Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Card Shower - another chance to win!

Hey all - keep on posting in the thread below for a chance to win some Piggy Tales. Here is yet another opportunity - so you can get your name in twice. I have learned that a fellow digi friend at Kjoi Studios is in bad shape. Kat (Tragedy Anne to most of us) had been hospitalized. She suffers from lupus and apparently it is taking a toll on her kidneys... one kidney had to be removed last week and she is on a transplant list. As you can imagine, this is very serious. Any prayers, well wishes, good thoughts, healing thoughts need to be sent her way.

Cards & well wishes & kidneys (think shape) can be sent to:
Kat Rodriguez
23765 Lawrence, Room A5
Warrren, Mi 48091

She would love to get cards, paper flower bouquets, or scrapbook pages from us!Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers! I will use the honor system here...if you send a card or something out to Kat and wish her well - sign up below and you will have yet another chance to win the Piggy Tales prize.

POST IN THIS THREAD IF YOU HAVE SENT KAT A CARD. Thanks for sending her a smile!


Josie0602 said...

I love the Piggy Tales paper!! I have never used it but love what you did with it!!

Tracy (Josie0602)

Beth Warren said...

I'm sending a card tomorrow.

Marti said...

Thanks for the heads up Rita! I'll get a card out to her.

mel said...

card is postal rita..ss will keep her in my prayer!

Stacey said...

A card is on its way from me.

momof8judy said...

My prayers go out to Kat and her
family. Hugs to all.

Kathy said...

I will get a card out tomorrow. My prayers and well wishes go out to her as well.

Kathleen #324