Sunday, May 30, 2010

Two Page Sketch for May

I have been remiss...I see that I am a bit behind sharing for the month of May. I began an Arbonne consulting business and have been so busy getting that off the ground - my computer time was very focused on creating class aids and such. I apologize for neglecting to post here, my two-page sketch that I created for BoBunny's sketch challenge issued May 21st. However, I am sure the BoBunny fans were able to obtain the sketch for the BoBunny blog...and I bet many of you are already done with your layout!

If you are doing the weekend BoBunny blog hop - all comments in the thread below are due in by midnight on Monday, May 31.

Back to the May sketch - thought I better share my own layout with you. When creating the sketches I try to alternate monthly between one and two pagers. I admit, I can sometimes struggle with a two page layout. I had an idea of which photos I wanted to use, but executing it is harder for me than many of you. Personally, I like to create my layout, and THEN create a sketch for you to utilize. I was so busy in the month of May that I believe this two pager was in progress on my work table for 2 weeks! It's not even that fancy or difficult...but I worked on it for 15 min. here and there. I truly love one page layouts - to each her own! (LOL)
I wanted to add some fluff to this layout, because the chicks were, afterall - so VERY soft! I used yellow flocking on my title letters - I simply used my ATG runner over painted Chunky Chipboard letters. I liked the distressed look of incomplete coverage, and did not worry about adhesive not covering the entire letter. Also, I used the Chunky Chipboard swirls to help direct the flow of the layout, including the reading of the title. I used the little dots from the Chunky Chipboard alpha letters as a base for my mini Jenni Bowlin alpha stickers. Since I usually dot my "i"s with gemstones and pearls, there are always plenty of extra.
Some of you may recall that we had the opportunity to hatch some chicken and turkey eggs in an incubator this past spring. It was a new experience for the kids, and one they, and their friends are likely to remember. I had some Cosmo Cricket baby chicken die-cuts, but the colors did not work with this layout, so I free-hand cut a kidney bean shape from yellow Dot cardstock, and used a scallop oval punch to create a wing, and used a button for its head. It might be a little strange looking, but it works!

Rub-ons overlap the photos at both the lower left and upper right corners of the two page spread - this helps unify the two pages. When there are a lot of photos, I tend to minimize journaling to keep the layout from being crowded. It is important, when other children are included in the photo, to identify them for years down the raod. I used a archival safe pen to simply write the names of the children vertically along the side of photos.
Although I am late sharing this for the BoBunny sketch challenge, I hope those who enjoy sketches will find this two pager to your liking, and give you an idea for using die-cut shape papers which are found in so many collections nowadays.

As always, happy creating!
Rita S.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Bunny Hop!!!

Welcome to another BoBunny hop!!! Although summer does not officially begin for a few more weeks, for me, Memorial Day weekend really seems to kick off the summer...I am looking forward to wading in pools, fishing, family vacation, and ice cold lemonade. I love our small town in that you really do see kids selling lemonade from their homemade stands - what about you? Are there kids setting up stands on corners offering a cold treat on a hot day?

I am so excited for our next BoBunny guest designer... I have been a fan of hers for years and cannot wait to see what she creates with BoBunny.  First, if you happened to just pop over here today, I am going to encourage you to back up and start at square one, on the BoBunny blog. This way you can follow the hop all the way to the end and revelation of our guest designer, and be eligible for the BoBunny prize giveaway- Roughin' It!! Also, you never know what the other designers might be doling out, and you don't want to miss a chance at fab BoB product.

What do you think of the new lines? Do you have a favorite? I love them all and for different reasons, but I cannot wait to get my hands on Block Party! The primary colors are perfect for my yet unscrapped photos from last years Memorial Day and July 4th celebrations, plus Abby had on a beautiful red and white dress for Easter...rather non-traditional, not a pastel, but in her favorite color. Block Party is going to be perfect to scrap all of these photos that I am anxious to get to.

Then there is Peacock Lane...Abby is totally in awe of the color combo, she loves the purple and  I love the turquoise - you betcha baby!! We are two giddy women over Peacock Lane! We just happen to have a stash of peacock feathers from farmer Rick, so you can bet that my brain has been busy working out ideas on incorporating some of these into a project or layout.

