Friday, January 23, 2009

Smiles During Challenging Times

I seriously cannot imagine my life without the joy our children bring. It warms my heart to hear my son say, "help mom find a new job" during family prayer time. Abby, rather oblivious to the situation, may have her wish come true - as she has not been fond of my working nights. Last night I got home earlier than usual from work and she was not fully asleep, so the sound of the garage door woke her up. I went in to give her a hug, and she asked me to snuggle. So we did, and had lots of silliness in our conversation and giggles. That girl can sure make me smile!

Above I am sharing one of those layouts that makes me smile, as I think about how silly she was being that day the photos were taken. The paper is by Piggy Tales, and the layout was going to be one of my submissions for the design team before I reassessed my priorities and decided that I needed to step back from commitments. I want to be sure I have time to spend with my kids, and scrapbook WITH my daughter rather than always about her. It was tough to make that decision, as the PT/3M joint DT would have been a super opportunity. All the best to those who tried -especially to my wonderful friends: Dawne, Deanna, Jen and Debbie!

Here is a close up of the flowers I cut from the patterned paper, and a little tip... When coating your cut out flowers with sparkle mod podge, or similar product, bend the edges upward a little bit while it is wet. The edges will dry in that position and you have added a little dimension to your layout with no extra effort.

On a bright note - I have an interview Tuesday morning for a job right in town here. It would be full-time (less time to scrap - and therefore how wise that I did not take on another commitment in case I should get it), I could walk to work, and it deals with the public. Full-time would mean I would not have time to continue at the store part-time, but I may return to teaching classes as I want to keep in touch with everyone I have come to know at the store.

As a matter of fact, off to work I go! Please keep my in prayer Tuesday for a successful interview. I meet with an employment agency Tuesday afternoon, and hope to hear back from at least one other job that I mailed a resume out to. I pray you give thanks to God for the smiles in your life - I know I do!

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