Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why do I do this to myself?

Sometimes I question my sanity. March is just getting crazier and more crazy with all that is going on. A class every Sunday evening, and still havent' done my homework for this coming Sunday. A card swap tomorrow...just finished all my cards! Friday night is Family Fusion at our church and I am SOOO looking forward to that.

I think we are quadrupled booked for this coming Saturday - heading to Sauk Saturday morning to go to the veternarian, stopping at a big hunting/fishing place on the way home in hopes of finding red worms for the tree frog that still winters with us; Jesse has to be in Madison by 10, Abby to a dance clinic by 1 and myself to a Pampered Chef party by 2...but I have to face it, the latter is not happening.

In addition to all the training modules and testing at my new job I have decided to launch a community project - and I have just decided that I must be crazy to head up such a thing with the all important training and testing to get done...and my progress is being watched closely I am sure!

When I was working at the scrapbook store the local coffeehouse (Crossroads) had asked if I could teach a craft project to kids over spring break. Well, now I work in my hometown full-time, but I still figure there must be a way to use my God-given creative talents to promote scrapbooking, even though I work for an investor. (LOL)

What I have set in motion is to lead a "Cards for Soldiers" event on March 24th - and invite the entire community to come and make cards for our military servicemen and women. My new boss is going to donate my time for the cause. I found a local printer (thanks Sprint Print II) to donate blank cards and envelopes, and now I am trying to find patterned papers, adhesive and such.

If anyone has patterned paper they would like to send my way that would be awesome!! If I can obtain 12x12" I plan to use the huge Fiskars trimmer at the LSS to cut papers down (30-50 at a time!) and make easy work of it. All in all, I will mostly need 5.5x4.25 pieces of patterned papers and smaller ones to create interest. I welcome anything big enough to cover an A2 card, and papers cut down to 5.5x 4.25 would be most welcome!

Time and the economy may change my career, but I am still determined to promote my love for scrapbooking as opportunities allow. Sure, I may be crazy to take this project on in the busy month of March, BUT as hectic as this month may is NOTHING compared to what our military service men and women are going through each and every day. I may lose a little sleep, but it is such a minute sacrifice in comparison. Don't forget as you walk this journey called life - to pray for the safety and well-being of those who protect us and our freedoms, and their families. I never take my freedom for granted... lives have been laid down for it.

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kati russell said...

Hi Rita,

This is so cool--as you know my DH is in the military and was in Afghanistan last year! I would love to help you out. Are you looking for just military type patterned paper or any type?