Monday, March 15, 2010

Study of Leaves - Take Two

Waiting to Fly

It was a very cold morning in January, -12 degrees fahrenheit as I recall. We had had a heavy fog the night before and I knew the creek would be alive with sparkling ice crystals on all forms of foliage the next morning, so I made plans to head out before sunrise.

I walked along the Ice Age Trail right inside Cross Plains, Wisconsin - as a part of Zander Park. No one else was around, and an occassional car broke the peaceful morning silence. As I plundered out of the snow and back onto a somewhat cleared path, a small object caught my eye. Looking down, I noticed one single brown leaf, still hanging on from fall, propped in the snow. No doubt  it had been kicked up by that which cleared the walking path. By then the sun was coming up, and as I got down on my knees for a more intimate look, I saw beauty in the backlighting of the veins, in an ordinary, small, dried up brown leaf.

As I was out on assignment, taking photos for a my B.A.G. (Blackhawk Affinity Group) - Photography, I was playing with exposure settings and white balance...thus, the very blue color of the snow. It almost looks like the leaf is on an icy lake.

Enough about the day taking this, onto what I see in this photo, "Waiting to Fly". It was titled by my friend Meri. The more I study this image, the more I read into what is really not there. Currently we have a friend battling the last stages of cancer. The dried, up brown leaf makes me think of what the cancer must be doing inside his body - over powering all good cells and consuming. As my friend continues to lose weight from no longer taking in food, he becomes more fragile; the skin more transparent, allowing veins show. And although cancer is taking its toll physically, he is upright in his strong faith, being held steady by trust of what is to come in the Promise made by his heavenly Father.

As the warm temperatures of this day forecast the sure coming of spring, the snow melts away. Soon that little leaf will be free, and dried by the sun, it will be lifted from the ground and carried upward, flying towards heaven. I know that my friend will soon be flying towads heaven as well, and it will be a glorious flight.

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Lori Mar said...

Love both of those leaf shots, Rita. And what a wonderful analogy between the leaf and Marv.