Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Book Winner and Scenic Route Grafton

Happy Tuesday all. Seems like a number of you are trying to find the winner of the autographed book. Sorry it is hard to find...I titled the post RAK Winner and posted it on Tuesday the 24th. Perhaps I should have wrote Book in the title to be more clear. Angela, post #49, was the winner of the autographed book. I really appreciate everyone who came by and hope it won't be your last visit. I am hopeful for some good news in my near future, and have a special RAK if my hopes come to fruition.

This weekend I found a little time to scrap in between laundry and sorting clothes for a family who adopted four orphans from Russia. The girls are ages 2 and 3, and boys are 7 & 9 - so my kids are the perfect age to pass some clothes down to this family. We have been blessed by the neighbors giving us clothes for our daughter, and we are happy to pass it on!

I pulled out my Scenic Route Grafton kit and wonder why I did not open it earlier. Busy scrapping DT stuff I guess...but wow, I was reminded of why I ordered the collection. So many papers and cardstock stickers perfect for those summer photos from a year ago I have yet to scrap. The photos I chose for the layout, however, are from several springs ago. When I saw the cardstock sticker sayings I knew immediately which pictures I wanted to scrap - totally inspired!

I am sure many of you have done this, but always look at your product packaging to see what might be of use. I used the gloss stock kit sheet that came inside my Grafton packet. The lighter weight paper was perfect for covering naked chipboard negatives for my title.

I made the T from scratch - an easy letter to make and one I am often out of it seems. I covered the chipboard generously with mod podge and then with a oversized rectangle of the gloss camoflage design from the kit package. I allowed it to set just a bit, and then pulled the excess paper down and tore it around each chipboard shape. I used a file to sand around the edges, and distressed a bit with ink. I think the contrast between gloss camo paper and the matte finish camo paper used in creating the turf strip make for a nice contrast.

That's all for today! Again, congratulations to Angela - her book is on the way!

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