Monday, August 31, 2009

A Bucket List LO with BoBunny Calypso

Do you have a bucket list? Have you scrapped it? I admit, I don't have a list, and obviously have not scrapped it. But my sister does!! Today's layout is all about her and her new red convertible. She can now cross that off her bucket list, along with the sky diving she did a few years ago. (eeks!!) My sister is one brave and adventurous woman! I think the biggest thing on my bucket list would be to take an Alaskan cruise with my sweetie! (LOL)

I called this layout "Top Down" because Abby wondered where the car's roof had gone. I explained it was a convertible, and that the top was down, and that it can go up if it started raining. She and I had a blast riding in the back on a bright sunny day (just had to explain why I am so washed out in the self portrait - located upper right on the photo collage). (LOL) Abby thought the car ride was much better than a rollercoaster, and of course we had more wind - which made for some fun "Cousin It" style photos.

Photoshop was used to create the photo collage for quick photo placement. I printed the collage on letter sized photo paper. BoBunny Double Dot cardstock in red was used - because, afterall, we are featuring a red car! I cut around some flowers on the Calypso paper to overlap the photo, propping them up with foam adhesive for dimension. The journaling card was also lifted off with foam adhesive. To add sparkle to the BoBunny Chunky Chip alpha letters I simply coated them with sparkle Mod Podge. Time to get more of that stuff - I am running low and I use it a lot!

I found multi-colored rub-ons in my stash to add some words here and there. If Teresa did not have "getting a tatoo" on her list, well, now it kind of looks like she has one on her arm with the word "enjoy" going across the photo. (LOL)

It is the last day before school starts. We are heading to Governor Dodge State Park for a fun morning hike. Hoping to find the waterfall, and I am sure there were will be stone skipping on the lake. My camera is ready to go, and so is my family - enjoy this last day of August. Consider scrapping a bucket list, I have to give this one some thought...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

19 lbs. of BoBunny Goodness!!

Some of you have been saying, "tell me what you get from BoBunn!" - so here it is! A pretty hefty box weighing in at 19 lbs - arrived late afternoon Tuesday (apparently - waiting for me when I got home from work). Tuesday night we had bible study. Wednesday night I had to do some shopping, which including getting more ArtBin 12" storage totes and other modular storage. Tonight, Thursday, I was co-hosting a party for work with my boss. But hey, when I got home around 8 it was to almost immediately begin going through my box, with Abby's help. Above is the box after I first opened it, and just HAD to peek even though we had to be out the door on short order.

At the bottom of the box was a super generous supply of all the new CHA releases - multiples of every print pattern, including multiples of the die-cut shapes - WHOOA Nelly!! See how high up on the ruler, which is at the base of the box, the paper comes up? In addition to the papers there were Chunky Chipboard letters, frames, arrows, brads, buttons and bling, acrylic stamps from EACH of the new collections, rub-ons, even some tools, and lots of ribbon.

As you can see, Abby was having fun playing with the ribbon, in between giving our parrot a Cheerios snack. She wanted me to take her photo draped in ribbon. (LOL)

Abby also insisted on taking a picture of me. So here I am, after a long day, sorting my papers into a Cropper Hopper. Despite the fact that I look as tired as I feel, I thought our girl did a pretty good job at lining up the shot for the photo.

I had been going through the catalog and sketching out project ideas for the past two days during lunch hour, or whenever...BoBunny's products give me instant inspiration. I cannot wait to share my future BoB projects with you.

Don't forget to get in on the "AQUA CHALLENGE" posted on BoBunny's blog this week. I love that color - plan to scrap it myself. Let's see what you can do!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Always Have Hope with BoBunny Alissa

HOPE - without it, what is the point of life, right? We all need to have hope in something, it's what keeps us going day after day. I love that Jesus has given me hope that never matter what happens here on this earth, my hope lies in His eternal promise of a forever kingdom. Everything here on this earth is temporary. Everything.

These past few weeks have been riddled with friends who have been quite ill and hospitalized, friends undergoing tests, family members who are still seeking jobs after losing theirs. Everyone needs hope. But where does it come from?

I believe that hope lies within each of us. We have a lot of stuff inside - I am referring to emotions, experiences, "luggage" we tend to carry around. We all need to believe in something that is greater than us, and that is where hope comes from - it's in our hearts, and it is what brings us out of the darkness that is so easy to sink into during times of trouble and pain.

