Saturday, March 28, 2009

And the winner is...!!!

Thanks for playing along in my border punch give away. There were several who earned a second (or more) chance by having a friend post – which means the total number of names to draw from was 108.
Yesterday we had a day trip to the Mississippi River Museum with the kids – if you live in the Midwest it is definitely worthwhile! They switch out exhibits in some areas keeping it fresh. We all ended up sticking our heads up into this bubble to be eye to eye with Rattler in the Venom exhibit!! I noted that each scale on the snake looks like it had been coated with Diamond Glaze – I never knew scales had such dimension! And no, I did not take my camera. I still haven’t scrapped photos from our trip last year!

There was a brief window before Jesse and I headed out to the Artist’s Showcase at Blackhawk Church. I printed out all the comments, cut them up, made sure there was one comment each, and hand wrote on paper scraps those who had sent a friend to comment. Thanks to these gals for sending friends: Stacey (Becky posted), Patty13 (Maldo 5 posted), fromtheowlsnest (Dawn posted), Stacey (Valerie posted), and Harley sent over two friends (T and Jo).
I had Abby sit down to draw and I took snapshots to share with you – sun coming in behind her and all. No time for a “studio” shot! (LOL) She closed her eyes and drew out…

Congratulations! As you can see, this was a scrap I hand-wrote a name on for having sent a friend. I know I have plenty of stuff around Dawn, the friend sent by fromtheowlsnest will also get something in the mail. Ladies- please PM me your mailing addresses!

I was blessed to read everyone’s comments. Thanks for sharing your blessings! A few in particular I would like to comment on:
Debbie – I am so glad your brave, young man is doing better. I am convinced children with special needs are angels come to earth.
Trishie – thank your sons for serving and protecting our country. May God protect them with His mighty shield and bless your family.
Stacey – I just have to say I remember well the days our DS crawled into bed to snuggle with me….sadly at 11 that hasn’t happened in years. RELISH those moments!
Tracey Wilder – congrats on the new baby to come!!
I lifted up each one of you in prayer as I read your comments - what a great way to connect with each of you!

I really love to write and share, and it is great to actually know that someone is reading it. (LOL) I hope many of you enjoyed my blog and will visit again. I have a day of scrapping ahead - stay tuned!


Stacey said...

Congrats Dawn!!!!

Debbie said...

Congratulations Fromtheowlsnest and to Dawn! Rita, thankyou for hosting this contest, and inviting us to your blog. I enjoy your LO's,and how well you explain them. Your daughter is so lovely. Do thank her for assisting with the drawing. It will be a pleasure to come often and read your stories.I read most of the blessings sent in and it's humbling to be aware and mindful of them. BTW, my son is home now. We do x rays and MD visit this am...your prayers are always welcomed. God Bless you.

Juliana said...

Congrats to the winners!!!
I just love the photos of your DD choosing the winner!

rmeyfe said...

We just went to the Mississippi River Museum too over our spring break! My parents live there and my oldest is doing cub scouts so we went there to see how people lived on the river in the old days!!

How weird that I would happen upon your blog and we were at the same museum!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the winning draw. Sorry I'm so late, but i really don't hink I paid much attention when someone said I won. I am not quite right in the head. My friend attheowlsnest (Sharon) is such a great lady that told me the wonderful news and I just realized I had won, even thugh she told me days ago. LOL. Thanks again for do this contest Rita and you daughter is so beautiful with that look on her face.