Thursday, July 31, 2008

Transitions in Life & Cardmaking

Giveaway threads are located below: "Friendships & Book Giveaway", and "Do You Piggy Tales?"
Transitions are a part of every journey, and sometimes it is difficult to face them. Today, for example, is the last day for both the pastor, and the intern at the church for which I work. Last night, as I was creating digitally, I knew I should have been working on farewell cards. But I wasn’t sure exactly what to say, and put it off.

Instead I created a layout for the “Creation” Scripture Challenge at FaithSisters. When I saw the challenge I immediately thought of a photo my sister, Teresa Earleywine, had taken and sent to me. She has always been the family photographer, has the great equipment, and recently she has been having fun with her newer digital Canon Rebel. In the photo used in “Creation” I loved the contrast of the rustic post and chain, combined with the delicacy of a butterfly. It seemed a good illustration of our old self being made new in Christ when we ask Him into our heart.

I wanted to use white space in the photo to ground my chosen scripture verse on, and wanted the butterfly to fall to the right side of the page. In the original photo the butterfly on the post head was nearer the center of the image. In order to offset it to the right side, I duplicated the photo layer in Photoshop twice, each time linking up the chain, and using the blended eraser tool to make the seam line disappear. This, of course, is not possible with all photos, but given the right subject and composition it is something to consider doing in your photo editing software if it will facilitate a more balanced layout design.

I kept the layout design simple. All elements are by Eressea Designs at FaithSisters, using her Autumn Walk collection. While I worked on this and other layouts for Faithsisters in July, I had fun using Sunny Kohler’s “Road Trip” collection, as well as Lori Imel’s “As For Me and My House” kit. Last night I was really taking note of the cool elements in “Road Trip” and realized they be excellent for farewell cards.

This morning I awoke early and the words for inside of the cards just came to me (thank you Lord!). Before the kids awoke I was able to digitally create the core designs for my cards. It was easy to select colors that each person shows favor to and really customize it for their own life situation. On pastor's card I was able to edit the map and include the name of the town to which he is moving.

The intern will be returning to seminary for her last year. I selected a photo I had taken a while back, to go with Psalm 119:35, “Direct me in the path of your commands, for there I find delight.” The message inside the card can just as easily apply to a graduate you may know – so feel free to jot these words down if you find them helpful. May the lord continue to direct you on your journey, bring you joy along the way, and guide you as you follow the servant path He has led you on.

I printed out both card fronts, trimmed and inked the edges and adhered them to green cardstock. I knotted a ribbon to add to the watch on pastor’s card. I must say that I feel the cards turned out wonderfully. I could not have made such detailed cards in such a short time if I had created them traditionally, plus the appearance of dimensional elements does not add bulk and extra postage to the mailing envelope. Consider that a plus of hybrid card making! It just might be a way to make the transition and ease into, and explore the world of digital design – I think you will enjoy it!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Friendships & A Book Giveaway!

This is a pic of myself and my friend Cheryl Waters, lead Fisk-a-teer, beautiful woman, and wonderful follower of Christ. Cheryl and I hit it off immediately as we have common interest in African missions, and we have become prayer warriors for one another. I was thrilled to meet Cheryl in person at CHA - it was the highlight of my trip!

I have to mention that the fabulous digital elements used above are created by Susan Blanton of Kjoi Studios. I love her curled and torn papers - LOVE dimension in my digital layouts! Thank you Susan! I've decided to create an 8x8 album of all the scrappy friends I meet through the years.

I have to say, the friends I have met through scrapbooking are some of the very best people I know. Last week I received a couple of unexpected packages. One from a friend who knew I was down about not getting the job, another just thanking me for the inspiration with an adorable turtle Cuttlekids die, and today I received a mystery package from Iowa. No note, and to my knowledge I haven't won anything (well, that's not entirely true, but..) The package contained a Cosmo blackboard album - I HEART those things, just love them! There were also some cool Hambly Xmas rub ons, and I love Hambly's rub-ons. Whomever sent the package - thank you!

Oh...on winning. Today Nikki Bester posted on the CFD blog that my name was drawn from the Fiskars certified demonstrators who demonstrated at CHA - woo hoo! I look forward to happy mail, and thanks to CJ for drawing my name! Thanks Nikki for taking charge of the CFD blog - you are the greatest! (And the sweetest gal in person!)