Rev it up for Petal Pushers! Bright, bold, sassy, FUN!!! Not so long ago I used to love to doodle on my layouts, but I have gotten away from doing that. Seeing this line puts me in a doodling mood all over again!

Sunkissed has so many ideas rolling around in my head, it's a wonder I can sleep! I was so excited to see the bicycles...Abby finally learned how to ride this past spring and her pink and purple bike ties in with the Sunkissed line perfectly - she was as excited as I to see the bike designs.  AND the zoo of the stops on our upcoming vacation is visiting the Columbus Zoo in Ohio. Our family enjoys watching Jack Hanna on Saturday mornings, and we are also doing the open air safari adventure at The Wilds! Cannot wait to scrap our vacation wtih Sunkissed!

And you all caught the introduction of Noteworthy, right? I flipped when I saw these added into the collections!! These fab designs go way beyond journaling cards, but that's a good starting point.

Okay... I need to take a deep breath! The new lines are so exciting and inspiring that my mojo runs over at the thought of getting the new product in my hands. Are you waiting with baited breath to get your hands on it as well? Are you on the edge to find out who our guest designer is? Keep hopping to find your way to her blog, and I hope our guest designer finds the loose lizard in her home!! (LOL) 
If you are curious about my Lemonade Stand card, check out my how to tips here. NEXT, vist Tonya's blog to see her beautiful projects, BUT first, leave a comment below if you would like a chance to win some papers and stickers I have left from the Jazmyne line. (U.S. residents only please - sorry to our non U.S. fans)

Have fun hopping and happy creating!
Rita S.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Have you met Flat Bunny??!!

Have you met Flat Bunny?  No? Hop over to BoBunny's blog, where you will have a chance to be visited by Flat Bunny, and win a crop!!!  How fun is that?  Check out all the places Flat Bunny visited at BoBunny HQ and hop in on the fun. And if you win - I hope you invite me!! (LOL)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Stitching Makes Layered Card Special

If you having a sewing machine you can probably sew a straight line, or pretty close to it. I needed a card very fast, and although I whipped this card out, the stitching makes it look as though I spent hours. My sewing machine is set up right next to my scrapping table, and always has either brown or black thread in it.
I used papers from BoBunny's Jazmyne line  - my friend happens to LOVE purple. With all the glitter in this line anything you create, no matter how simple - is gorgeous! As you can see, my stitching is not perfect straight...but it doesn't need to be. My theory is that imperfections add to homemade charm. (LOL)
I wanted to add small butterflies, and found an American Girl by EK Success butterfly border punch provided me the small size I needed. Using little scraps of Jazmyne glittered paper - the butterflies needed no additional embellishment. Threading a button with ribbon is always a challenge - I find my stylus is an absolute Godsend for such a task. The first always seems to go through easier than the second...I wonder if I will ever know why....
I would love to tell you how I completed that verse inside, but as I mentioned, I put this card together fast. I cannot find a saved file to refresh my memory...but I am sure it was good. (LOL)
Next time you need a card quickly, don't be afraid to layer squares or rectangles. If you don'd have a sewing machine take a craft knife and roughen the edges of the paper, and then distress with chalk ink. It will look equally wonderful and textured. No matter how simple your handmade card, I can assure you the recipient will love the card for the part of you it gives to them.

Happy creating,
Rita S.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Not All Moms Rest On Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! Today my family was able to catch a glimpse of the baby cardinals that had hatched, I would guess, two days ago. Mama cardinal has been sitting very tight, due to the cold weather, but today is beautiful and she, as well as her mate, have been busy bringing black insects of some sort to the chicks.
What can be better than having a bird's nest outside a window? Having a bird's nest outside a BAY WINDOW!!  This allowed me to set up the tripod, focus on the camera on the nest, and tuck myself back behind a shade to hide most of myself from sight. Mama cardinal was especially leery of the camera - no doubt the motor was heard outside. She actually took off and came back two times (with long waits in between) before being comfy enough to feed, whereas papa cardinal paid no heed, once he realized it was not "out to get him".
I had a wonderful day with my family - we enjoyed a hike on Pheasant Branch Conservancy in Middleton after latte's at Crossroads Coffeehouse this morning. We hiked for quite some time, going at a slow pace to try and ID birds with binoculars, and of course I had the shutter going. Abby had my little Olympus - it will be interesting to see what she took pictures of. The sounds of the songbirds was absolutely beautiful - it is amazing what God puts down here on earth for us to enjoy.