Trash to treasure - today's project makes beautiful what was a stained coaster from a restaurant. Recycle. Reuse. Did you participate in BoBunny's challenge a few weeks ago to repurpose an item into a useful or beautiful project?

With so many friends in need of encouragement, I thought it was a good idea to make a project that could be a reminder. A reminder that they can beat cancer, that they will find a new job, that the illness that keeps them in bed shall, too, be overcome.

Butterflies symbolize hope - I used Fiskars squeeze punch to line up my punch to retain symmetry of the patterned paper on both side of the butterfly's center. Scribbles dimensional paint and pink pearls by Hero Arts embellish this little insect with a color that symbolizes hope. BoBunny rub-ons were used in the center of the white flower to add an artistic flair to an otherwise plain embellishment.

I used American Crafts Thickers chipboard letters, adding sparkle with Ranger Stickles.

The greatest thing about this little gift - scrap pieces of paper were used to put it together. A throw away item was used as a base (simply paint it black on both sides, and cover with sparkle Mod Podge if you wish). It's small enough to be by someone's bedside, or hung on the refrigerator - wherever it is placed, it will remind those who see and read it, where hope comes from ...within.
Adding on here later this same day. Ok, I do believe I just found the perfect recipient for this little coaster of inspiration, and it is not even someone I know. Abby will be sad to see it go, as at the moment it is hanging in her room (for photographing) and she noticed it right away when she went in. I learned about a card drive today: Cards for Kate. Kate is a little five year old, cute as can be!, with brain cancer. I encourage everyone, card maker or not, to keep Kate and her family in prayer. I would love to know if any of my blog readers are going to be sending Kate and her family members cards - did you learn about this here? Jen McGuire will be sending out all the cards - so be sure to mail them to her and you will have a chance at a wonderful prize. Also, be sure to click on the site in which Kate's dad shares their story. I have my tissue in hand...just about to go there myself.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Counting down to the new school year!!

Tomorrow is registration at the middle school for our new 6th grader. WoW!! Have the years flown by. The layout above is not fact, it was published at least two years ago by Scrapbooking and Beyond - one of the best magazines ever, although it is more of an awesome idea book.

It is strange to look at the above layout, and realize that the scene will never be replayed. No more will our children walk together to the bus stop. One will be leaving the house much earlier than the other. Our youngest won't have a big brother on board to assist her if she needs it. Our kids are growing up, like it or not!

Registration starts early tomorrow morning, and, I understand - the line for school pictures takes the longest. We will be there EARLY to try and get done as I have to return to work. Because of the picture taking, I cut Kyle's hair Tuesday night. Probably not the time to discover the blender attachment in the clippers kit. I told Kyle to make sure, if asked to turn his head, that he turns his good right side towards the camera. Up until "that point" I thought I had give the best haircut ever. I didn't intend to give skid marks, or whatever "that look" is called. (LOL) I wanted to take him to a pro, but nope, he wanted mom to do it. Ah well...

Are you creating anything? I admit, with school about ready to start I am finding it hard. I have had my BoBunny reuse/recycle challenge in the works on my table two nights. I did some prep work... but have made little progress. It's so small it would probably take me all of 30 min. to get it done!

Kristen added a really cute back-to-school project to the BoBunny blog today. Check it out!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mr. Sandman with My Mind's Eye Breaking Free

I scrapped a two pager - wow, that doesn't happen too often!! Should please my sister, however, she doesn't groove the "one photo on a 12x12 layout" practice. This layout is based off a Becky Fletch sketched posted on the My Mind's Eye blog challenge this past week. MME Breaking Free papers were perfect for these photos, I actually bought the product with these photos in mind.

The frame shape around the focal point photo is from Magistical Memories new release. I easily covered it with a solid orange MME paper, and then embossed it in my Cuttlebug. I positioned the folder to create depressions in the frame.

I flipped the embossing folder and did the same for the crab shape, so the bumps would project. Before I did this, however, the crab was painted solid and coated with dimensional glaze. Be sure it is 100% dry before doing this.

