Thursday, January 8, 2009

Do you fear something? Sometimes facing it is the best way to overcome. This was our daughter's theory. She hates spiders, and even the pretty beaded spider we received as a Christmas ornament gave her the jeebies. The ornament had a legend come with it, all about spiders and webs and thus the reason we put tinsel on our tree. As pretty as it is - Abby wanted nothing to do with the ornament.

But I had an idea... I had a cool web chipboard shape from Magistical Memories, and I wanted to do a layout on her fear of spiders. I asked if I could take a picture and first response was no. But I asked again. "All right mom, sometimes you just have to face your fears! I'll do it." (She must have been reading a book?)

At first Abby took a timid approach to holding the spider, but once she realized that hey, it was fake, she smiled and was quite proud for holding it.

I had so much fun making a spider using Cloud 9 rain dots. I cut 4 pieces of black wire and sandwiched them between black rain dots, and added red gem stickers for beads. It turned out so cute, but not cute enough. Abby likes her layout, but not the spider on it - especially when he moves as it is dangling from the web.

The products I used are from October Afternoon's Night Light and Good Cheer lines -bright and festive. A Cherry On Top has an October Afternoon manufacturer challenge going on - pull out your October Afternoon and give it a try!

Last night Kyle had his first 5th grade band concert. Someone told me not to expect much from 5th graders - but OMG they were good! Even Beethoven's Ode to Joy was done well - these kids were playing arrangements! Hope to have pics and a layout soon on the holiday concert - delayed two times previously because of winter weather.

Have a case of the Winter blues? Trust me, visit Cosmo Cricket's blog, watch the videos they have been sharing the past few days and prepare to split a gut! What a hilarious group of people! They're still holding out on paper releases, maybe tomorrow for a peek? But I LOVE the new spinners!

Oh, and if you are in the Madison area next Wednesday I am speaking at the Madison Christian Women's Connection Brunch. Come hear what got me into scrapbooking! The cost for the brunch is $11.50 and it is being held at the East Side Club, 3735 Monona Drive. For reservations you can call Pat 838-3461, Lois 846-4823, or Alice at 271-3816. Reservations must be made by Sunday, January 11th. Hope to see some of my friends!

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