Saturday, January 10, 2009

Piggy Tales Releases Best YET!

Perhaps I am biased when I say the new releases by Piggy Tales are the best yet!! Why, might you ask?

Well, some of you may recall that back in September Piggy Tales asked its blog readers to send in suggestions for new spring themes and ideas. Since my brain tends to go a mile a minute my document was almost 1,000 words long! You bet…. I just brainstormed until my fingers could type no more, well honestly, I thought Debbie might think me crazed if I kept on going.

Today the sneak peeks were released on the Piggy Tales blog.
Hmmm, bugs – INCLUDING ants. Umbrellas – and yep, there are the rain boots! Garden trowels and watering cans. Gosh – all sounding so familiar. So I went digging in my “sent items” folder…ya know, that Outlook folder you are supposed to clean out often, and I am embarrassed to say has sent emails from 2007 in it! (I promise to empty it this weekend hon!)

I offered five theme ideas, and lo and behold THREE of my ideas made it into the spring releases – no wonder I am loving the new collections!! The collection title for my gardening them suggestion is even in the line up –"Mary Mary Quite Contrary How does your garden grow?" - I had given a link to each nursery rhyme found for my ideas. Here is
The collection includes garden trowels and watering cans, as I had hoped – AND just the other day I came across photos of Abby discovering the fun in watering the outdoor plants with a sprayer attachment on the hose – I need to get my hands on this collection!

The bug collection has marching ants…. I relayed to Debbie my woes of not finding bug paper with ants included…and gosh – my kids are ALL about watching the ant hills in the summer. You may have gathered that from my last post! (LOL)

The third collection that is a must have is the “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring” collection. Woo hoo – I have my umbrellas and rainboots. The little yellow duckies are missing, but oh well – I threw those in the line up for the benefit of my friend Deb, who loves yellow ducks. (LOL)

And although I did not offer any brainstorming whatsoever on the La Belle collection – the colors are fantastic and the line is OH so pretty! I am looking forward to scrapping with Piggy Tales for sure!

Did you know that Piggy Tales has a design team open call?
You have until January 16th to get your entry in. You can find info on their blog. I will say that for those of you worried about the exclusivity clause, Brandon put my mind to ease as she explained that to me today. Primarily with a partnership with 3M, the DT members need to use exclusive 3M adhesives in their projects. They fully expect their DT members to have commitments to other mfrs. and such – afterall, the scrapbooking industry really does have one very common goal – preserving those memories for future generations!

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jakey said...

hmmm.. can't say i'm as big a fan of bugs as you obviously are... lol.. but the new paper lines are great! :-)

jk xx