BUT day gets even better!! I just got an e-mail from Tracy Kyle (I have admired Tracy's work for a long time- she was a Hall of Famer in the 2nd scrapbook magazine/book I ever purchased when I began scrapbooking). Tracy is a contributing editor for Scrapbooks Etc. I love this magazine and it has been my goal for the past two years to have something published in there. (This past March a thumbnail of one of my layouts was in the magazine, a reader gallery feature...not a real pub., but I'll take what I can get!)

Tracy requested my "Santa Baby" serving tray that I had made last December. I made the tray to make life easier for our son, who prepares a plate of baby carrots for Santa and his reindeer each Christmas eve, along with a mug of cider. So PINCH me!! I can't believe at long last I have something going into SB Etc (the first public appearance for my tray and I can't wait to have it shared!), and requested by Tracy Kyle herself! To thank God for His many blessings, and to celebrate this momentous occassion for me, AND to celebrate all the wonderful friends I have through scrapbooking, I am giving away a copy of "Fabulous Friendships" signed by the authors themselves, Kitty Foster and Wendy McKeehan. It is the book on the left below.

All you need to do is leave a comment in this thread with your email so I can find you. Comments must be left by midnight on August 15 and a name will be drawn. And don't forget... you can still win papers from Piggy Tales by leaving a comment in the "Do you Piggy Tales?" thread below by July 31.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cards for Kids

Scroll down to "Do you Piggy Tales" for the giveaway thread.

Did you send out your Cards for Kids yet? There are a few days left to participate in this card campaign initiated by Jennifer McGuire, one of my all time favorite scrappers. Check out the details here, a prize is involved for spreading goodwill! My card above using SEI Dill Blossom was made for Keith and Kristin, the parents of the children Jen is collecting cards for. The short version of the story is that the family moved to Liberia as missionaries to set up a dental clinic - this is a major life chagne, and a huge transition for the kids. Cards from all over the world will encourage them.
I made a card for each child with a special note and scripture inside geared towards their age.

The cards need to arrive by August 15 - so stop blogging and create!! (LOL) The gals at the Scrapbook Playground are really getting into this - please join us!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Card Shower - another chance to win!

Hey all - keep on posting in the thread below for a chance to win some Piggy Tales. Here is yet another opportunity - so you can get your name in twice. I have learned that a fellow digi friend at Kjoi Studios is in bad shape. Kat (Tragedy Anne to most of us) had been hospitalized. She suffers from lupus and apparently it is taking a toll on her kidneys... one kidney had to be removed last week and she is on a transplant list. As you can imagine, this is very serious. Any prayers, well wishes, good thoughts, healing thoughts need to be sent her way.

Cards & well wishes & kidneys (think shape) can be sent to:
Kat Rodriguez
23765 Lawrence, Room A5
Warrren, Mi 48091

She would love to get cards, paper flower bouquets, or scrapbook pages from us!Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers! I will use the honor system here...if you send a card or something out to Kat and wish her well - sign up below and you will have yet another chance to win the Piggy Tales prize.

POST IN THIS THREAD IF YOU HAVE SENT KAT A CARD. Thanks for sending her a smile!

Do You Piggy Tales??

Do you Piggy Tales? I do – I love their products! I was fortunate enough to win the June Piggy Tales contest at Scrap4Life with my “Lovely” layout above. I didn’t even know it because the winner was posted just prior to leaving for CHA. Days before leaving I was deep into an interview process for a job I really wanted. I found out Tuesday I did not get it –after an extensive profile evaluation and 5 interviews. Tuesday all I could do was ask God why, and cry. I would have loved that job! waahhhhh!

