Sunday, March 8, 2009

Magistical Memories Potty Girl Kick Line!

Of all the people in the world you really stand out in a crowd, and make it a better place to be. Thanks for being my friend.

That is the greeting I came up with for the inside of this card. When I learned that the theme for my firstever card swap was to be black and white, with a pop of color allowed, I had an instant mojo moment. I had an idea, vision, and was determined to make it happen.

First, however, I had to find b/w patterned paper of potty people. Nada. So I decided to make my own. I scanned in the Magistical Memories chipboard shape and traced it with pencil tool in Photoshop to create clip art, which was scaled down and used to step and repeat to make custom patterned paper. Rows and rows of potty girls - thus my kick line. (LOL)

I colored in one “potty girl” on the paper and popped the chipboard shape off card in same color, to emphasize the theme of the sentiment inside the card.
I also embossed and sanded Coredinations cardstock to reveal red core, AND swiped each swirl with red chalk ink to intensify the color.

Here is a close up of the potty girl shop, painted red and coated with Folkart Papier paper glass. Setting it off the card with foam adhesive helps her "stand out" in the crowd.

The card swap was lots of fun - and a great learning opportunity for everyone as we kick around ideas. One of the gals commented on her Bazzill chipboard and how much it absorbs, needing to use several coats of paint and ink never works as it is all drawn inside. No worries with Magistical Memories chipboard! I believe one coat of Folkart paint coated this shape - and that is using the cheapo paint! I may have done two, but I don't think so! MM chipboard also looks great when distressed directly with an ink pad - so many chipboard altering possibilities - gotta love it!

I was hoping to take a group photo of all the cards I received - but it has not happend. Been busy altering some items for a deadline this weekend - and TOTALLY love my finished projects. I am excited to share with you, but for another time...along with a RAK coming up that you won't want to miss! Be sure to check back later this week!

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