Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dabby Glue Review

No pics this eve...just a shout out for a product that deserves some attention. This past summer when I attended CHA I was given a sample bottle of Dab'n Stick "Scrapbook Glue" and "School and Craft Glue". Being pretty loyal to my tried and true adhesives, the samples sat all these past months. HOWEVER, as I am organizing a "Cards for Soldiers" event in our community, I wanted to find an economical adhesive that would be easy to use for people of all ages, was not messy, and would stretch our budget $ of zero.

I remembered Dab'n Stic, and googled for retailers. I found it in the JoAnn Fabrics on-line store, and read a partial review that gave a negative review. Hmmm, I thought - let me test the glue myself, so I did. The complaint noted that the paper moved around and it did not stick. I tested both the glue made for scrapbooking, and the school and craft version. What I found is that the Scrapbook glue allowed for some play time - the glue did not dry immediately which is good if you need to line something up just so -as often is needed on scrapbook pages. BUT once dry - I could not tear the papers apart.

Then I tried the School and Craft version. This glue dried much quicker, and again - I could not rip the papers apart. I tested both text weight and cardstock weight papers. No complaints! For the card making event I wanted the School and Craft glue. A wonderful perk to these glue bottles is that they last SO MUCH longer than glue sticks - not to mention they actually hold. If teachers were to try this glue they would never return to glue sticks! If you teach card classes at a scrapbook store I recommend you give Dab'N Stic a try. Having had experience in teaching, I know that adhesive can add up quickly on your expense report when instructing. Tape runners are fast and clean, but so often novice crafters/class participants, will run a strip of adhesive down the entire side of the card vs. putting just a bit in the four corners. If this happens to you - you owe it to yourself to try these glues.

I thought I had nothing to lose by contacting the company for a donation. It turns out that Norm, the gentleman who replied to my email, served in the military. He replied, "I am encouraged there are still caring individuals such as yourself willing to do such a worthy project for our young men and women serving our country overseas and placing their lives in danger for the benfit of all of us here back home. We will be sending you a case of our Crafty Dab School & Craft Glue." How awesome is this company? I have plenty of papers in my stash for the cause, so if I had no paper donors I could still pull off the event - adhesive cost was my greatest concern, and Norm just eliminated it!

"Cards for Soldiers" is coming up on March 24 - my goal and hope is that the community will rally and create 100 cards to send to soldiers who are serving on behalf of our freedoms. I will be posting soon about this event, but for now, I really wanted to give a shout out to a company who deserves to be noticed.


Amy Teets said...

They rock! Ill have to give them a try as well!

Juliana said...

Oh Rita! That is wonderful news about them donating the adhesives! I am quite intrigued by your review as well. I have a tried and true, but it is getting difficult for me to locate. This may be a good new one to try! Thanks!

Sue said...

That is awesome!!! I'll have to look for them in the future when I need adhesives. Best of luck with your huge project!!