Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Teacher Thank You Card

Those of you who still happen upon this blog know that I regularly shared my work a couple of years ago. Lately, I have not had much time to scrapbook as I answer my newer calling to coach others on how to live a more healthy lifestyle. I do this coaching in addition to working 40 hrs. a week. It is a passion for me because having lost 85 lbs., without prescribing to a diet protocol, counting calories, or paying club fees - I feel like a new person! If I can turn my body around from pre type II diabetes, symptoms of a unhealthy colon that scared the bejeebers out of me, anyone can. I put into action knowledge I learned from a number of various books - which may surprise you - were not diet books; added determination, and also harnessed the fat burning/estrogen balancing power of bio-identical progesterone in a product called Prolief. Much of my coaching includes the topic of hormone balance. We can exercise every day but struggle to shed desired pounds if our bodies have too much, fat-loving, estrogen.
Did you know I don't like to sweat? I prefer scrapbooking to cardio. (LOL) I did manage to lose the weight, which I have kept off over a year and it seems I still am losing some, without scheduled exercise.
Like the card above, I actually feel like I have been given wings to fly I feel so great and turned back at least 10 years on my aging clock!
My daughter has an amazing third grade teacher, our son had the same teacher 5 years ago. I wanted to make her a special card as the school year wraps up, but as I was looking for supplies in my scrapbooking cupboard - I came across a card I had made as a guest design team member. Honestly, the name of the manufacturer evades me as I have been departed from the scrapbooking message boards for some time now - but perhaps one of you can help me out.
The quick photo before I tuck it in an envelope for tomorrow does not do it justice - but it is perfect for a special teacher who has truly given both of my children wings to fly with her encouraging words, passion for children, and skills as a teacher.
Thank you to all the teachers who help teach our children life skills. You are making a difference in this world!