If you are interested in the journaling, here is a close up. I actually learned what a castle "keep" was while doing this layout! (LOL)

I didn't have any clean, dry sand on me, which I had wanted to use for texture on the chipboard letters. The letters are from Basic Grey and Scenic Route. I Simply painted the letters a mix of red and orange, and distressed edges with ink. Because I didn't have sand on hand, I chose twill acrylic paint, dabbed a toothbrush in it, and dabbed onto the letters. My goal was to create the "faux" image of sand on the letters.

I finished up the layout with a cluster at the lower right corner. I used a new Magistical Memories seahorse, several other paints, and glaze. I also brought out seldom used colors from my Sakura glaze pens. Note that I "painted" the red buttons with Sakura orange glaze pen in the center, which was much faster than getting out the real paint.

Many of you reading this know I tend to avoid sketches. Surprisingly, I did not change very much around in this layout to accommodate the Fleck design. The MME Breaking Free papers work so well with one another, as do the rub-ons and die-cuts. If you have summer beach photos to scrap I highly recommend MME Breaking Free.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Favorite pics from the weekend

Last weekend we all worked hard on home chores, and this weekend we took more time to enjoy life. Saturday morn we woke early and our youngest went with us on a nature hike to a park we had not been. Abby had a meltdown halfway up a hill because she hadn't brought her snack bag of Cheerios - since she had eaten some on the way to Pope Farm Park her mom thought she would rather carry the small camera and play photographer like mom. Wrong! Jesse was a saint and walked back to the car so I could keep on walking and taking pics. Bluebirds were everywhere!

When they caught up to me, just as I reached the top of the hill, our daughter exclaimed, "wow! it's beautiful up here!!" The view was amazing, and I think she was "getting" why Jesse and I like to do this. I took 400+ photos this weekend, and have hardly begun to go through them all. Abby did take some pictures too, including some landscape shots of the scene she was so excited about above. Haven't looked yet, to see how steady her hand was, but she was excited, and that is what matters.

Wild animals are supposed to scurry the other way when humans approach, right? Not this little bunny! I was still walking by myself when I spotted a rabbit at the edge of the meadow. Slowly I approached a little nearer, propped open the tripod and began taking pictures. I fully expected the rabbit to dart intot he meadow instantly. Instead, he headed right for me! As it neared I could tell it was a young cottontail, and obviously he had not been instructed to avoid humans. He kept coming closer and closer - curious of my camera perhaps? When he got three feet from my tripod he was too close to angle my tripod down - geesh! I did shoo him away so he would hopefully develop some fear, lest I worry he won't be long for this earth.

Saturday evening we attended the second "sweetcorn is ripe - come help us eat it! party" of the week. Our friends have horses as well, and several of the little girls present asked for rides. Abby wanted to join in, too, and although I thought the size of the horse might scare her, she had a grin from ear to ear as she was placed in the saddle.

BTW - I had watermelon salsa for the first time ever at this party, and the stuff was amazing! Have you ever had it?

Two monarchs hatched this weekend. The first Saturday morning. After our hike we waited and waited for it to hatch - not leaving to make breakfast, get groceries, or get breakfast. I was using the self timer to photograph the crysalis from inside the habitat (caterpillars seem to know how much you want to take pictures and make their green, jewel pouch in a non- photographable spot. As I was checking a photo, the butterfly finally emerged. So as we all waited, we in essence, missed the moment. Urgh! We finally had brunch about 11- basically went right to lunch. We were hungry!

I knew crysalis #2 was going to hatch pretty early Sunday. I had not seen a crysalis turn to black late in the day before, but they always hatch in the morning - Mother Nature's way of giving them time to dry their wings before taking flight to find shelter from the night. I missed it's emergence by what must have been 30 seconds, as I checked as soon as I got out of bed, and its wings were all crumpled and there was a sway to it, typical of a fresh hatch. We released this one in between rain shows early Sunday afternoon. This butterfly, a male, was ready to go and I barely got the camera set before he took off from Kyle's hands. Can you see the butterfly taking off in this photo? Wish we had sky vs. a grassy hillside behind us, but what is a person to do...?

The last photo is one from Pope Farm Park. The assignment for my photography group this month is "end of summer" - and sunflowers always make me think of summer's end. For this shot I was holding my digital Nikon low and aiming up at the sunflower head. Didn't feel like getting on the ground and getting my knees damp, so I guessed at my positioning. And although I hoped for a good shot of the bee, I actually like how it turned out!

I have a new layout to share - a rare two pager! - which will post Monday morning. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend, happy creating!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Rejoice In The Day!

