Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Wardrobe - Colorful Additions!

I love a good sale! Christopher & Banks is having a great Friends & Family sale this weekend - 40% off EVERYTHING in the store!! When I came home I decided it was time to rid my closet of tops that I never wear, am not keen on wearing, or are simply looking too wore for wear. I have a huge bag for the donation bin tomorrow.
I went in to shop for a jacket I have had my eye on, and as it ended up, did not even come home with it as I fell even more in love with two others that were not there two weeks ago.  That would be the first item in the above photo, turquoise fabric with swirls, and the bright blue, green, black and white sketchy-look floral.  The first seems rather fall like, but I loved the freshness of  the artsy looking floral print.
I didn't stop there, although maybe I should have. At that kind of savings I added a few more pretty tops to my professional wardrobe (no boring solids for me! - see the batik and rose print in the back of the line?) It was also time to get another black and a white basic shell, as I seem to layer all the time and am always short on basics for the work week.  I love the additional splashes of new colors and patterns in my closet - yeah for spring!
Speaking of color, how fitting that on the last day of BoBunny's ribbon week a large box should arrive from them - and right on top - MORE RIBBON!  Nothing like ribbon to put a smile on my girl's face. She was crying over something, and I suggested we open the box of new BoBunny together. Talk about an upside down frown! The design team was told that we would not be getting the complete release - thanks to the HUGE reception it has gotten and retail orders - thank you BoBunny lovers!! I knew that one of my assignments required a certain product from a certain line, so thought it best to take inventory of what was received. Abby wanted to jump right in on that job ...and as you can see, she is quite the little helper. Turns out, I am missing the item from a certain collection that I am to be featuring, but got something else that I might be able to work into it. The entire shipment has me drooling big time, and Sunday I really, really hope I can scrap a bit. I should be able to, I did not get home from coffee with the gals and shopping (lots of returns to make today - and parking lots were icey!) until after 1 p.m. My dear, sweet hubby had the laundry 3/4 of the way done - just some towels, sheets and my own laundry left. He even changed the sheets on our bed and complete cleaned, dusted our room! He is a keeper for sure!
Hoping everyone gets some creative time in on this first weekend of spring. Add something new to your wardrobe - something fresh, springy, and in a favorite color - you will feel great wearing it. We need that now and then!

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