Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Getting Fresh with Dream Street

Fresh!! This is the new line by my friend, Amy Teets, for Dream Street - gorgeous papers! Blue and green have always been a favorite combo, and this line uses my fave neutral as well - warm brown. The collection name inspired this layout. I got to thinking about the word "fresh" and what it means.

Many who meet our daughter will comment on her happiness and exuberance for life - a few minutes in her presence will brighten just about anyone's day. The other day I took Abby to the business next door to my workplace to introduce her to my new friend Lynn. Lynn had had a particularly stressful day, and she had only a brief moment to meet Abby and chat with her. The next morning Lynn came in to tell me just how much Abby had been the sunshine in her day - she was like a breath of fresh air entering the room.

I am convinced that Abby's ability to make people smile is a great gift from God. To think that 6 yrs ago to this day He placed her in our arms, and ever since she has brightened lives wherever she goes. She has totally freshened our lives - and will continue to do so for many more years, God willing.

I love Lumeire paints by Jacquard. I found them at Michaels several years ago - rather pricey, but a coupon makes them affordable and they give page elements a wonderful luminous shine and shimmer. I painted the Magistical Memories chipboard with a base coat of white and put a single coat of the Turquoise Pearl on top - love the cool glow!

I used pearl sticker embellishments for the butterfly, and also with the scroll rub-ons. This particular paper collection lends itself so well to be combined with the beauty of pearls.

I hope spotting this layout has freshened your day. Often our journeys can become stale and we need something to rekindle spark. When our lives begin to feel stagnant, freshness can often be achieved by looking beyond oneself. Whether it is helping others, taking up a new hobby, or changing your surroundings. How about a walk outside as spring approaches and freshness is promised? Take a deep breath and SMELL freshness after the next spring thunderstorm.

Don't forget to leave a comment in the border punch giveaway thread two more posts down for a chance to win. What are you blessed with today? What adds freshness to your life? Whatever it is, embrace it, and while you are at it, get FRESH with God a scripture verse and ponder how its meaning for your life can freshen your journey!


Debbie said...

I enjoyed reading your blog today and your LO is beautiful. I'm new to scrapbooking but if I learn to do them as beautiful as yours, I'm excited.

Sandy said...

Oh - Abby is so beautiful! Her smile goes right to my heart. I love your layout, too. The swirls are awesome and the papers are terrific.