Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Whipping Up for Bella Blvd.!

Oh my – how the time flies!! Since I read the call for Bella Artista’s for Bella Blvd. I knew I wanted to apply. I have been working on getting my other design team commitments finished before Piggy Tales product showed up on my doorstep. Did I mention I am the guest designer for Piggy Tales “Ants Go Marching In” March kit? I have so many fun ideas and cannot wait to get started, and ultimately share them with you.

Tomorrow I am gone from the time the kids hop on the bus until after 9 p.m. It is also the Guest Artista deadline, so it was today or never as far as getting some layouts done. First, however, I wanted to finish my Scripture Challenge Mini Album for Faithsisters “His Holy Name” project so I could display it tomorrow when I talk to the Madison Christian Women’s Connection about scrapbooking. The album colors are lime, teal, brown and cream – and is gorgeous so far, using Making Memories and October Afternoon products. Basically I plan to work in any mfr. that has the right colors, as this is a year long project!

That finished, I had one hour before the kids got home from school and literally whipped out TWO layouts for the Bella Blvd. Artista call. Looking at the time I do believe I actually finished both layouts in less than 2 hours. I worked fast for sure, BUT I have to say if the Bella Blvd products did not come together so easily this would not have been possible. I have used mixed products from both the “Family Tree” and “Pack Your Bags” collections.

What do you think of the photo in “Song”? I confess, I loved the photo but it seemed a little blurry – so I added an art filter to it in Photoshop. I love how it looks like a painting. I have done similar things before, but this is by far my favorite – I think it is the obvious joy in Abby’s face and the bright colors of the layout, and of course the bling…gosh, I am such a bling addict!

I love how the Pack Your Bags collection is so versatile - certainly worthy of layouts beyond traveling experiences! Here is my second layout for the call - "Destination Mexico".

You may have noticed in the past 6 months that I have a “thing” for dimensional adhesive dots – I just love popping things off my page. I always have, but I do believe everything I create these days is popped up!

Pop-dotted World:

Pop-dotted Trees:

Pop-dotted Titles:

Recognize those orange letters from Bella Blvd? Probably not - but they are Bella stickers! I needed orange lettering to balance the layout, and figured the fastest resolution was to get out the orange paint. But it did not cover the coated cardstock stickers real well, so I put my letters on wax paper and dragged an orange Staz-On pad over the top, letting some of the paint show through for a two-toned look. I think they are pretty cool and the paint adds texture.

Oh, want to know one of my latest tricks for defining edges? Ink pads don't always get into the nooks and crannies, and I recently discovered that if I take the chisel point of my Zig Writer and drag it around the edges of my chipboard pieces that I get a nice edge, more defined than any ink pad could deliver. Go slowly though - so you don't get the marker where it is not intended to go.

I have made my submission and now cross my fingers. Be sure to check out Stephanie's blog for the latest in Bella Blvd. sneak peeks!

And guess what showed up on my doorstep today?
Yeppers – ANTS!! We are experiencing dangerously cold temperatures outside, but leave it to Piggy Tales to bring ants into my house this time of year! (LOL) I already have ideas swimming in my head – so it will be tough to work the next five days and not be able to do a whole lot. This is why I carry a note pad around to jot down the mojo when it comes. Happy scrapping all!

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