Saturday, August 22, 2009

Always Have Hope with BoBunny Alissa

HOPE - without it, what is the point of life, right? We all need to have hope in something, it's what keeps us going day after day. I love that Jesus has given me hope that never matter what happens here on this earth, my hope lies in His eternal promise of a forever kingdom. Everything here on this earth is temporary. Everything.

These past few weeks have been riddled with friends who have been quite ill and hospitalized, friends undergoing tests, family members who are still seeking jobs after losing theirs. Everyone needs hope. But where does it come from?

I believe that hope lies within each of us. We have a lot of stuff inside - I am referring to emotions, experiences, "luggage" we tend to carry around. We all need to believe in something that is greater than us, and that is where hope comes from - it's in our hearts, and it is what brings us out of the darkness that is so easy to sink into during times of trouble and pain.

Trash to treasure - today's project makes beautiful what was a stained coaster from a restaurant. Recycle. Reuse. Did you participate in BoBunny's challenge a few weeks ago to repurpose an item into a useful or beautiful project?

With so many friends in need of encouragement, I thought it was a good idea to make a project that could be a reminder. A reminder that they can beat cancer, that they will find a new job, that the illness that keeps them in bed shall, too, be overcome.

Butterflies symbolize hope - I used Fiskars squeeze punch to line up my punch to retain symmetry of the patterned paper on both side of the butterfly's center. Scribbles dimensional paint and pink pearls by Hero Arts embellish this little insect with a color that symbolizes hope. BoBunny rub-ons were used in the center of the white flower to add an artistic flair to an otherwise plain embellishment.

I used American Crafts Thickers chipboard letters, adding sparkle with Ranger Stickles.

The greatest thing about this little gift - scrap pieces of paper were used to put it together. A throw away item was used as a base (simply paint it black on both sides, and cover with sparkle Mod Podge if you wish). It's small enough to be by someone's bedside, or hung on the refrigerator - wherever it is placed, it will remind those who see and read it, where hope comes from ...within.
Adding on here later this same day. Ok, I do believe I just found the perfect recipient for this little coaster of inspiration, and it is not even someone I know. Abby will be sad to see it go, as at the moment it is hanging in her room (for photographing) and she noticed it right away when she went in. I learned about a card drive today: Cards for Kate. Kate is a little five year old, cute as can be!, with brain cancer. I encourage everyone, card maker or not, to keep Kate and her family in prayer. I would love to know if any of my blog readers are going to be sending Kate and her family members cards - did you learn about this here? Jen McGuire will be sending out all the cards - so be sure to mail them to her and you will have a chance at a wonderful prize. Also, be sure to click on the site in which Kate's dad shares their story. I have my tissue in hand...just about to go there myself.


Glenda T. said...

This is gorgeous Rita and I was thrilled to hear you got a spot on your dream team, well deserved as your stuff is beautiful!!! A belated congrats and I look forward to seeing what you do!

Trint and Misty said...

HELLO! I'm Misty, one of BoBunny's graphic designers. I'm just roaming around getting to know our new design team. We're excited to see everything you do, and get to know you all. ~M~

Lexi said...

I DID participate in the recycle/reuse challenge...and won! This card here is SO beautiful! Well done! And congrats on making the BB team :)