By Wednesday morning I just wanted to KNOW why. So I called and asked for a meeting. The position was with a very large church, and it was doing the same type of assistant work I do now, but in an area of ministry I am passionate about. I am glad I went and talked to the two key hiring people – as it turns out they were really trying to make it work for me to be hired, but what it comes down to is my profile. I am a right brain/left brain person – a leader and a creative thinker. This job was to work under three leaders…and to bring a 4th into the mix may have only caused tension down the line. I talked too much in my last two interviews… I shared ideas. I always have ideas. Ideas = creativity. Apparently they did not feel the job offered enough creativity for me either. I assured them that that was ok – it is why I scrapbook! But alas…what I really learned from the process is that perhaps I am not even doing what God has made me to do. I scored 100% as a people person in my profile. I love to plan events and have pulled off some pretty big ones in my day. I love to teach and I love to come up with ideas. After a number of profile tests and personality evaluations I now feel a bit confused as to what I am supposed to do with my life. Ideas anyone? (LOL) Surely there is an on line test I can take that will give me career ideas. I am simply doing a lot of soul searching and keeping my eyes open. I must say that I felt better after my Wednesday meeting – to know that I am simply not a perfect match is better than wondering what you said wrong in the last interview, seeing as it was going so well. I went to CHA with a lighter heart than I expected. Meeting so many people made CHA worth the trip, and I was able to meet Brandon from Piggy Tales in person. She is so sweet!

Today was a SUPER happy mail day. First, my friend Dawne Carlisle had sent a “pick me up” package – she knew I was bummed about that job. A wonderful assortment of Heidi Grace, Cloud 9 and other wonderful cardstock stickers, and some great leaf ribbon I had commented about in one of her stunning layouts. Thank you my friend!

There was another large package…thought it might be my Fiskars package so I could begin my work on a project for them. I was confused, at first, to find it was Piggy Tales product. Then I looked and saw it came from Jodie Taylor of Scrap4Life, and thought she must have mixed me up with someone’s order. And then it clicked…maybe I won the contest. So I went to the web site and sure enough – Jodie announced it the day I rec’d the bad news and shut myself off from the world for a bit to pity myself. Had I discarded my woes and went to visit Scrap4Life I would have had an instant pick me up that day! Thanks to Jodie and Piggy Tales for my wonderful prize package. I look forward to using the sliding door album.

Speaking of albums – my number one must have item from CHA is the drawbridge album. Were you there – did you see it? I had to see it in person and the concept is better than I even dreamed. I informed my LSS owner that she HAS to get them in – they are totally AWESOME!! Pretty please!

Another tidbit about the Piggy Tales kind of day that I am having… my complimentary copy of Somerset Home, an annual home d├ęcor idea book arrived in my mail as well today! I immediately started looking for my project, but had to stop to read the article on canvases, I love canvases! If you are looking for the book at the stores – here is what it looks like on the cover:

And here is my vanity tray – using the Piggy Tales Snow White collection. Now, they did something rather weird with my fun wire and beads by stretching it all up and creating a pinnacle in the middle to be like a “handle”. I had the wire curly Q'd and dancing along both sides with beads dangling –adding a fun, whimsical touch. I hope when it is returned I can re-establish the look I had with the wire – but none the less – the book looks great and so does the vanity tray.

So do you Piggy Tales? If you don’t you have just got to try one of their mini albums and I love their paper. Did you know Piggy Tales is a family run business? I learned in the live chat at Scrap4Life last month that Brandon’s brother, Ryann, has fond memories of his sister’s piggy tails while growing up (an no doubt yanking on them too!) – thus the name of the company; and I love how they have incorporated titles of childhood tales as the names for their paper and product collections.

I would love to hear what your very favorite Piggy Tales product is - whether it is a paper collection, album, or embellishment. Share it in this thread and be sure to include your email. On July 31st I will draw a name and send out product from the Chicken Little and Little Miss Muffet collections.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Home from CHA and Little Yellow Bicycle Rocks!

I am home and at this very moment exhausted! I did just manage to post all my layouts at the Scrapbook Playground for the July 20th upload day. All the designers have posted layouts by Little Yellow Bicycle, and also SEI using the Dill Blossom collection. Check it out!

Here is my favorite LO that I created with the SEI Dill BLossom.

I fell in love with these photos of Abby taken last fall on one of our fall day trips. Whereas I am attracted to the beautiful red and yellow and orange leaves, to my child every discovered leaf is a wonder - even those that seem rather plain to me.

Little Yellow Bicycle had yumminess to offer at CHA and I especially love the Christmas line they have coming out. There are some very pretty die cuts in this line, and they had the most awesome PP Christmas tree.

