Thursday, August 6, 2009

Trek'in to work!

For those who know already know that once I get an idea in my head everything goes into fast forward. This past weekend one of my girlfriends sent me a pic of her new bike, with handlebars that allow her to ride upright. I really liked that idea, and it seemed like a good reason to start searching for a new bike that actually fit me - I must have been crazy to buy a 19" bike, and a men's style at that!, a number of years ago. Needless to say, if you're not comfortable on a bike your'e not likely to ride it a whole lot. I am not all that coordinated to begin with, and feeling unsafe on a bike...let's just say I never appeared too graceful while riding.

I have spent a number of nights this week...on Craig's list looking at used bikes. Researching bike mfr. websites. Printing out specs, comparing them side by side. Googling bike seat reviews, reading on-line consumer articles, etc. It's exhausting! But the fruit of my late night research (and compliments of some scrapbooking pub moola) has made me the happy owner of a Trek 7100 WSD. I admit, when I first learned and read about the Calypso cruiser model - I wanted it. Afterall, a Calypso bike scrapped with BoBunny Calypso papers - can't get any better right!? But the used Calypso I was looking at turned out to be black/gray/cream. Ok, nice classic colors, but I do love bright colors, and want to ride a bike that is fun in the eye-pleasing department as well.

I trek'd over to the Trek Store on Mineral Point Road on Madison's west side - great sale. If you are bike shopping they are making room for 2010 models, and undercut the next lowest price I found by $50! My 7100 was actually $90 off mfr. list. I ended up getting the 14" model...kind of tells ya just how big my beautiful Schwinn is for me. (Kyle, btw, is riding my Schwinn - not quite tall enough so he will only ride it around here. By next summer that boy will be speeding down the road - watch out!)

Of course if I could have a bike in ANY color it would be lime or kiwi green. Since I "settled" for an awesome robin's egg blue, I added a splash of brightness with an orange clock/speedometer gadget. There is a "tail light thing a ma jiggy" that matches as well.

Today I commuted to work on my bike - it's a mile, maybe, and pretty much downhill. The ride home, however, seems to be almost a constant incline. OMG! I learned that biking uses different muscles than walking - the front of my thighs were singing, "burn, baby, burn!" I made it home on rubbery legs... If it is not raining nor hot and muggy in the morning (we've been blessed by cool nights!) I plan to ride to work as often as I can. I am determined to lose the weight I on since taking a full-time, sit behind the desk, kind of job. It's very different from working at the scrapbook store, where you never got a moment's rest, and often no time for a dinner break either.

Thought I would share some other things going on around here. See this guy?

Well, there are 2 more just like him. Actually, after tonight there will be three little green jewels hanging in our Monarch habitat. Now you know why I was so excited to see BoBunny's Flutterby release. I am pretty much a butterfly nut!

Another critter that has made our home his is this cute little bunny. He lives under our deck and is always out our door nibbling. I took this photo through the glass on the door, but I think he has gotten so used to us watching him, that I could probably even take time to put my camera on a tripod and "shoot" him. I hope to try that this weekend. I really have a need to scrap me some Bunny! (LOL)

Come back Friday to see a new layout created with BoBunny's Popsicle line! Thanks for stopping in to see what's going on. God is so GOOD!

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