Wednesday, January 28, 2009

68 Words A Minute!

Who knew? I had no idea. Yesterday afternoon I went into Addecco – you know, the world leader in workplace solutions. I think the solutions are their people, aka employees, and now, me. Yep – filled out all the paperwork, took a few tests…found out I can type 68 words a minute! Much faster than high school – which seems was only 55. I had 4 errors which brought my score to 64, but you know what…they make you double space at end of sentences! I was surprised. You DON’T do that on a computer. Back in the days of typewriters, yes, but it is one of the first things they teach you in typography. So here I am, trying to not do what has been ingrained into my head for 20+ years. In my effort to remember to double space (I agree with my husband…if they want us to double space after a sentence then keyboards would have a double space key – makes sense, right?) I know I triple spaced at least once – fingers move faster than I can count sometimes. (LOL)

Today I have to take the Office assessments for Word and Excel. My Excel is limited to charting business expenditures, income, gross, net, etc. I can manage a few formulas, but hey – have not done any of the merging stuff… ah well.

I had my first interview with Edward Jones yesterday. The branch office here in town is looking for a BOA. I admit - investments…skipped over this the first time I read it because hey, I know very little about investing! But the more I read about EJ on line and their awesome training program, well, it caught my interest. I also learned they are a top company to work for, and hey…I could walk to work! There is a lot of growth potential, and I know God won’t put me there unless He is confident in my abilities to learn about investing. That would be a strong push to the left for my creative little brain! (LOL)

Addecco also has some possible options for me and is sending out my resume…so I shall wait and see what the Lord has in store! Not to sit on my laurels… I have a WALL!
A what? Yes, I caved and joined Facebook. My mother, bless her heart, scanned a newspaper article about job hunting and it said Facebook was a good place to network. So there I am…connecting with a number of familiar faces and hopefully getting the word out that I am looking! It was great to reconnect with my favorite DVM – Dr. Tom Curro, best exotics vet I know and lover of all things rhinoceros!

So hey – if you are on facebook look me up – Rita Shimniok. I am there, still figuring out how to sort and create my wall. Oh, and I have a 2nd interview with EJ Thursday – so please lift a prayer if this is to be God’s will for me as I search for yet my 4th career in the journey…(whatever made me think I would retire as a church admin.? God must be having a chuckle and thinking how very silly I was to think my journey would end there.)

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