It's nearing summer's end. What do you think of? For my photograhy group the challenge is to take end of summer photos. Purple coneflowers in their not so fresh stage are a bit tattered and droopy. Truly a sign showing end-of-summer is at hand.

All week I have been working on cleaning, organizing kids clothes to see who grew out of what (wow - they need to stop it!), and making a dent in our basement. We can actually see the floor now, and I put most of Abby's craft supplies away to clear the kids crafting table, just so I could put boxes on top for sorting. My LSS has a garage sale at month's end. You pay a $10 fee and put scrappy stuff in the sale, and you receive store credit for things that sell. Sounds like a win win to me!

I came across a large pack of the giant Rusty Pickle? 9" chipboard letters and numbers, bought years ago when I was designing for ScrapTalk. I know had ideas for those letters, but hmmm...what may they have been? I pulled letters for the word "create", but otherwise I am going to let them go. Purging is tough it's hard to let go!

Sometimes we have to jump one hurdle at a time, and for other things we just have to take the plunge! I kind of did both when it came to cleaning our basement -- I am good at justifying why I should keep a scrappy item. On the other hand, I have no problem letting a collection of papers go that I thought I really need years ago. Looking at the papers again I wonder why I bought them, although someone who scraps heritage will love them. So much truth to the saying "one mans trash is another person's treasure!"

I know that once I get my scrappy area all cleaned up it will be a proud moment. Just as the last day of swim lessons was a proud moment for Abby as she could show me her new swim skills. I just love those cheeks!

I was glad to get a break Thursday evening as we attended an annual event to celebrate the sweetcorn being ready to eat. It is SO GOOD when picked fresh. A walk through our friends wildflower meadow was a welcome escape from the day to day, and had it not been for the mosquitoes it could have been paradise!

I hope you are enjoying summer's end. Take time to smell the flowers, rejoice in their beauty, and enjoy fresh produce while it is available from local farmers.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Budding Artist

When I was 5 my family moved. Our new school was a public school, much larger than the small Catholic school we had been attending. I felt scared, and I remember my new teacher praising me for coloring "inside the lines", and I even won an award for being the "best colorer" in the class. I loved to color as a child, and that is one of the many similarities I see between Abby and myself. I loved to draw, too, and this is another trait I see in our little girl. On average I would say Abby creates about six drawings a day. Of course we cannot save them all, but fortunately we have a scanner and I can scan those in particular that make me smile. I am certain, at age 6, that she is drawing much better than I was at that age.

I was so excited when I made the BoBunny Design Team, but I think Abby was a little confused by the name of the company. I remember her asking, "so you love bunnies mom?". I said, "yes I do, I love BoBunny for scrapbooking, and real bunnies are so soft and cute." Because of my professed love Abby made me a drawing - and I am totally impressed, not only is the bunny cute, but it is in my favorite color of green! When I made the team I was thinking how fun it would be to have a bunny nibbling on the skittles in my photo above, but hey, I am not that talented! Instead, I scanned, edited, and flipped Abby's bunny drawing to hang out on the left side of my banner, do you like it?

Something unique I have noticed about Abby's art is that it is often interactive. Many times she will use tape and create a flap for "hidden journaling or art" -- hmmm, wonder where she got that idea? For this one she gave her drawing of Spirit (certified horse nut and watches that movie over and over!) bangs, with instructions on trimming them. How cute!

Realism is also a big part of her art. She likes to draw what is going on in her world. Yesterday she presented this drawing to her dad, and said, "this is what the caterpillar looks like while he is waiting to come out and fly." We have three Monarch chrysalis' - and we are all waiting with anticipation. I should warn my new boss that on the morning of a transformation, I will not be in. The butterflies always form their chrysalis late in the day, and always begin the emerging process at daylight, and it can take several hours. (This is the repeated pattern we have seen over the years in our home.) I am determined to get some awesome photos, if I can maneuver around the inside of the habitat. Not a one made their chrysalis in a location convenient for photography. Nature is not always cooperative!