Close up of LYB Xmas line:

SEI also rocked! Homegrown Scrapbooks invited me to attend the SEI party with them Thursday night and they were so generous everyone was handed a pack of their Poppy Seed collection, which I LOVE! and a mini album. Windsor and Frost are sure to be favorites this coming fall and winter from SEI.

I was thrilled to meet Fisk-a-teer Stephanie Netzinger in the Kimberly Poloson booth on Saturday. We were doing an "exchanging of the guards", so to speak, as I was taking over her spot on the make n take booth. We got to chatting, go figure, and discovered she is only 15 min. away from me in a nearby town! Fiskars best, Nikki Bester, was going to give me a ride home from CHA, but when Stephanie offered and I knew she would be leaving hours before Nikki would get out of there, I was happy to accept. Even with my good walking shoes my feet were just tired by day 3. Steph and I tried to get in a few make in takes today but by the time we finished our shift many were out of product.

I did play at Dreamweaver's, which Steph N. loves doing and I can see why. I am hooked on the Dreamweaver paste and technique, and have lots of ideas in my head of how that can be taken from the card-making industry and apply it to layouts. We also played with Artfelt - another very cool, non-scrapbooking craft. I also have visions for home made felt pieces on my layout. I am not talking about cutting shapes out of felt, but actually making homemade felt as one does homemade paper. It is very cool and the samples in the book were GORGEOUS!

I hope to unpack all tomorrow and post the links for Dreamweavers and Artfelt for ya - very cool stuff! My very favorite part of going to CHA is meeting everyone IRL that I have only met on the MBs. I even met awesome NEW friends, especially those met while waiting in line, and on the shuttle. Love ya all! You know who you are! (LOL)
Thanks for bringing me home Steph! I missed my family and they missed me - we had wonderful cuddle time tonight.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Live from CHA!!!

Ok - not really. It is early morning on Friday - my roomies are still rousing so I thought I would slip out and come on the hotel PC to post. It promises to be another scorcher of a day.

My CHA trip started off rather interesting, but in the company of friendly people interesting is not always bad. (ok - I am hearing a credit card commercial on the television which blames some Packer fans for doing something - ONLY in Chicago!) (LOL)

My family took me to the bus depot so I could take the Van Galder to Ohare. I have to say we had the tiniest lady bus driver - but man, she could toss a large suitcase 3x her size! Because she is so small she could crawl right under the bus to arrange suitcases in the storage area - wow! Would not want to get on her bad side. Wish I had a pic of her.

I do have a pic of George, though. George was the driver for the Holiday Inn shuttle from Ohare yesterday. Three of us are on board. Sarah Larson from a brick and mortar store in PA, and Manfred, on holiday from Germany to see sites in Chicago. I was glad to board, about 1:20 and have a late lunch - an apple I had brought. The van did not seem to be going anywhere.

George is sitting in the drivers seat, heard him mumble something, get out, use the cell phone, kind of agitated in speaking manner... Gets back in and says we are going to have to take the side roads to the hotel because the van is acting up. He tries to put it in gear...shimmy, shimmy. That doesn't sound good. He slowly pulls out. Hmmmm...shake, stutter....

We drive from terminal 2 and by the time we reach end of terminal three to depart Ohare it is not good - and George pulls over. Thankfully!! The bus was stifling in the 90+ degree heat and no air, so of course the three of us passengers get out to the sidewalk. No sooner had we done that than the van started steaming - and a flood of anit freeze pours out below. It really stunk! Then something else - two long, black lines dangle on the ground. We all decided to retrieve our totes and backpacks from the vehicle, and I decided to take pictures. By then the dramatic cloud of steam had dissipated. I put the camera on action mode so hopefully I captured some steam. Sarah also got her camera out, and George was willing to pose for us by the van and working under the hood for added drama. (LOL) We three passengers were in good moods despite, afterall, George was having a real bad time and this certainly was not his fault.

I offered Manfred a 2nd apple I had brought along - and it had been hours since he had eaten, I gathered from his pretty good English. Sarah had been to Germany and elsewhere in Europe so those two could chat about that. It is fascinating how people can quickly become comrades in situations that would otherwise be stressful.

