Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Auction Winner and Amish Friendship Bread Tips

Congrats to Vicki from Texas!! A fellow Fiskateer -Vicki had the highest bid on Snowflake, the one-of-a-kind white bear that has graced our daughter's bedroom for the past several years. Before Snowflake heads to Texas I had to take a photo of Abigail with the bear, so I can of course create a layout about auctioning him off to benefit the Jones family.

I am in the final days of the homemade Christmas marathon! I have two 8x8 albums finished and the 3rd well started. I went in to work for just a bit today -coming home in the snow emergency conditions took some time!! Kyle's band concert was cancelled for a second time - so I spent the night baking (OMG - forgot about the last two - ran to rescue from the oven!!) a dozen loaves of Amish Friendship bread. You know - the yummy bread for which you receive a starter from a friend (as you cannot make it from scratch), and when the ten days go by and you have 4 more starters to give away you can't find homes for them. Especially this time of year. On the first go round I threw out the extra starters. The next go round I kept two starters, determined to figure out how to make use of ALL of the batter.

I did just that tonight - I measured one cup of new starter into a bowl, and measured the amount left of which I was to make and bake the actual bread. This equaled two cups of batter. That plus the 4 one cup new starters translates to 6 loaves of bread if you want to use it ALL up and not pass along any starter or keep another going.

From all of that I decided to make mini loaves, and happen to have 8 pans as I gave mini loaves out to friends and service workers years ago. A tip if you have the large Pampered Chef scoop - 3 scoops of batter into a mini loaf pan pretty much divides up the 2 loaf batter quantity into 8 mini loaves. I baked the mini loaves for 35 minutes.

All this baking has left my kitchen a mess...so I must tackle that project next. Which should leave my Wednesday (originally slated to bake in the morn before work) open to album making. I better get to it!

(BTW - I have yet another starter ready to be made into bread. Anyone want some starter!?)

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