Did you see the smile on the caterpillar inside the chrysalis? Do you think it has any idea that soon it will begin a journey of several thousand miles to Mexico? (LOL) I hope Abby's drawings have made you smile. She creates and gives away her art all the time to the special people in her life. Today I simply wanted to share her art with you, the special people in my life who choose to visit and read my blog. I want to leave you with this thought, as you create, know that you will make somebody smile with your creation. That is the beauty of art made with love.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Mind's Eye Valentine

Challenges are rather addicting? Do you have that problem? This weekend my intention was to CLEAN my scrap area - it is chaos! Trouble is, as I clean I find things, and I want to do something about, or with them! I came across my print out of ACOT August challenges, so I looked them over to see what might pop into my head. I originally thought I would use BoBunny Calypso for the red, light blue and cream color challenge - but I remembered I had this My Mind's Eye Valentine paper all set aside with photos in a craft keeper.

I needed a break from cleaning, afterall, I had been on the job at least 10 minutes. (LOL) I sat down, all the product was right there in my craft keeper, including coordinating die-cuts for a super fast, less than one hour project.

An easy title with a die-cut shape and a few letter stickers. The Imaginisce blue bird rub-ons were already hanging out a draw from a previous challenge project - and I thought they went well with the theme and color challenge.

Magistical Memories chipboard kids, cut down from a border, were a perfect embellishment for a kindergarten page. I simply inked edges and doodled (aka scribbled) some hair on their heads. A die-cut heart shape offers the perfect spot to date the layout.

Another die-cut shape makes for fast journaling. I added two Making Memories tickets, one with "Kiss Kiss", and this project also qualifies for the Magistical Memories August challenge. I actually whipped this project out at the start of my weekend, and the Keepsake box below (created for the same challenge) came later.

Do you use craft keepers? I love them, and also keep the sleeves that 12x12 papers come in. When I buy coordinating products with photos in mind, all go together in a keeper or clear sleeven and then into an Art Bin tote labeled "LOs to DO". With pretty much everything all set to go, it is easy to create a fairly decent layout in less than an hour. It's a great deviation from the things you otherwise might not enjoy doing so much cleaning your scrap space. On that note - back to the grindstone! Happy creating, or happy cleaning - whichever you must do!

Monday, August 10, 2009

BoB Sweetie Pie Keepsakes Box

What's more fun - making a gift FOR your little girl, or making one WITH her? This little box is for Abby, for Christmas. I wanted to create it for a couple of happening challenges this month. First, for Magistical Memories August challenge, which is to create a project with "kiss" in it, and of course use chipboard. For this project I used both a fancy plate covered with BoBunny solid green paper, pre-printed with a title, and also used the little heart buckle shape - painted red and covered in red Stickles. A BoB heart design from the Sweetie Pie line fit perfectly in the opening. Note that my "kiss" is found in the XOXO design of the BoBunny metal embellishments.

Secondly, up through November A Cherry On Top is hosting a Christmas in July challenge. Starting last month, if accepting the challenge, participants are to make one Christmas gift a month. I created a lot of handmade gifts, and was working ridiculously up to Christmas Eve last year. If I don't have gifts made by December 1 this year...then forget it, it's store bought. I want to enjoy the season, and sit in the glow of tree lights. So family, IF you are reading this and you want homemade gifts - we need to draw names NOW! (LOL)

As I said, this gift box is for Abby. I made it specifically to hold the handmade cards I have made her thus far in her life, and will be making for those proud, or encouraging, moments. I originally bought the cigar box for my husband's cards, but learned I bought some pretty BIG cards before I started making them. (LOL) He has always been a keeper of sentimental things like this, and I see our son does the same. I will need to make more boxes, bigger ones, for my guys.

Unless I scrap when the kids are in bed, it is hard to do anything in secret. Abby caught sight of it and loved it. She wanted to help, so I let her create a pattern for the buttons along the sides. My criteria was to have a green button in the center. My girl is good with patterns, and has a good eye. I think she will make a talented memory artist someday! (there's a story to be shared/scrapped with that statement!)

When the box was all done she asked if she could have it. Why do kids ask questions? (LOL) I told her that it indeed was for her, but she would have to wait -for either her birthday or Christmas. I hope the latter. I have made it a tradition to make each of my family members a homemade Christmas gift - I would like to chalk this up as one down, two more to go for my household.

Are you making Christmas gifts? Have you started yet? Will this help motivate you? Only 140 days until Dec. 25th! (LOL) Happy creating!

Friday, August 7, 2009

BoBunny Popsicle, Traditions, and Dreams!

