Friday, August 14, 2009

Rejoice In The Day!

It's nearing summer's end. What do you think of? For my photograhy group the challenge is to take end of summer photos. Purple coneflowers in their not so fresh stage are a bit tattered and droopy. Truly a sign showing end-of-summer is at hand.

All week I have been working on cleaning, organizing kids clothes to see who grew out of what (wow - they need to stop it!), and making a dent in our basement. We can actually see the floor now, and I put most of Abby's craft supplies away to clear the kids crafting table, just so I could put boxes on top for sorting. My LSS has a garage sale at month's end. You pay a $10 fee and put scrappy stuff in the sale, and you receive store credit for things that sell. Sounds like a win win to me!

I came across a large pack of the giant Rusty Pickle? 9" chipboard letters and numbers, bought years ago when I was designing for ScrapTalk. I know had ideas for those letters, but hmmm...what may they have been? I pulled letters for the word "create", but otherwise I am going to let them go. Purging is tough it's hard to let go!

Sometimes we have to jump one hurdle at a time, and for other things we just have to take the plunge! I kind of did both when it came to cleaning our basement -- I am good at justifying why I should keep a scrappy item. On the other hand, I have no problem letting a collection of papers go that I thought I really need years ago. Looking at the papers again I wonder why I bought them, although someone who scraps heritage will love them. So much truth to the saying "one mans trash is another person's treasure!"

I know that once I get my scrappy area all cleaned up it will be a proud moment. Just as the last day of swim lessons was a proud moment for Abby as she could show me her new swim skills. I just love those cheeks!

I was glad to get a break Thursday evening as we attended an annual event to celebrate the sweetcorn being ready to eat. It is SO GOOD when picked fresh. A walk through our friends wildflower meadow was a welcome escape from the day to day, and had it not been for the mosquitoes it could have been paradise!

I hope you are enjoying summer's end. Take time to smell the flowers, rejoice in their beauty, and enjoy fresh produce while it is available from local farmers.

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ellen s. said...

she is just too cute in the water!