It seemed a long wait and finally a 2nd shuttle arrived. I hope Sarah made her Making Memories meeting at 3 p.m.! I took a cool shower and lounged around until my friend Lynne Wilson arrived from Ohio. We made plans to meet up with our other roomies, Stephanie Fearn and Rachel (kiwiscrapper) from Homegrown Scrapbooks, but they had had a long day in the Chicago heat and were almost back to the hotel.

We went to an SEI sneak peak party at 7 - they handed everyone a nice collection of their Poppy Collection - LOVE that line! Plus a 6x6 mini album and a "JOY" word book to alter. SEI is coming out with some super lines. By the way,I really love the Dill BLossom collection they sent the SPBG DT - and the team will be posting our work starting Sunday.

We also got a glimpse at the Making Memories catalog - all I can say is hold on to your drool!!

We had a late dinner upon returning to the hotel. Even later than expected with a 45 min wait for burgers, that were not done to how we had ordered. I am not sure how a pat of meat can be cooked so unevenly - well on one side, raw on the other. At any rate, Steph had the worst and sent it back.

If you are a Homegrown Scrapbook kit subscriber, hang on, I think Steph is going to bring back monthly kits!!

So live from CHA - I see the shuttle has left for the convention center at least once outside the window here. I will see how my roomies are doing. We want to get in line for our badges and find a Starbucks!

I hope to once again feature the "best kept secrets of CHA" as I did last year - highlighting those lesser known companies with fab product. I am not reporting for Cloud 9 duty until 2 pm so I have time to browse this morning. Stay Cool, and don't drool - I think that is my slogan for today as I feast my eyes on gorgeous scrapbooking supplies!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Do you run FOR scissors?

CHA is days away and I am excited to be meeting so many crafty friends from the message boards. Check below to see what you could go home with at the Fiskars booth!

Just in time for my bus trip – two F&W publications landed on my doorstep last week. The first was the Memory Makers Idea Book Gallery – a summer release which was a nice surprise, as it seems this book has been arriving in the fall. Less than 48 hours after that my copy of “Fabulous Friends” arrived – authored by Kitty Foster and Wendy McKeehan.

I am fortunate to have multiple layouts in both of these publications. I have already heard so much about the Idea Book that I cannot wait to peruse it on my ride to O’hare. I briefly glanced at “Fab Friends” and am totally impressed by the page designs and LARGE images given to EACH layout in the book – it is SO easy to read journaling on these images and I love that! If all goes well I just may be able to get my hands on a signed copy at CHA and will be giving it away here on my blog.

Here are glimpses of my never-before-seen LOs in "Friends". The first documents my son's favorite stuffed animals and whom he received them from and at what age in his life.

The second still brings tears to me eyes - the photo is my hand holding that of a friend who was in the hospital. I wanted to create this LO but it took weeks for me to be allowed to go see her in the hospital - we were not sure if she was going to make it. She did, but she suffers daily and is scheduled for more surgery August 4 - please pray for her. There is awesome power in prayer, and this layout is a testimony to that fact.

If you are heading to CHA please stop by the Fiskars booth as I would love to meet you! I will be doing make n takes in the Cloud 9 booth (can’t wait to see the project – I love Cloud 9 papers and embellishments!). You can find me there Friday afternoon, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.

There are lots of cool events planned, AND GIVEAWAYS throughout CHA at the Fiskars booth – be sure to check out the schedule below!

Do you run with scissors? Or collect them? If so, you want to RUN for scissors!!
There are special, limited edition scissors being given away starting at 1:00 p.m. on both Friday and Saturday – until they run out. The first pair of L.E. scissors are designed by Li’l Davis and the pair being given away on Saturday are designed by Ink by Steph!

Want to meet Mark Montano? He will be at the Fiskars booth on Friday at 3 p.m. And hey – there will be Fisk-a-razzi on hand who are more than happy to take your photo with the celebs and designers of Fiskars Brand Crafts. As is usual – The Fiskars booth will be open with hospitality in hand – so please be sure to stop by!

For those of you who cannot make it to CHA there are lots of special on line crops taking place – including one at Fiskars Crafts. Check it out!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I had a wonderful, long 4th of July weekend. I slept in every morning, afterall, it is not polite to wake before the owners of the home in which you are a guest in, right? Or so I can use that as an Abby was up so late each night that she slept past 8 - now that is a rarity!

