Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I had a wonderful, long 4th of July weekend. I slept in every morning, afterall, it is not polite to wake before the owners of the home in which you are a guest in, right? Or so I can use that as an excuse...plus Abby was up so late each night that she slept past 8 - now that is a rarity!

This week Patter offered the word "rest" for the scripture challenge at Faithsisters.com. A song came into my head almost immediately - song and scripture often go hand in hand for me - music is a great way to memorize scripture. I chose to put the lyrics for "I Will Note Be Shaken" in the background of my layout. Browsing my photos I found the perfect restful image from one of our trail walks in May. The song and photo provided the beginning mojo for my layout.

I studied scripture verses on the topic of rest, and Psalm 62:1-2 "My soul finds rest in God alone…. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken." This really met me where I was at yesterday.

You see, I have applied for a new job, and have had a 2nd interview. It is a job that I truly feel called to serve in, and it uses my gift of administration. Also, it would be an answer to my prayer of the past two years - praying for God to give me a job in which I am passionate about. This job involves Worship Arts, and I am PASSIONATE about praise and worship music. This type of music is essentially all I listen to. The lyrics of Christian music uphold my journey in Christ, rather than those that are about material things and sins of this world. Praise and worship music, Christian pop and rock often provide the mojo for my layouts.

I was not expecting to hear anything further about this job until end of this week, yet my mind was anxious and I found myself praying 24/7, asking God to allow me to serve Him in this way.

The digital elements used in Rest were taken from designers assigned for my DT projects at FaithSisters this month. Lori Imel is a newer designer in the FaithSisters family and I used a number of elements from her "As For Me And My House" kit. I also used elements from Sunny Kohler's "Travel-Road Trip" (don't ya love that watch!), and the paper was created by Kreative Karma for the Road Trip kit. The Rustic Alpha used in the title was a freebie download and is by Marianne Wahlberg,
and the bracket journal spot is by Nikki Painter, also from FaithSisters. I adjusted the hue/saturation to change the journal spot to a mauve color.

No sooner had I posted my layout in the FaithSisters gallery when a new email came in - from the church I am interviewing with. I am onto round 3 - and need to fill out an on-line assessment survey this afternoon and answer some scenario questions. I actually have the latter part done and it was fun to do.

Of course I am hoping I get this job, but if I don't I need to trust in the Lord. I am confident that He will place me where I need to be to best serve Him, and my mind will find rest in that thought. The journaling of my layout reads:
There are times when I don't understand why some things happen as they do. All I know is that I trust God completely. When I spend time with Him my hope is renewed, my strength restored. I will not be shaken. He is my rock, and leads me beside still waters where my soul becomes calm.

To close I want to share an acronym that Marilee at FaithSisters shared for TRUST: Truly Resting Until Something Transpires! Amen to that!

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