Don't you just love that beaming smile on Abby's face? Few things make a 6 yr. old happier than a popsicle treat. If you could see my face right now you'd pretty much see the same thing - a grin from ear to ear! In fact, I've been pinching myself to make sure today is not a dream, but man that hurts! (LOL)

So, let's get down to it. I want to SHOUT! I want to PRAISE GOD! I want to DANCE! ...the BUNNY HOP that is!! Any guesses as to why I am so happy today? Check out my side bar at the left, and look at the new blinkie under my "Creative Teams"! My dream team - I made it! For the past year I have focused on three manufacturers that I most would like to design for. Today I am super blessed and honored to be among those newest members of the BoBunny Design Team!! Congratulations to all those who are doing the happy dancin' bunny hop today - I am excited to be working with such a great group of talent, and humbled that I will be working with several of my scrap idols. I am sad for those of you who are disappointed, I know it hurts! As Julia had mentioned on the BoB blog - the regular challenges give you a chance to showcase your BoBunny wiles, and your projects may show up on the blog - and don't forget you can win product, too! Now, for today's layout...

Popsicles - it's a tradition! Every year on the last day of school, at Park Elementary, popsicles are handed out to all the kids. This takes place outdoors, about 20 minutes before the buses arrive. The kids all line up - the youngest ones find a spot on the curb - and the frozen treats are handed out. I was able to take some photos of Abby and her friends this year - all those kindergartners lined up - so cute! I hope that for the next 5 years I will be able to get similar photos - it would be a great series showing how the kids are growing up! BoBunny's bright and cheerful Popsicle line was the perfect choice to preserve this memory, and I would love to share some of the details.

Popsicle Sticks

Popsicle sticks seem to multiply like rabbits around here - thanks to rub-on packaging. I've wanted to use a popsicle stick on a popsicle layout for a long time - and now I have. I roughly cut a piece of patterned paper from BoB Love Shack into a partially eaten popsicle shape, topped the darker shades of pink with Stickles, and once dry applied a coat of sparkle Mod Podge. At the top end of the popsicle stick I adhered two strips of chipboard, which allows the center of the stick to be taller than the foam adhesive I used to apply the shape. Why, you ask? Basically it creates a rounded shape to the popsicle, like a real one. Maybe I went overboard on that detail, eh? (LOL)

Sticker Art

A popsicle sticker from the Love Shack collection made for a great accent. I added Ranger Stickles for the much-loved sparkle, and pink pearl stickers from Hero Arts - they almost look like drops of melted popsicle! A detail that really stands out in this close up shot is the drop shadow in the sticker art - it really makes the popsicle design appear 3D. It's all in the details - another reason I love BoBunny products.

Chipboard Frames

For balance I needed a circle in the lower right area of this layout. I have a thing for circles, ever notice? (LOL) When I have little scraps of paper I take circle punches and punch circles from the piece, and then throw it away. I have a little container of punched circles from every paper and cardstock imaginable. I happened to find this little scalloped circle frame in the bin, and it was just the right size to frame out Abby in the Popsicle line up. Since my girl's newest favorite color is red, I painted it red, just to please her. Adding a little frame (maybe even utilize those bookplates buried in your stash!) can help draw your child or subject out of a crowd in a photo.

Passing Along Advice Shared With Me
A year ago a good friend, Lisa, who designs for a number of teams, including Cosmo, offered this advice..."focus on your top three- make a dream team list, post it where you scrap and see it regularly. Get the products, make the projects, and put yourself out there."

I have enjoyed participating in the BoBunny challenges for a long time, and I really think my project presence helped "put me out there", in front of whomever it is at BoBunny that chooses the DT members. I want to encourage you to keep on trying, and most importantly, create a focus list. Honestly, I would not have had the courage to try out for BoBunny if I had not made my Dream Team list. I was trying out for the smaller manufacturers, figuring I had a better chance with them. A little determination, a huge amount of focus, and a lot of prayer can make your dreams come true, too.
"Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart."
Psalm 37:4

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Trek'in to work!

For those who know already know that once I get an idea in my head everything goes into fast forward. This past weekend one of my girlfriends sent me a pic of her new bike, with handlebars that allow her to ride upright. I really liked that idea, and it seemed like a good reason to start searching for a new bike that actually fit me - I must have been crazy to buy a 19" bike, and a men's style at that!, a number of years ago. Needless to say, if you're not comfortable on a bike your'e not likely to ride it a whole lot. I am not all that coordinated to begin with, and feeling unsafe on a bike...let's just say I never appeared too graceful while riding.

