Scrapbook glue allowed for some play time - the glue did not dry immediately which is good if you need to line something up just so -as often is needed on scrapbook pages. BUT once dry - I could not tear the papers apart.

Then I tried the School and Craft version. This glue dried much quicker, and again - I could not rip the papers apart. I tested both text weight and cardstock weight papers. No complaints! For the card making event I wanted the School and Craft glue. A wonderful perk to these glue bottles is that they last SO MUCH longer than glue sticks - not to mention they actually hold. If teachers were to try this glue they would never return to glue sticks! If you teach card classes at a scrapbook store I recommend you give Dab'N Stic a try. Having had experience in teaching, I know that adhesive can add up quickly on your expense report when instructing. Tape runners are fast and clean, but so often novice crafters/class participants, will run a strip of adhesive down the entire side of the card vs. putting just a bit in the four corners. If this happens to you - you owe it to yourself to try these glues.

I thought I had nothing to lose by contacting the company for a donation. It turns out that Norm, the gentleman who replied to my email, served in the military. He replied, "I am encouraged there are still caring individuals such as yourself willing to do such a worthy project for our young men and women serving our country overseas and placing their lives in danger for the benfit of all of us here back home. We will be sending you a case of our Crafty Dab School & Craft Glue." How awesome is this company? I have plenty of papers in my stash for the cause, so if I had no paper donors I could still pull off the event - adhesive cost was my greatest concern, and Norm just eliminated it!

"Cards for Soldiers" is coming up on March 24 - my goal and hope is that the community will rally and create 100 cards to send to soldiers who are serving on behalf of our freedoms. I will be posting soon about this event, but for now, I really wanted to give a shout out to a company who deserves to be noticed.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Multi-tasking Office Decor!

I am loving my new office. I have this huge cherry finish desk that is beautiful - but I knew as soon as I started my new job that I would want to create some personalized items for my desktop.

The motivation to get creating was a SB Etc. office decor call. Even if my projects are not picked up, I am thrilled with my projects. In fact, as I set them just so on my desk this morning I admit...I sipped my coffee and probably enjoyed looking at them for several minutes. Weird, eh? Who knew that homemade craftiness in the office could be so enjoyable? (LOL)

My project is a simple, bare-naked pine tissue box cover that I found at JoAnns, all dressed up in paper by Crate Paper Designs and a mix of flowers by Daisy Ds, Bazzill, and Prima. The best part of this rather utilitarian decor item, however, is that I made it into a photo cube! I cut pockets from non-glare, acid-free sheet protectors to hold 3.5x5" photos and stitched them onto three sides.

The fourth side of the box contains a quote I wrote about family, staged on a Magistical Memories nested bracket shape. In our company we believe in treating all of our clients like family, and our mission is to care for their needs - my quote was actually inspired by the company philosophy.

Did you spot the use of Fiskars new border punch - Apron Lace? I LOVE it and used it on all of my weekend projects.

Created to coordinate is a frame that displays a 4x6 photo of my family.

This project uses a "Swirling Good Time" chipboard shape from Magistical Memories, whick I cut into three sections, sprayed with Latte Glimmer Mist and distressed with olive and teal chalk inks.

Other Monday night musings... I found a new site today - Craft Critique. It looks to be a great site filled with information. I love articles that offer reviews and product feedback - check it out - I shared the blinkie in the sidebar on your right.

Funny thing happened today... I was enjoying a dark chocolate Snickers bar (have always loved Snickers and thrilled when they began making them with dark chocolate) - anywhoooo...I was finishing up a training module, celebrating my progress with candy and coffee...and my jaw started hurting. It started to hurt real bad with each chew...but did I stop eating my candybar? No, wasn't going to throw away a perfectly good Snickers! At some point I realized I could not get my teeth to come together on the one side of my mouth. Dang...lockjaw? I had that when I was like 19 yrs old - haven't chewed gum since. I called the dentist who told me to take 4 ibuprofen, 2 Tylonel and go to bed for the rest of the day. Yeah right...I just ate sugar, drank coffee, felt totally wired and I was supposed to go to sleep??!! Ain't happening. SO here I am at nearly 11 pm still feeling wide awake (afterall, it is really only 10 pm). The idea is to relax the muscle and not use my jaw - no talking, eating, etc. I told the kids I am not supposed to talk...do you think that stopped them from asking me questions all evening long? Ummm...if you are a mom you know the answer to that one. I've been trying to hide in the office, but they find me! (LOL) I am hoping that tomorrow will find my mouth back to normal after a good nights sleep. Otherwise it is day of "no talking" and nourishment through a straw, and I supposed a call to my doctor for a stronger muscle relaxer. Here's hoping for a peaceful rest - afterall, Weber blood is in me and talking is what we do! (LOL)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Magistical Memories Potty Girl Kick Line!

