Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change is In the Wind Once Again

Yes, it is Inaugeration Day and many are anticipating great changes and hope for the economy. I sure hope so as I find myself looking for a new job. Retail has not been kind to the local LSS, so people I IMPLORE you – if you love your store shop there! If you love a certain manufacturer and cannot get it locally – buy it on line! Specifically I am thinking of my favorite chipboard company – Magistical Memories. I have seen the sneak peeks and they are awesome! I only hope I have an income that can buy the new products!

So yes, I am searching again, management is always the first place to make budget cuts. I know God is SOVEREIGN (this week’s word for the Faith Sisters Scripture Challenge) and in complete control. I know He wants only the best for me. I have to trust in Him to get us through this and put food on the table. I really enjoyed my almost 6 months as a supervisor for the store, and will continue on as a sales associate for now, but it won’t pay the bills. My family is so supportive and wonderful - I am blessed to be able to do the things on my list in my layout above. Have you thought about that? Consider making a layout about the things you do for your family.

I hope that I can find a new job that will still allow me to put in some time working at the store. I volunteered to take on the BoBunny section and create projects for display and help market product – a strategy the entire staff is undertaking in hopes of increasing sales. The new releases for BoBunny are so awesome! Be sure to check it out!

My not so good news is mixed with HAPPY news!! I had two layouts requested by Memory Makers for the July/August 2009 release of Scrapbook Idea Gallery edition. I know many of you say you don’t subscribe to magazines because you have seen the layouts on line, but don’t forget that Memory Makers publishes only never-before-seen projects. If we don’t buy the magazines soon there won’t be any, and how sad would it be if we have to have a PC to get inspiration. Personally, I prefer curling up on the couch with a cup of tea or hot chocolate to enjoy the magazines, and there is no better read for a long trip in the car!

One of my layouts is digital, mixing products from both Faithsisters and Kjoi Studios, and the photo is a self-portrait I took while driving. Seriously! I promise I did not run over anything while doing that, and yep – it took a number of shots before I actually had my whole face in the viewfinder, because I was driving afterall – albeit SLOWLY. What a crazy and dangerous scrapbooker, eh? But ya know how it is …you get an idea and just have to do what it takes to make it come to life. The second layout is a traditional created with one of my favorite Cosmo Cricket lines, Be Happy. It is quite innovative and uses something very old from my stash in a quite brilliant manner, if I do say so myself. So be sure you don’t miss the summer release of the Making Memories Scrapbooking Idea Gallery!

I also learned yesterday that one of my layouts is to be featured on Thursday at A Cherry On Top. The artists whose projects are chosen are sent a congratulatory note, but the project chosen remains a mystery even to me. Could it be the “fear” layout that mixes a Halloween web with Christmas paper? That is my theory – let’s see if I am right. (LOL)

If that’s not all, I was honored to learn that my layout titled, Blue Plaid, featuring The Paper Element’s Blue Flannel Collection, is the only project to be on display at their CHA booth in Annaheim. Apparently The Paper Element is sharing a booth with the awesome Core’dinations Cardstock and they figure they will have limited space, so even though I am not an official DT member Lisa and Beth are taking my layout. Wow – how cool is that?!

I am working with Piggy Tales this week for their March kit release. I am trying to update my resume and such while still trying to meet the PT deadline. I have my first project done and it is SO cute and original, and frugal, I might add - a perfect gift for a young one, should you know of children with a birthday coming up. I can’t share it with you yet - but look forward to the day I can!

Please pray for our nation this day, for our military and for all families who are struggling with reduced or no incomes, and please pray for our economy that it will thrive once again. Most of all find PEACE in the journey, even through the hardships and struggles, for God is SOVEREIGN and in control.

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Lily said...

wow, congrats on all the good news. Sorry to hear about the job sit. These thigns always happen for a reason, I's sure there's something great around the corner