Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jillibean Soup goes Green!

Don't ya just love it!? I love FROGS and immediatley fell in love with the frog paper from Jillibean Soup! The photo is of our little wintering tree frog. I am not even sure how I obtained such a good photo - IRL you can see the moisture on the little suction cups of his toes, every bump and's something to see! Seems impossible I could have gotten that shot through aquariun glass, but I must have. I know if you bring the lens over the top he goes into hiding quickly.

Speaking of hiding - how many frogs do you count in this layout? To date no one has gotten it right the first time. I thought hiding frogs was a great interactive "I Spy" layout.

I used a Magistical Memories scallop circle frame as a base for a lily pad. Is that frog, cut from the paper, cute or what!?

I created the LO for the journaling challenge at ACOT - "green" is our theme. How does green make you feel, why do you like green, or in this case, the action of "going green".

Yes, I do know how to spell "conscience", but I was so busy trying to follow the curve of my handcut leaf and placing letters that I missed one. Hate that when it happens, but I am not going to do it over. Considered it, then though - ahhh, it is a part of scrapbooking. I have other projects waiting to be made!

Keep on telling your friends to leave a comment in the previous Border Punch giveaway blog post - need about 70 more comments to date before I draw! Thanks for coming by and joining me briefly as we share the journey!


Leigh said...

Great layout, Rita!
I love how you journaled on the leaf!!

Dria said...

able lo! I LOVE The title!

Linda C. said...

I feel blessed to have a wonderful husband ,2 beautiful daughters and an adorable granddaughter, I have been fortunate to have a supportive family who has stood by me while I have dealt with 2 autoimmune diseases, Lyme's disease and cervical cancer these last 2 years. I have prayed for God's help in relieving some of my suffering and with His help I was able to go on a beautiful religious pilgrimage to Spain, Portugal and France. I am not cured of my suffering but I am able to at least function and work part time. It's a big blessing!!

Julie O. said...

Hee hee...I thought of you when I saw that green frog paper. Great layout!