This week Patter offered the word "rest" for the scripture challenge at A song came into my head almost immediately - song and scripture often go hand in hand for me - music is a great way to memorize scripture. I chose to put the lyrics for "I Will Note Be Shaken" in the background of my layout. Browsing my photos I found the perfect restful image from one of our trail walks in May. The song and photo provided the beginning mojo for my layout.

I studied scripture verses on the topic of rest, and Psalm 62:1-2 "My soul finds rest in God alone…. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken." This really met me where I was at yesterday.

You see, I have applied for a new job, and have had a 2nd interview. It is a job that I truly feel called to serve in, and it uses my gift of administration. Also, it would be an answer to my prayer of the past two years - praying for God to give me a job in which I am passionate about. This job involves Worship Arts, and I am PASSIONATE about praise and worship music. This type of music is essentially all I listen to. The lyrics of Christian music uphold my journey in Christ, rather than those that are about material things and sins of this world. Praise and worship music, Christian pop and rock often provide the mojo for my layouts.

I was not expecting to hear anything further about this job until end of this week, yet my mind was anxious and I found myself praying 24/7, asking God to allow me to serve Him in this way.

The digital elements used in Rest were taken from designers assigned for my DT projects at FaithSisters this month. Lori Imel is a newer designer in the FaithSisters family and I used a number of elements from her "As For Me And My House" kit. I also used elements from Sunny Kohler's "Travel-Road Trip" (don't ya love that watch!), and the paper was created by Kreative Karma for the Road Trip kit. The Rustic Alpha used in the title was a freebie download and is by Marianne Wahlberg,
and the bracket journal spot is by Nikki Painter, also from FaithSisters. I adjusted the hue/saturation to change the journal spot to a mauve color.

No sooner had I posted my layout in the FaithSisters gallery when a new email came in - from the church I am interviewing with. I am onto round 3 - and need to fill out an on-line assessment survey this afternoon and answer some scenario questions. I actually have the latter part done and it was fun to do.

Of course I am hoping I get this job, but if I don't I need to trust in the Lord. I am confident that He will place me where I need to be to best serve Him, and my mind will find rest in that thought. The journaling of my layout reads:
There are times when I don't understand why some things happen as they do. All I know is that I trust God completely. When I spend time with Him my hope is renewed, my strength restored. I will not be shaken. He is my rock, and leads me beside still waters where my soul becomes calm.

To close I want to share an acronym that Marilee at FaithSisters shared for TRUST: Truly Resting Until Something Transpires! Amen to that!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

July Challenge - Patriotism


So everything is packed and I am ready to head out shortly - taking our kids to my sister's home near Milwaukee for a long 4th of July weekend. This has become an annual event for us. My sister is the only one in my family with kids near the same age as ours.

The layout above may be familiar - it was published in Memory Makers last July, and has pictures from the parade in 2006. I love the July 4th parade in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. I have not seen one ever as large or as well done. Most impressively are the many wars and veterans represented. Even the Revolutionary War is represented with reenactors. Our son is war history buff, with WWII being his favorite subject to study. If you ask him what his favorite part of the parade was the Pearl Harbor survivors - probably a half dozen of them. Several rode in a vehicle, understandably. But there were three that marched. One man was so thin I wondered how he had the muscle to do it, but he did, and he stood erect and marched proudly. It still brings tears to my eyes as I remember that image.

All of our military veterans, and those currently fighting for our freedoms on desert soil and jungle undergrowth - ALL are risking their lives so that we may enjoy freedom. Unless you have been abroad, especially to countries of African or Asia, you really have no idea how good we have it here in United States. No, I have not been there - but I have missionary friends who have. I have seen pictures, heard stories, and I hear stories daily of those thrown in jail for exercising a right that we can carry out on U.S. soil without retribution. I can speak out against my government, but I don't - no matter who is president, because our elected officials deserve respect and prayer on their behalf. We can travel anywhere, eat plentiful, and worship. Yes, worship. It's important to me, and here in the U.S. there are many religions with the freedom to worship. But in many countries, Christians are not allowed to worship openly amongst the other religions of Buddha and Islam. Isn't it interesting that Christianity is considered a western religion even though it began in the mid-East? Hmmm, don't think I ever thought about that before.

