Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 - His Holy Name Challenges

The theme in 2009 for the Faith Sisters scripture challenges will be "His Holy Name". I am looking forward to this new study series which has a great format for getting me in and around my bible.

This past fall at church worship team leaders Hannah Busse and Paul Lefeber introduced a song they had written called "Your Name" - and I immediately had a vision for this layout. When Patter announced the scripture challenge theme, I knew I had to scrap the layout. But time gets away as is usual. Last Sunday in church I realized the year was almost to an end and the new theme challenges would start soon. I knew I needed to scrap the layout, but had no idea where I had filed a copy of the lyrics. THEN as God would have it, the 3rd praise and worship song we sang was "Your Name". I just had to laugh at God's sense of humor, and I am sure I was getting a kick in the behind to get the layout scrapped. (LOL)

On Friday mornings (since beginning my new job in September) I meet with three other gals to go over the scripture challenge for the week. I extended an invitation the other day to other ladies I know in the community and around, who might be interested or who may be free on Friday mornings. I am thrilled to see that two more ladies are interested in joining us as they are able.

I love how the challenges keep me in the Word and help me to grow in my relationship with Christ. "Growth" is going to be my key word for 2009 - more on that another time. If you are interested in GROWING in your relationship with Christ I encourage you to participate in the Faith Sisters scripture challenges. Subscribe on their blog to receive the challenge, posted start of each week. What I typically do is take the key word and look it up in the concordace of my bible. I look at each one and pray that God shows me the lesson I am to learn from the challenge. Often his message is very clear and the scripture that jumps out meets me right where I am in life. If you are looking for a non-threatening study, or one that is not demanding of reading a chapter in a book each week, or work sheets, I encourage you to try the scripture challenges. I do recommend you keep a journal to write down the verse that God has put upon your heart. I have grown so much through this, and I hope that you will grow in your faith journey as well.

Credits for the digial papers go to Rowena Fields and Krystal Hartley, grunge overlay by Kara Jones, and alpha by Melissa Bennet.

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