Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yeah!! Toot for for title ideas

I just found out I was accepted into this year's Artist Showcase at Blackhawk - woo hoo!!  This takes place March 12, and my work needs to be delivered March 8.
I was going to ask for votes to help me decide what to display, BUT just as I must have posted that to my blog, an email came in. The committee that runs this event actually chose from my submissions - which is actually a relief as now I don't need to make any decisions.
The photos on display are in the slide show below, and will be the swallowtail on lilac, the oak leaf after a rainfall on the car (I called that one Heavy Metal), and the leaf standing up in the snow.

Anyone have title ideas for the butterfly or the leaf in snow? Something catchy?


Kristie said...

Beautiful images!!! I think the leaf in the snow should be titled "Lone Survivor" don't have an idea for the butterfly though.

Sandy said...

Congratulations! Your photos are fabulous. I was thinking "Drinking in Beauty" or something of that nature for the butterfly. You are so talented, woman!

Anonymous said...

For the leaf standing in snow, "Waiting to Fly"
- Meri D.