This holiday weekend I urge you for a moment to stop and consider all the things you are able to do that others cannot do without fear of imprisonment. Think about the men and women who are at this very moment, risking their lives for YOUR freedoms, and mine. Think about the many families who worry every day their loved one is in harm's way - but they know it is for the cause of freedom. Support our troops! Don't belittle what they are doing by anti-war statements and angry outbursts - they believe in what they are doing. I am not asking you to agree with the war, that's for sure. But anger does not solve anything...and instead I would ask that you lift up each soldier, their families, miltary and ALL government leaders in prayer. Ask God to give them discernment in their decisions and keep them our soldiers can come home to their families.

I kind of feel like I just stepped down off a soapbox...whew!! Obviously I feel strongly about our freedom and the sacrifices made for us. This month at Kjoi Studios my inspiration challenge is about PATRIOTISM. Everyone is a is not a United States verb, but one that describes everyone who has a love for their country. There were so many great quotes on patriotism that I had a hard time choosing, so you are getting lots of choices. (LOL)

[P]atriotism... is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime. ~Adlai Stevenson

A man's country is not a certain area of land, of mountains, rivers, and woods, but it is a principle; and patriotism is loyalty to that principle. ~George William Curtis

Love your country. Your country is the land where your parents sleep, where is spoken that language in which the chosen of your heart, blushing, whispered the first word of love; it is the home that God has given you that by striving to perfect yourselves therein you may prepare to ascend to him. ~Giuseppe Mazzini

This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave. ~Elmer Davis

And I'm proud to be an American,
where at least I know I'm free.
And I won't forget the men who died,
who gave that right to me.
~Lee Greenwood

OK - I admit that song brings tears to my eyes everytime, especially if I am looking at the stars and stripes!

Our country is not the only thing to which we owe our allegiance. It is also owed to justice and to humanity. Patriotism consists not in waving the flag, but in striving that our country shall be righteous as well as strong. ~James Bryce

We need an America with the wisdom of experience. But we must not let America grow old in spirit. ~Hubert H. Humphrey

May I never wake up from the American dream. ~Carrie Latet

A real patriot is the fellow who gets a parking ticket and rejoices that the system works. ~Bill Vaughan

If you get a layout done please share it in the Inspiration Gallery at Kjoi Studios and you will be entered in a drawing to win a $5 gift certificate to visit the prize vault at Kjoi. Show your patriotism - I look forward to seeing what you create!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Book Winner and Scenic Route Grafton

Happy Tuesday all. Seems like a number of you are trying to find the winner of the autographed book. Sorry it is hard to find...I titled the post RAK Winner and posted it on Tuesday the 24th. Perhaps I should have wrote Book in the title to be more clear. Angela, post #49, was the winner of the autographed book. I really appreciate everyone who came by and hope it won't be your last visit. I am hopeful for some good news in my near future, and have a special RAK if my hopes come to fruition.

This weekend I found a little time to scrap in between laundry and sorting clothes for a family who adopted four orphans from Russia. The girls are ages 2 and 3, and boys are 7 & 9 - so my kids are the perfect age to pass some clothes down to this family. We have been blessed by the neighbors giving us clothes for our daughter, and we are happy to pass it on!

I pulled out my Scenic Route Grafton kit and wonder why I did not open it earlier. Busy scrapping DT stuff I guess...but wow, I was reminded of why I ordered the collection. So many papers and cardstock stickers perfect for those summer photos from a year ago I have yet to scrap. The photos I chose for the layout, however, are from several springs ago. When I saw the cardstock sticker sayings I knew immediately which pictures I wanted to scrap - totally inspired!

I am sure many of you have done this, but always look at your product packaging to see what might be of use. I used the gloss stock kit sheet that came inside my Grafton packet. The lighter weight paper was perfect for covering naked chipboard negatives for my title.

I made the T from scratch - an easy letter to make and one I am often out of it seems. I covered the chipboard generously with mod podge and then with a oversized rectangle of the gloss camoflage design from the kit package. I allowed it to set just a bit, and then pulled the excess paper down and tore it around each chipboard shape. I used a file to sand around the edges, and distressed a bit with ink. I think the contrast between gloss camo paper and the matte finish camo paper used in creating the turf strip make for a nice contrast.

That's all for today! Again, congratulations to Angela - her book is on the way!