I have spent a number of nights this week...on Craig's list looking at used bikes. Researching bike mfr. websites. Printing out specs, comparing them side by side. Googling bike seat reviews, reading on-line consumer articles, etc. It's exhausting! But the fruit of my late night research (and compliments of some scrapbooking pub moola) has made me the happy owner of a Trek 7100 WSD. I admit, when I first learned and read about the Calypso cruiser model - I wanted it. Afterall, a Calypso bike scrapped with BoBunny Calypso papers - can't get any better right!? But the used Calypso I was looking at turned out to be black/gray/cream. Ok, nice classic colors, but I do love bright colors, and want to ride a bike that is fun in the eye-pleasing department as well.

I trek'd over to the Trek Store on Mineral Point Road on Madison's west side - great sale. If you are bike shopping they are making room for 2010 models, and undercut the next lowest price I found by $50! My 7100 was actually $90 off mfr. list. I ended up getting the 14" model...kind of tells ya just how big my beautiful Schwinn is for me. (Kyle, btw, is riding my Schwinn - not quite tall enough so he will only ride it around here. By next summer that boy will be speeding down the road - watch out!)

Of course if I could have a bike in ANY color it would be lime or kiwi green. Since I "settled" for an awesome robin's egg blue, I added a splash of brightness with an orange clock/speedometer gadget. There is a "tail light thing a ma jiggy" that matches as well.

Today I commuted to work on my bike - it's a mile, maybe, and pretty much downhill. The ride home, however, seems to be almost a constant incline. OMG! I learned that biking uses different muscles than walking - the front of my thighs were singing, "burn, baby, burn!" I made it home on rubbery legs... If it is not raining nor hot and muggy in the morning (we've been blessed by cool nights!) I plan to ride to work as often as I can. I am determined to lose the weight I on since taking a full-time, sit behind the desk, kind of job. It's very different from working at the scrapbook store, where you never got a moment's rest, and often no time for a dinner break either.

Thought I would share some other things going on around here. See this guy?

Well, there are 2 more just like him. Actually, after tonight there will be three little green jewels hanging in our Monarch habitat. Now you know why I was so excited to see BoBunny's Flutterby release. I am pretty much a butterfly nut!

Another critter that has made our home his is this cute little bunny. He lives under our deck and is always out our door nibbling. I took this photo through the glass on the door, but I think he has gotten so used to us watching him, that I could probably even take time to put my camera on a tripod and "shoot" him. I hope to try that this weekend. I really have a need to scrap me some Bunny! (LOL)

Come back Friday to see a new layout created with BoBunny's Popsicle line! Thanks for stopping in to see what's going on. God is so GOOD!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

BoBunny August Sketch Challenge

Do you enjoy sketches? I know that many love sketches as it really helps to generate some mojo to get a layout started. BoBunny offers sketches regularly, I believe monthly, and if you participate in the challenge - you just may win some fabulous BoBunny product!

For this layout I applied a "dramatic" filter in Photoshop (using a free filter plug-in) to my photograph. I chose a blue and green duo-chrome color scheme to add even more drama to the layout. To emphasize our daughter, who appears rather small in the photo, I used a BoBunny Chunky Chip bracket frame in green, which I coated with sparkle Mod Podge.

Here is the original sketch from the BoBunny blog:

If you create a layout and send to by August 17th you will get your name in the drawing!

I flipped the sketch for my layout, and chose to use ribbon instead of paper scallops. Papers and stickers used are from BoBunny's Popsicle and Calypso collections. I used my Coluzzle circle template/knife as well as my Creative Memories circle cutting tools to cut around several of the circle-shaped flowers in the patterned paper. I distressed the edges and mounted each on white cardstock, which in turn was distressed along the edges. I used a micro-tip scissors to cut slightly into and around each white circle to create fringe. The flower was placed inside the white circle, a gem sticker, or sequin was added to the center, and I pulled up around the edges, keeping my thumb firmly in the center, to bend the paper and add dimension to the flowers.

I then replaced the flowers in the layout with foam adhesive, and used a clear glaze pen to make the stems stand out a bit more.

