Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Counting down to the new school year!!

Tomorrow is registration at the middle school for our new 6th grader. WoW!! Have the years flown by. The layout above is not fact, it was published at least two years ago by Scrapbooking and Beyond - one of the best magazines ever, although it is more of an awesome idea book.

It is strange to look at the above layout, and realize that the scene will never be replayed. No more will our children walk together to the bus stop. One will be leaving the house much earlier than the other. Our youngest won't have a big brother on board to assist her if she needs it. Our kids are growing up, like it or not!

Registration starts early tomorrow morning, and, I understand - the line for school pictures takes the longest. We will be there EARLY to try and get done as I have to return to work. Because of the picture taking, I cut Kyle's hair Tuesday night. Probably not the time to discover the blender attachment in the clippers kit. I told Kyle to make sure, if asked to turn his head, that he turns his good right side towards the camera. Up until "that point" I thought I had give the best haircut ever. I didn't intend to give skid marks, or whatever "that look" is called. (LOL) I wanted to take him to a pro, but nope, he wanted mom to do it. Ah well...

Are you creating anything? I admit, with school about ready to start I am finding it hard. I have had my BoBunny reuse/recycle challenge in the works on my table two nights. I did some prep work... but have made little progress. It's so small it would probably take me all of 30 min. to get it done!

Kristen added a really cute back-to-school project to the BoBunny blog today. Check it out!

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