Monday, March 9, 2009

Multi-tasking Office Decor!

I am loving my new office. I have this huge cherry finish desk that is beautiful - but I knew as soon as I started my new job that I would want to create some personalized items for my desktop.

The motivation to get creating was a SB Etc. office decor call. Even if my projects are not picked up, I am thrilled with my projects. In fact, as I set them just so on my desk this morning I admit...I sipped my coffee and probably enjoyed looking at them for several minutes. Weird, eh? Who knew that homemade craftiness in the office could be so enjoyable? (LOL)

My project is a simple, bare-naked pine tissue box cover that I found at JoAnns, all dressed up in paper by Crate Paper Designs and a mix of flowers by Daisy Ds, Bazzill, and Prima. The best part of this rather utilitarian decor item, however, is that I made it into a photo cube! I cut pockets from non-glare, acid-free sheet protectors to hold 3.5x5" photos and stitched them onto three sides.

The fourth side of the box contains a quote I wrote about family, staged on a Magistical Memories nested bracket shape. In our company we believe in treating all of our clients like family, and our mission is to care for their needs - my quote was actually inspired by the company philosophy.

Did you spot the use of Fiskars new border punch - Apron Lace? I LOVE it and used it on all of my weekend projects.

Created to coordinate is a frame that displays a 4x6 photo of my family.

This project uses a "Swirling Good Time" chipboard shape from Magistical Memories, whick I cut into three sections, sprayed with Latte Glimmer Mist and distressed with olive and teal chalk inks.

Other Monday night musings... I found a new site today - Craft Critique. It looks to be a great site filled with information. I love articles that offer reviews and product feedback - check it out - I shared the blinkie in the sidebar on your right.

Funny thing happened today... I was enjoying a dark chocolate Snickers bar (have always loved Snickers and thrilled when they began making them with dark chocolate) - anywhoooo...I was finishing up a training module, celebrating my progress with candy and coffee...and my jaw started hurting. It started to hurt real bad with each chew...but did I stop eating my candybar? No, wasn't going to throw away a perfectly good Snickers! At some point I realized I could not get my teeth to come together on the one side of my mouth. Dang...lockjaw? I had that when I was like 19 yrs old - haven't chewed gum since. I called the dentist who told me to take 4 ibuprofen, 2 Tylonel and go to bed for the rest of the day. Yeah right...I just ate sugar, drank coffee, felt totally wired and I was supposed to go to sleep??!! Ain't happening. SO here I am at nearly 11 pm still feeling wide awake (afterall, it is really only 10 pm). The idea is to relax the muscle and not use my jaw - no talking, eating, etc. I told the kids I am not supposed to you think that stopped them from asking me questions all evening long? Ummm...if you are a mom you know the answer to that one. I've been trying to hide in the office, but they find me! (LOL) I am hoping that tomorrow will find my mouth back to normal after a good nights sleep. Otherwise it is day of "no talking" and nourishment through a straw, and I supposed a call to my doctor for a stronger muscle relaxer. Here's hoping for a peaceful rest - afterall, Weber blood is in me and talking is what we do! (LOL)

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