Hot Savings Tip!
Note that I used pieces of sticker border to embellish the stems of the flowers in patterned paper design. For this layout the inside of the loops were used as little leaf buds and extra loops were used as larger leaves. Waste not, want not!

Prior to cutting into the center floral paper, I printed the title and quote, and outlined the word "Journey" with a black Sakura glaze pen to emphasize it as my title.

I added green stickles to the green BoBunny flower, and layered a white Bazzill flower underneath, and used a beautiful BoBunny brad from the Alissa line in the center. Green double dot ribbon "leaves" were stapled near top (under the flower) to add fullness.

As an accent to the far right side of the page, and to pick up on the ruler border used in the photograph, I utilized natural twill measuring tape "ribbon" from my stash, which I colorized using a mixture of alcohol ink and water, and then rubbed with chalk ink while still wet.

If you're looking for a sketch to get you started, do visit BoBunny's blog where challenges are posted weekly to keep you scrapping. Enjoy your journey, and create a long the way!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

BoBunny Winter Whispers in August

I whipped up this card for several August challenges. First, for the challenge listed in the thread below - in which you color in a stamped image. I used a Memento red marker - love the coverage of those markers! You can color the actual stamp with several markers for a multi-colored impression -way cool! A Cherry On Top has a recipe for the August card challenge: 4 patterned papers, bling, doodling and inking, and at least one sticker. For this card I used three papers from BoBunny's Winter Whispers collection, and used a scrap of orange from Popsicle to make the carrot nose. My edges are inked (as usual), and I overlapped the snowman's scarf onto the Whispers paper, and used a black fine line marker to doodle in the missing arm and fringe on the scarf.


To get the background I spritzed a combination of Stream alcohol ink by Ranger mixed with Perfect Pearls and water. First, I stamped the snowman onto cardstock and cut out his shape, excluding the arms and fringe. I used this piece as a mask, laying it on top of the stamped image before misting around it. I love the effect!

I really had to dig into my stash to find some stickers that would go with this card. For balance I used Timber Brown Staz-On ink to stamp a few more snowflakes on the background paper. It seems odd to make a brown snowflake, but the result is sure pretty.

Are you thinking ahead to Christmas? I am. I've already started making gifts, and am thinking about my cards. Ever since I was PG with our son I started shopping so that I am almost done come October. I love to be able to relax and enjoy the season. Last year, however, I was making gifts up until the last minute - so I am loving ACOT's Christmas in July challenge. We're making a Christmas gift each month up to Christmas. I know I will be able to enjoy the true meaning of Christmas if I start thinking about it now. (LOL)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Are you a card stamper?

This past week I made 24 cards for a silent-auction, it was to raise money for a little girl who has Rhett's syndrome - a type of autism. When I heard her mother was a card maker/stamper I figured "ohhh, I better make some outstanding cards!" The pressure was on, but to be honest - stamping cards (at least 2 dozen of them) takes longer than paper piecing and adding rub-ons and chipboard accents. The cards turned out quite nice, and I actually loved several so much I kept them for my own cardstash and duplicated the design for the auction.

I was hoping to use my SuperT Xmas tree stamps and make a set of Christmas cards as well, but didn't have a chance. One thing I realized tonight, as I was looking for an image of a card I did in which I colored in the image for a challenge - I have none. I pretty much use my Staz-On and other colored inks. Last Christmas I stamped cardinals with holly and used ink markers to actually color my stamp, so red and green are applied at once - which was pretty cool. I also stamped adorable snowmen and spritzed with a concoction of Perfect Pearls and Adirondack Blue Stream Alcohol inks - and the cards turned out gorgeous! But I gave them all away - and geesh - I have none to share.

Why was I looking? Because I was visiting Melissa's blog - she is celebrating her blogaversary and is giving away a most awesome prize package including a Memory Makers Slice! Check it out here.

While I was at Melissa's blog and admiring her creativity I noticed the Copic Marker giveaway. I loved Copics when I worked at the LSS, but I don't stamp images that need to be colored in enough to warrant buying each as they are an investment. They are wonderful markers, however, and Melissa has a link to a blog that is giving away a set. I just need to stamp and color in an image by August 9!

Tomorrow we are gone all day - but it looks like I have a little time to do some stamping. Guess I can work on this year's Christmas card design. Or maybe reuse my snowman stamp as I just love snowmen - and create something a little different with it. Are you joining in?