Friday, August 7, 2009

BoBunny Popsicle, Traditions, and Dreams!

Don't you just love that beaming smile on Abby's face? Few things make a 6 yr. old happier than a popsicle treat. If you could see my face right now you'd pretty much see the same thing - a grin from ear to ear! In fact, I've been pinching myself to make sure today is not a dream, but man that hurts! (LOL)

So, let's get down to it. I want to SHOUT! I want to PRAISE GOD! I want to DANCE! ...the BUNNY HOP that is!! Any guesses as to why I am so happy today? Check out my side bar at the left, and look at the new blinkie under my "Creative Teams"! My dream team - I made it! For the past year I have focused on three manufacturers that I most would like to design for. Today I am super blessed and honored to be among those newest members of the BoBunny Design Team!! Congratulations to all those who are doing the happy dancin' bunny hop today - I am excited to be working with such a great group of talent, and humbled that I will be working with several of my scrap idols. I am sad for those of you who are disappointed, I know it hurts! As Julia had mentioned on the BoB blog - the regular challenges give you a chance to showcase your BoBunny wiles, and your projects may show up on the blog - and don't forget you can win product, too! Now, for today's layout...

Popsicles - it's a tradition! Every year on the last day of school, at Park Elementary, popsicles are handed out to all the kids. This takes place outdoors, about 20 minutes before the buses arrive. The kids all line up - the youngest ones find a spot on the curb - and the frozen treats are handed out. I was able to take some photos of Abby and her friends this year - all those kindergartners lined up - so cute! I hope that for the next 5 years I will be able to get similar photos - it would be a great series showing how the kids are growing up! BoBunny's bright and cheerful Popsicle line was the perfect choice to preserve this memory, and I would love to share some of the details.

Popsicle Sticks

Popsicle sticks seem to multiply like rabbits around here - thanks to rub-on packaging. I've wanted to use a popsicle stick on a popsicle layout for a long time - and now I have. I roughly cut a piece of patterned paper from BoB Love Shack into a partially eaten popsicle shape, topped the darker shades of pink with Stickles, and once dry applied a coat of sparkle Mod Podge. At the top end of the popsicle stick I adhered two strips of chipboard, which allows the center of the stick to be taller than the foam adhesive I used to apply the shape. Why, you ask? Basically it creates a rounded shape to the popsicle, like a real one. Maybe I went overboard on that detail, eh? (LOL)

Sticker Art

A popsicle sticker from the Love Shack collection made for a great accent. I added Ranger Stickles for the much-loved sparkle, and pink pearl stickers from Hero Arts - they almost look like drops of melted popsicle! A detail that really stands out in this close up shot is the drop shadow in the sticker art - it really makes the popsicle design appear 3D. It's all in the details - another reason I love BoBunny products.

Chipboard Frames

For balance I needed a circle in the lower right area of this layout. I have a thing for circles, ever notice? (LOL) When I have little scraps of paper I take circle punches and punch circles from the piece, and then throw it away. I have a little container of punched circles from every paper and cardstock imaginable. I happened to find this little scalloped circle frame in the bin, and it was just the right size to frame out Abby in the Popsicle line up. Since my girl's newest favorite color is red, I painted it red, just to please her. Adding a little frame (maybe even utilize those bookplates buried in your stash!) can help draw your child or subject out of a crowd in a photo.

Passing Along Advice Shared With Me
A year ago a good friend, Lisa, who designs for a number of teams, including Cosmo, offered this advice..."focus on your top three- make a dream team list, post it where you scrap and see it regularly. Get the products, make the projects, and put yourself out there."

I have enjoyed participating in the BoBunny challenges for a long time, and I really think my project presence helped "put me out there", in front of whomever it is at BoBunny that chooses the DT members. I want to encourage you to keep on trying, and most importantly, create a focus list. Honestly, I would not have had the courage to try out for BoBunny if I had not made my Dream Team list. I was trying out for the smaller manufacturers, figuring I had a better chance with them. A little determination, a huge amount of focus, and a lot of prayer can make your dreams come true, too.
"Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart."
Psalm 37:4


Juliana said...

CONGRATS GIRL!!!! So very excited for you!!!! So well deserved!!!

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

Rita!!!! I'm so psyched for you! What a great company!

Anabelle said...

Congratulations! I just KNEW your name would be on the list. You do such great things with Bo Bunny!

Shanna Vineyard said...

CONGRATS RITA!!!! What a fun post! Enjoy the ride!

Teresa said...

Congratulations Rita! I know this is something you have been wanting...God gives the desires of our heart when the timing is right. Just remember where you got your start! LOL

Tonya said...

Congrats Rita! I look forward to "working" with you and getting to know you!!!!

Dawne Carlisle said...

Rita you know that no one is happier for you than I am! Congrats my friend! You will be such an asset to the Bo Bunny team! Way to Go!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rita a big congratulations to you, I so look forward to getting to know you and creating with you for BB, I know you will do such fabulous creations.

Wishing you the very best for the coming year with BB.

BTW, gorgeous layout.

Carole xx

Sherry Wright said...

Beautiful layout & post! Congrats, can't wait to get to know you! :)

Amber said...

Congrats, Rita! Unfortunately I stepped down from the team so we won't get to play together. You're going to LOVE being a Bunny!