Of all the people in the world you really stand out in a crowd, and make it a better place to be. Thanks for being my friend.

That is the greeting I came up with for the inside of this card. When I learned that the theme for my firstever card swap was to be black and white, with a pop of color allowed, I had an instant mojo moment. I had an idea, vision, and was determined to make it happen.

First, however, I had to find b/w patterned paper of potty people. Nada. So I decided to make my own. I scanned in the Magistical Memories chipboard shape and traced it with pencil tool in Photoshop to create clip art, which was scaled down and used to step and repeat to make custom patterned paper. Rows and rows of potty girls - thus my kick line. (LOL)

I colored in one “potty girl” on the paper and popped the chipboard shape off card in same color, to emphasize the theme of the sentiment inside the card.
I also embossed and sanded Coredinations cardstock to reveal red core, AND swiped each swirl with red chalk ink to intensify the color.

Here is a close up of the potty girl shop, painted red and coated with Folkart Papier paper glass. Setting it off the card with foam adhesive helps her "stand out" in the crowd.

The card swap was lots of fun - and a great learning opportunity for everyone as we kick around ideas. One of the gals commented on her Bazzill chipboard and how much it absorbs, needing to use several coats of paint and ink never works as it is all drawn inside. No worries with Magistical Memories chipboard! I believe one coat of Folkart paint coated this shape - and that is using the cheapo paint! I may have done two, but I don't think so! MM chipboard also looks great when distressed directly with an ink pad - so many chipboard altering possibilities - gotta love it!

I was hoping to take a group photo of all the cards I received - but it has not happend. Been busy altering some items for a deadline this weekend - and TOTALLY love my finished projects. I am excited to share with you, but for another time...along with a RAK coming up that you won't want to miss! Be sure to check back later this week!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Bullseye Day

It's been a great day - with lots of highs! Last night I emailed Cosmo Cricket and Fiskars to request donations for the "Cards for Soldiers" event and both companies responded quickly in support of - I am thrilled!! A friend whom I worked with at the Scrapbook Superstore volunteered to come and help me with the event - which is awesome as I was rather fearful how I would be able to instruct a potential coffeehouse full of people on how to put a card together. My friend's hubby is in the military so she really appreciates the efforts of this event.

A friend from A Cherry On Top is also sending me large scraps from her stash. Last night I pulled out a number of older papers that I may as well use for the card making event. It sounds like some local members of the Legion may get involved somehow as well - I am really excited for this event despite all I have to do to get ready for it. (LOL)

UPS delivered a box today...inside was my layout being returned from Memory Makers for the SB Idea Gallery book - that sure was fast!! I WISH WISH I could share this layout - using one of my fave all time lines from Cosmo Cricket, but alas... I cannot. I has some gosh darn clever, homemade embellishments in it, if I don't say so myself.

I attended my first card swap tonight - it was so fun and I loved seeing my friends at the store again. I will share photos of the cards soon - promise!!

Today's layout is an all cardstock creation. I just found this blog tonight: Cut Cardstock - and I admit it was one of the first LO images in my folder of imaged layouts.

Tonight I visited my friend, PennyBs blog, and she motivated me to email the folks who run a local writers group and photography group. I probably cannot do both - but I SOOO would love to have my children's stories and poetry published someday. A writing group would be good for me - hopefully motivate me to do something about my dream. Since I bought a Nikon D80 in December I have also been thinking it would be great to join a photography group and learn to take full advantage of my new camera's capabilities. Ah yes...sometimes I could use two of myself..but I don't think the world could handle it. (LOL)

If this post seems all over the place tonight it is because it is. I was too pumped up to go to bed, considered starting a digital layout...but see, type on my blog and now I am yawning. The new workday cometh...so I better hit the hay... thanks for coming by!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why do I do this to myself?

Sometimes I question my sanity. March is just getting crazier and more crazy with all that is going on. A class every Sunday evening, and still havent' done my homework for this coming Sunday. A card swap tomorrow...just finished all my cards! Friday night is Family Fusion at our church and I am SOOO looking forward to that.

