Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fisk-a-Links Fridays

As CHA nears sneak peeks are everywhere! Today I got a glimpse of some new releases by Fiskars. I am such a border punch fan - I just love how you can dress up a page so easily with these punches.
My TOP TWO of the new releases are Apron Lace

and Upper Crest.

I highly suspect Apron Strings is going to be one of those most sought after, and hard to find punches. What do you think? The bracket shape is so HOT right now, one of my favorites, which is why I think Upper Crest is also going to be a huge seller.

ALSO Fiskars is releasing some adorable spring themed squeeze punches. I just love the little chickie punch! And the packaging is delightfully spring, too! Can it get any better? YES!!!!

Summer punch releases have just been glimpsed...and OMG there is an ANT!! My kids seriously spend hours taking scraps of food and candy out to the ant hills in the front yard to watch the busy little critters carry it down under. The ant punch is a must for me!

Case in point, this layout using Around the Block papers is about 2? years old. The photos are even older, but this is a scene that is repeated every summer in our front yard. Ants fascinate children from about age 2 up to....??? Don't know what it is, and I am even learning to appreciate the workings of an ant colony as explained by our son. As long as they stay out of the house...

As I mentioned, the peeks are starting to happen...and already I am noticing a color trend... PURPLE! I am not sure what to think about that. Although my daughter LOVES purple, she has so little clothing in it. I have a closet full of plum, yet it is rare that I have any photos of people wearing purple. We will have to see ... some of the papers are so gorgeous it is worth turning photos to black and white just to use the paper! What do you you scrap purple papers?

Just a reminder that you still have time to reserve a spot at the Madison Christian Women Connection brunch this coming Wednesday at the Eastside Club off Monona Drive in Madison. In addition to myself speaking about scrapbooking and leaving a legacy of faith - you may hear tale of some childhood memories that will make you wonder how I turned out. I don't have my speech written, rehearsed or anything... it's been playing in my head though. My problem...15 min. to talk. I could probably talk for 30 min. easy when it comes to my story and how scrapbooking has become such a passion in my life! There is a second guest speaker as well, who is going to share how she overcame an eating disorder and now makes jewelry as her therapy. The brunch is $11.50 and it is being held at the East Side Club, 3735 Monona Drive. For reservations you can call Pat 838-3461, Lois 846-4823, or Alice at 271-3816. Reservations must be made by Sunday, January 11th. Would love to see some fellow Fiskateers and other friends there!


connie said...

i love the border punches and HAVE TO GET THE ANT punch!

Laura1943 said...

Love the new punches !!! GOTTA have Upper Crest, the Ant and the Sun !!
...I'll start with these...and go from there to get the rest !!