Sunday, July 20, 2008

Home from CHA and Little Yellow Bicycle Rocks!

I am home and at this very moment exhausted! I did just manage to post all my layouts at the Scrapbook Playground for the July 20th upload day. All the designers have posted layouts by Little Yellow Bicycle, and also SEI using the Dill Blossom collection. Check it out!

Here is my favorite LO that I created with the SEI Dill BLossom.

I fell in love with these photos of Abby taken last fall on one of our fall day trips. Whereas I am attracted to the beautiful red and yellow and orange leaves, to my child every discovered leaf is a wonder - even those that seem rather plain to me.

Little Yellow Bicycle had yumminess to offer at CHA and I especially love the Christmas line they have coming out. There are some very pretty die cuts in this line, and they had the most awesome PP Christmas tree.

Close up of LYB Xmas line:

SEI also rocked! Homegrown Scrapbooks invited me to attend the SEI party with them Thursday night and they were so generous everyone was handed a pack of their Poppy Seed collection, which I LOVE! and a mini album. Windsor and Frost are sure to be favorites this coming fall and winter from SEI.

I was thrilled to meet Fisk-a-teer Stephanie Netzinger in the Kimberly Poloson booth on Saturday. We were doing an "exchanging of the guards", so to speak, as I was taking over her spot on the make n take booth. We got to chatting, go figure, and discovered she is only 15 min. away from me in a nearby town! Fiskars best, Nikki Bester, was going to give me a ride home from CHA, but when Stephanie offered and I knew she would be leaving hours before Nikki would get out of there, I was happy to accept. Even with my good walking shoes my feet were just tired by day 3. Steph and I tried to get in a few make in takes today but by the time we finished our shift many were out of product.

I did play at Dreamweaver's, which Steph N. loves doing and I can see why. I am hooked on the Dreamweaver paste and technique, and have lots of ideas in my head of how that can be taken from the card-making industry and apply it to layouts. We also played with Artfelt - another very cool, non-scrapbooking craft. I also have visions for home made felt pieces on my layout. I am not talking about cutting shapes out of felt, but actually making homemade felt as one does homemade paper. It is very cool and the samples in the book were GORGEOUS!

I hope to unpack all tomorrow and post the links for Dreamweavers and Artfelt for ya - very cool stuff! My very favorite part of going to CHA is meeting everyone IRL that I have only met on the MBs. I even met awesome NEW friends, especially those met while waiting in line, and on the shuttle. Love ya all! You know who you are! (LOL)
Thanks for bringing me home Steph! I missed my family and they missed me - we had wonderful cuddle time tonight.


KateB said...

I wish I had been with you-you said Little Yellow Bicycle, Kim Poloson and Fiskars all in one entry! I salivated looking at the pics with the new Christmas stuff coming out!

KateB (Fiskateer # 4529)

kara jones said...

How fun! I love the products you've given us a peek at!