I think we are quadrupled booked for this coming Saturday - heading to Sauk Saturday morning to go to the veternarian, stopping at a big hunting/fishing place on the way home in hopes of finding red worms for the tree frog that still winters with us; Jesse has to be in Madison by 10, Abby to a dance clinic by 1 and myself to a Pampered Chef party by 2...but I have to face it, the latter is not happening.

In addition to all the training modules and testing at my new job I have decided to launch a community project - and I have just decided that I must be crazy to head up such a thing with the all important training and testing to get done...and my progress is being watched closely I am sure!

When I was working at the scrapbook store the local coffeehouse (Crossroads) had asked if I could teach a craft project to kids over spring break. Well, now I work in my hometown full-time, but I still figure there must be a way to use my God-given creative talents to promote scrapbooking, even though I work for an investor. (LOL)

What I have set in motion is to lead a "Cards for Soldiers" event on March 24th - and invite the entire community to come and make cards for our military servicemen and women. My new boss is going to donate my time for the cause. I found a local printer (thanks Sprint Print II) to donate blank cards and envelopes, and now I am trying to find patterned papers, adhesive and such.

If anyone has patterned paper they would like to send my way that would be awesome!! If I can obtain 12x12" I plan to use the huge Fiskars trimmer at the LSS to cut papers down (30-50 at a time!) and make easy work of it. All in all, I will mostly need 5.5x4.25 pieces of patterned papers and smaller ones to create interest. I welcome anything big enough to cover an A2 card, and papers cut down to 5.5x 4.25 would be most welcome!

Time and the economy may change my career, but I am still determined to promote my love for scrapbooking as opportunities allow. Sure, I may be crazy to take this project on in the busy month of March, BUT as hectic as this month may become...it is NOTHING compared to what our military service men and women are going through each and every day. I may lose a little sleep, but it is such a minute sacrifice in comparison. Don't forget as you walk this journey called life - to pray for the safety and well-being of those who protect us and our freedoms, and their families. I never take my freedom for granted... lives have been laid down for it.

Monday, March 2, 2009

March - Migration, Challenges, Giveaways!

March always sneaks up on me - no doubt because February has a few less days than other months. My husband and I are taking a class at our church every Sunday in March in the late afternoon. It did not register yesterday was the first, and we had to scramble to figure out what to do with the kids. Mostly Abby. Fortunately Jesse's folks were home and we ran them out there.

March - warmer weather, spring ahead. The songbirds wintering in the tropics shall soon be migrating and making their way to Wisconsin. By the end of March we may see some feathered friends we have been missing all winter long. Today's layout features "out on a limb" Magistical Memories chipboard from the new release - I LOVE this piece! (One of many new releases with a "critter" theme.) I knew right away I wanted to scrap a photo I have had since last spring of Abby and her dad birding. Again, the Penny Lane papers by My Mind's Eye had fun colors that worked wonderfully with this photo.

Magistical Memories has challenges and contests going on in March that could end up sending chipboard your way! Take the CRITTER CHALLENGE! The challenge will run from March 1 through March 31. Simply upload into the challenge gallery at www.magisticalmemories.com and you could be the proud winner of a very super cool prize package of chipboard goodness!!

I simply painted the bird and topped it with a coat of iridescent turquoise courtesy of Duncan Scribbles paints, which are translucent and put a nice shimmer coating on top of an opaque coat of acrylic.

For the tree branch I painted a coat of tan as a base, topped with "weathered wood" medium by FolkArt (similar to a crackle medium) and placed a top coat of dark brown over the medium once dry, to give my branch many lines and a bark-like appearance.

I used a fancy bookplate chipboard shape to frame in the title, which I created on the computer, including the "bird watcher" font, which gives me the hummingbird icon.

The theme is "Irish Eyes Are Smiling" for the Magistical Memories March contest. More info will be coming soon on this one!

Also, if you Facebook join the Magistical Memories fan page you'll be entered into a drawing to win the Scrap Easels http://www.facebook.com/pages/Magistical-Memories/126514970244 . Drawing to be held March 16th, and winner will be announce shortly there after, if you have already become a fan your already entered, if you want to be a fan click the above link and add us as a fan. Don't forget to tell your friends.

So much going on this week and this month - hope I find time to scrap a smidgen of all that is in my head. Right now I have to return to my cards for a swap on Thursday night - lots to finish! I will be sharing my card soon as it is way cool!