Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Color it Green!

Today I want to share a mini album, 6x6 in size, that I created for the 2009 Faith Sisters "His Holy Name" scripture challenges. What could be better than a Magistical Memories Crown Journaling Box for a project about the King of Kings? I have decided to use LIME green as the dominant color for the entire project, with wonderful warm brown, cream and teal as accents. So far I have used October Afternoon and Making Memories, but I trust that manufacturers will be releasing product in this color throughout the year, because afterall - it is my favorite color as it is for many!

The project is a hybrid - mixing traditional with digital scrapbooking. In this close up you can see how I printed text as a background on kraft cardstock, distressing with ink.

A short while ago I showed the design above in yellows and reds, but once I decided to create my album with a focus on lime green and teal, I changed up the colors. This image was printed to be the inside of the front cover, featuring one of my favorite scriptures about God's holy name. It is almost entirely created digitally, but for the GOD letters, key words highlighted with a clear glaze pen, stamped parenthesis and distressing with chalk ink.

The first scripture challenge issued revolves around the word Holy. I created my own patterned paper, by utilizing a crown design that I painstakingly created in Photoshop. The crown motif ties in well with the chipboard shape on the cover. You cannot see the crown details in the little photo, but there are many. With all time I spent in designing one crown, I SO TOTALLY admire digital designers and all the time they put into their products!

My plan is to add 1-2 scripture verses to each page per the challenges issued by Patter at Then, on the back side of each page I will hand journal about what God has put upon my heart for the specific challenge. I did not take a photo, but I have printed lines on the backside of each 6x6 kraft cardstock page to allow me to write in a straight line. By having the prep work done, and keeping my "green supplies" together, I am hoping that the remaining 25 scripture challenge pages for the year will come together rather quickly.

On a chilly note... Brrrrr!! Baby it is COLD outside! Schools are being closed all over due to the forecasted -40 degree temps tomorrow. Our district is still holding out, as always, but I know there are two kids hoping for that cancellation!

Today was a long 12.5 hour work day. I started out right behind the bus, driving ever so slowly to the east side of Madison today to speak with the Madison Christian Women's Connection. Cars were in the ditch here and there...salt just does not work when temps are as cold as they were this morning! I went about 15-20 miles per hour for 2/3 or more of my journey! But I made it safely, and God was watching out for me.

I met a delightful group of ladies and loved sharing about the importance of preserving memories. The keynote speaker, LeeAnn gave a wonderful talk, sharing about her struggles and how Jesus can rescue you from the deepest of pits. If you are experiencing a low in your life, struggle in your journey, or doubt that you are worthy of His love - KNOW that God loves you and wants to reach down and pick you up out of the mire of pain, sadness, addictions and self-doubt. Trust in Him, give your life to Jesus - and discover the joy that withstands all hardships as we journey this earth toward the heavenly prize!

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