Sunday, October 23, 2011

Super Creature Power Suit Costumes

Our daughter loves Martin and Chris - the Kratt brothers. She loves to reenact the programs, especially with a best friend that enjoys the same show. Both of the girls have birthdays one day apart, one Sunday and the other on Monday - and I decided to make both a "creature suit" so they could play, imagine and reenact the shows in true character.
Super Creature Power Suits are not in stores, that I could find, but I found a blog,, in which the woman made all the necessary items for a Wild Kratts themed birthday party. Boys and girls alike, who love animals and nature, are drawn to this PBS show - but as mentioned, no costumes are out there.
From images on this blog, and looking at an episode image on the PBS web-site, it appears these costumes can be pretty simple to make. First, for the bottom - a pair of cargo style pants, aka "super adventure pants" will do, along with hiking boots (although hikers are not necessary).
 For the top two T shirts will be needed. Either a red, sky blue, or olive green - with a separate black T.  A 9x12 piece of felt to match the color T is needed. A pair of black knit gloves (optional) will finish the suit as seen on TV.
 To make the super creature power suit (on my to do this week!) cut the sleeves off the black T, and cut out the neckline to create a V-neck. Cut off bottom portion as well so it is approx 5-6 shorter than the colored T. (Making a slight upside down V in the bottom hemline of the T will be more like those used on the show, versus a straight across cut.) This will be pulled over the colored T like a vest.
Note that I simply bought a black T a size smaller than the color and shortening was not necessary - and because I was short on time I decided to pass on making the bottom more V in shape.
Felt was used to create the Super Creature Power Button (this will turn your adventurer into a part human/part animal with super creature powers). From the 9x12 felt cut one strip 2" wide x 12" long, set aside. Remaining should be a 12x7" piece. From this cut a 6" circle and three 2" circles. Baste or fuse the 6" circle in the center of the vest with 2" circles positioned on top to create a "paw print".
 From the 2x12" section of felt cut the following accent tabs all 2" wide (skip this step if time is an issue):
two 1/2" pieces
four 1" pieces
four 1/5" pieces
 Just below the shoulder seam on the front side of the vest attach 1.5" pieces at each shoulder. Just below, attach the 1" pieces.
 At lower sides, but in front of side seam, attach tabs on each side as well (if bottom hemline is angled position felt at same angle). Begin with 1/2" piece at bottom of stack, then the 1" and 1.5" on top.
 If you were able to find black knit gloves - from the scraps of felt cut a 2" x 1" piece and attach to top side of glove. If ambitious you can add a 1" cuff around the wrist with a 2nd 1/2" strip wrap around just below. To be truly authentic add 1/2" or smaller circle dots of felt on underside of glove at fingertip. (I did make gloves, and will post a photo soon.)
I am so excited to give the girls their birthday suit gifts - and just in time for Halloween too!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Gallery Canvas Print in Hand

Hi All - I want to provide feedback for you on the 16x20 gallery wrapped canvas print I received from Easy Canvas Prints. First, the turnaround time on my project was exceptionally fast. A+!
The image quality is good, although a tad dark, but that could be on my end when I changed the contrast a bit in Photoshop before uploading my image. 
The only area of quality that could use some improvement, and thus a B grade, is the number of staples used to stretch the canvas across the pine framework. An artist friend of mine actually pointed this out - as my experience with canvas prints is minimal. She noted that not enough staples were used and the canvas would start to buckle with time due to enviromental changes, such as humidity, etc. My friend said I could resolve this by simply adding some staples in while pulling the canvas tight. I had my husband bring in the staple gun from his woodworking shop and we will take care of this prior to delivering it to the local coffeehouse for the community artist showcase.
I have decided to donate the proceeds of the butterfly photo print, which I am calling "Camo", to benefit cancer research and add the funds to whatever I end up raising this month for my Arbonne business. It was actually two years ago this month, I am certain, when our friend Marv got the news that his cancer had returned. In his honor, I am dedicating my blog posts at to education of cancer awareness.
I will keep you posted as to the date of the artist showcase. I do recommend checking out Easy Canvas Prints...I love that they have 8x8s - I plan to utilize that size soon!

Happy creating!
Rita S.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Looking for smaller canvases?

Hello everyone,
My life in the health and wellness business, in addition to working full time, has me flying!  I haven't had much time to scrap as of late, but I am focusing on my photography when I can. In fact, I will be displaying some of my work this fall at the local coffeeshop which is featuring artists in the community.
I will be using Easy Canvas Prints to make a 16x20 canvas print of a photo I was able to take in June while we were on vacation. When this blue/slate colored butterfly landed on a blue flagstone walkway my immediate thought was, "Now that is ART!"  Created by God - what a blessing to be in the right place at the right time. This image will be for sale during the art fair.
I will keep you posted as to my thoughts on the quality and customer service from Easy Canvas Prints. One of my goals in my home is to replace limited edition prints with canvas art of my own photography - it would be much more personal.
As a scrapbooker - I love that Easy Canvas Prints has sizes as small as 8x8 available. I have had an idea for a 3-tiered wall hanging, and although my idea was hoping for a 6x6 canvas print, 8x8 may have to do. A series of 8x8 canvas prints in one particular theme (aka floral, or all butterflies, etc.) will make for a stunning wall art collection in the home. When I do this in the future I look forward to sharing it with you.

Colorfully creating,
Rita S.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Been busy losing myself!

Hello to all my readers. I have missed blogging for you, but I have been blogging elsewhere...on my purely living blog. I have been on an incredible journey to regain health and wellness in my life. I have been studying women's health, bio-chemistry - and have seriously spent just about every free moment reading. I have been sharing much of what I have learned on my health focused blog.

I became an Arbonne consultant this past spring in order to help friends experiencing symptoms of hormone imbalance (as the company offers bio-identical hormone transdermal creams). In helping other women and studying their symptoms, whether it be migraines, PMS, fibromyalgia or cancer...I learned MUCH about health.
In reading about breast cancer I made a firm commitment not to become another statistic, and decided it was time to shed the fat that stores cancer cells. Fewer fat cells = reduction in risk.
I posted before and after pictures these past few days and decided to spill my guts - even confessing in public the large number on the scale that totally appalled me. If you want to read more about my weight loss journey, check out my purely living blog. I do hope to scrap my journey soon. I am not sure if it will be a page, or a mini album - as I have yet to close the chapter on the story of regaining my health and vitality. However, I currently have my nose in four books regarding women's health, nutrition and alternative medicine. Plus I am preparing to teach a few classes to others who wish to lose weight like I did. Somedays I could certainly use a clone - I feel like I barely remember the person who a year ago, could not go a day without scrapbooking. Be patient - I will return to my creative endeavors some time! Thanks for checking in.

Rita S.