Saturday, October 8, 2011

Gallery Canvas Print in Hand

Hi All - I want to provide feedback for you on the 16x20 gallery wrapped canvas print I received from Easy Canvas Prints. First, the turnaround time on my project was exceptionally fast. A+!
The image quality is good, although a tad dark, but that could be on my end when I changed the contrast a bit in Photoshop before uploading my image. 
The only area of quality that could use some improvement, and thus a B grade, is the number of staples used to stretch the canvas across the pine framework. An artist friend of mine actually pointed this out - as my experience with canvas prints is minimal. She noted that not enough staples were used and the canvas would start to buckle with time due to enviromental changes, such as humidity, etc. My friend said I could resolve this by simply adding some staples in while pulling the canvas tight. I had my husband bring in the staple gun from his woodworking shop and we will take care of this prior to delivering it to the local coffeehouse for the community artist showcase.
I have decided to donate the proceeds of the butterfly photo print, which I am calling "Camo", to benefit cancer research and add the funds to whatever I end up raising this month for my Arbonne business. It was actually two years ago this month, I am certain, when our friend Marv got the news that his cancer had returned. In his honor, I am dedicating my blog posts at to education of cancer awareness.
I will keep you posted as to the date of the artist showcase. I do recommend checking out Easy Canvas Prints...I love that they have 8x8s - I plan to utilize that size soon!

Happy creating!
Rita S.

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