Sunday, January 25, 2009

Trusting Through The Storm

So often I go to church and I feel like the Lord has guided the worship leaders to plan the service just for me. Today was one of those days as each, and every, praise and worship song spoke to my heart and brought me to tears. The first song we sang is “YOU NEVER LET GO” by Matt Redman – a favorite I had playing on this blog shortly after I first heard it. I had a vision of God holding my hand through the current storm, and yet I see a light that is coming as I have hope in an interview lined up for Tuesday (please pray for me Tuesday morning).

Yesterday Jesse and I took inventory of our pantry and cupboards. Should a new job be some time off we have to figure out especially how we can stretch our food dollar, and looked at things like rice and pastas already here to make casseroles that can feed our family for three days or more. We had Kyle’s input for things he would eat, meatless dishes, and popping our own corn with the old hot air popper vs. microwave corn. This morning as we sang “ENOUGH” by Chris Tomlin I am reminded that the Lord is our supply, He satisfies every thirst and every need. This song has always hit a chord with me, but today more so than ever. I envision a layout with photos of our pantry and a reminder that God is enough through tough times.

The third song in the opening praise and worship set was “BLESSED BY YOUR NAME”. I have not sang this song in what seems like a long time, but through my tears I could still raise my hands and give praise to God for all He is and all He has done. He gave me a new job last September, and He can and is taking it away. It is and was one of the most challenging positions I had ever undertaken, yet it was fun. The hardest part of my position at the scrapbook store was not being home at night to put our daughter to bed. Some of you may recall the “Week in My Life” album created earlier in 2008 documenting my favorite time of day – which is putting our daughter to bed. I have also been unable to attend events and activities at church that take place at night or on weekends when I am working, and it has made my heart sad. Does the Lord know what He is doing? I know He does, and if He takes away it is for a good reason yet unknown to me.

Today’s message revolved around Hannah’s story (Book of 1 Samuel), a woman from the Old Testament whose words and example I turned to when I so badly wanted a daughter. Hannah taught me the importance of steady prayer and pouring one’s heart out to God. As many of you reading this blog already know, the Lord answered my prayer with a beautiful daughter. I am so grateful every day that God listens – He hears our heart, feels our pain, and holds us through troubled times. I know He hears me when I ask Him to open a new door of opportunity that will benefit my family.

If you would like to hear the message and Hannah’s story, explained so well by a great teacher, Pastor Chris – click here to listen to or download the message.

For those of you hoping to see a new layout or creation today – my apologies. Today I simply wanted to blog and journal about the thoughts going through my head this morning. The post is filled with layout ideas – that someday I hope to share (so you will have to come back again Hollis!).

I know and trust that the Father has something even better in store for me. The path may take me down yet a fourth career change, and I can actually chuckle at the rollercoaster the past six months of my life have encountered. (I have such a great vision for a layout or mini album with this thought!) What a ride it has been, but I am ready to get off and find stability in my work life, our family’s financial situation, and develop a routine that works for all of us and allows each of us to grow in our spiritual walk. The Lord is so GOOD TO ME, His promise never fails, and my desire is to follow Him wherever this journey takes me. I pray that you also will be able to TRUST God through the storms in your life, and PRAISE Him in times of trouble. Peace in the journey.

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