What we really don't understand are all the walkers and runners with earbuds in their ears. I could tell when we said hello and got no response that all sound was being totally blocked out. So sad, they are missing all the music of nature that God has orchestrated so wonderfully.
I took a few photos of the kids. Kyle technically stayed on the trail when he walked to the creek as there was a very worn and obvious path leading to it.  Abby kept busy gathering grass seeds. I don't recall where she deicided to plant them.

A beautiful display of wildflowers finished our hike. We then headed to Denny's for a late breakfast, and as people stood outside to get in, we headed over to a small diner called Three Sisters in Middleton - where the wait was only 15 min. despite being packed. Food was great, as it always is in the little family run cafes - and everyone but Kyle has half a portion remaining for Monday morning breakfast.
I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Mother's Day. Jesse made me my favorite dinner - grilled chicken, onions, bell peppers served in a tortilla wrap with black beans, fresh cut tomatoes, cheese and sour cream. I'd say it doesn't get any better than that, but he baked me an angel food cake today as well! Yeppers - he is a definite keeper. Praise the Lord for blessing me with such a wonderful husband and family!

I want to leave you with these wise words my friend Steve posted on facebook today:
Real Mothers know their kitchen utensils are probably in the sandbox.

Real Mothers often have sticky floors, filthy ovens and happy kids.
Real Mothers know dried play dough doesn't come out of carpets.
Real Mothers don't want to know what the vacuum just sucked up.
Real Mothers know a child's growth is not measured by height or years or grade but marked by the progression of Mama to Mommy to Mom to Mother.

I will have to find a way to fit those words into a layout!

Happy living,
Rita S.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

What's Better Than A Box of Ribbon??

A box of BoBunny Double Dot ribbon, of course!! Oh my gosh people...did you all get some scrappin' in for National Scrapbook Day, err... weekend? Realistically, over the weekend I did not get the creative time I always dream of having every year...probably because NSD coincides with community wide garage sales, the Kentucky Derby, and this year...a surprise birthday party for a friend.
But I was DETERMINED to scrapas many challenges as I could from the fabulous A Cherry On Top crop. I wrote challenges down and scrapped late into the night/morning on Friday, Sat., Sunday, Monday...and to the wire on Tuesday.  The above layout was created, I kid you not, with 25 minutes to the Tuesday midnight crop challenge posting deadline. 

There I was, in the gallery leaving praise after posting my final three challenge layouts...when I came across Leslie's layout for the 2-2-4 challenge. It was one I had wanted to do, but had run out of time for, or had I? This crazy thought came into my head to quickly look for two photos and throw something together. What do you think of my loose ribbon spray? tree? whatever it is? I needed to include 4 strips of ribbon - saw the big flower on the patterned paper, decided to grab the stapler (I used the stapler a lot in my last challenges - I have one of those old long-necked staplers and it is just super fast to slap some ribbon down) ... one staple, maybe two, kept all my ribbon in place at the center of the flower on the paper design. I then covered my attachment work with a large layered flower. I quickly threw on some flowers and sparkling BoB brads, and bling too - everything Abby likes.  As much as she loves all that sparkle and bling...nothing makes her more happy than playing in a pile of BoBunny ribbon. (LOL)

Although there is nothing fantastic about this layout...for 15-18 minutes it is not bad...just shows you what can be done with the wonderful coordinates in a BoBunny collection. I photographed, Photoshopped my images and posted this to the ACOT gallery at exactly 10:59 CST, and the cut off was 11:59 EST - whew!! Made it! So never let it be said that you can't whip out a layout when you find 15 minutes in your day.

Want to know what else is better than a box of ribbon?  It's the sneak peeks now showing on the BoBunny blog - wowza!! I am in love all over again - I already made list of 6 layouts to create with the 4 new lines...ideas that came to me in a matter of a minute. This is why I am so happy to be designing for BoBunny - my mojo just sings looking at their products!!
Happy creating!

Rita S.