Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snowflake - an Auction for Christmas Love

This morning my day did not go as planned. I had a “to do” list. One was to do the dishes. Of course it is Christmastime and everything seems to be breaking down. First the dryer, now the dishwasher, the well tank, we barely get any hot water flowing out of the kitchen faucet, and the toilet has needed replacing and continually runs water (wasting electricity, etc.). There are a lot of repairs, and I almost feel guilty for spending my personal savings on a camera. Almost – but not enough to return it. I saved for years, and the last time I saved I bought our family a bathroom sink and couch. It was do it or never achieve my goal.

None the less… the dishes are still piled high. Instead, I tackled our daughter’s room. Time to return the large plastic Little Pony castle that she never plays with. Time to look around and see what else might be given away. There is a nice wooden bench –perfect to line up the shoes, or for dolls and stuffed animals to sit upon. But hey – it is small room and we always seem to be searching for her shoes anyhow.

And then there is Snowflake. Snowflake is an awesome bear, hand-crafted with love by a local talent and made for our daughter when she was adopted. He measures 21” from tip of his ears to bottom of his foot paws when extended. His body is about 14” with the head. He is made of quality fur – I cannot remember what kind (but if I look harder I am certain he came with a card describing his materials and craftsmanship), but I remember his maker naming off a number of furs – all sounding quite exquisite, and all quality materials. He has glass eyes and a stitched nose. Frankly, Snowflake is adorable.

He is jointed, and fun to pose, but Snowflake has been a showpiece rather than a loved and squishy toy. It is time to let Snowflake go, and it is a tough decision.

Snowflake waves!

I got to thinking, Snowflake was given to Abby in celebration of her adoption. Her new life, her new home. But there are so many children who have no home, and I thought of the children at McKallie’s Home of Future and Hope. Perhaps Snowflake could be auctioned off for the benefit of these children. We have a local guy in town who sells things on e-bay for people. Sure, he gets his cut – but the remainder could all go for the orphanage, and maybe he would take less, especially since I have taken the photos and he only needs to list and watch the auction. This was my plan, until I came down to the computer.

A new update from my dear friend Nancy Jones. She is so very sick again, and has been ill for many years, mis-diagnosed and finally given the diagnosis of MS this year. Right now she is lying in bed with a reaction to meds that could very well close her throat again. Nancy’s current condition is so very sad. Even more sad is that Nancy has a daughter the same age as Abby, named Bella. Bella is frightened that her mother may die, spurred on my a childhood friend whose mother died a year ago. The family friend went in for breast cancer surgery and never came home from the hospital. Bella’s friend, innocent as 5 yr olds are, offered the thought to Bella that her mother may die as did hers. How sad is that?! It brings tears to my eyes, and Bella is not doing well in school with all the stress and trauma of having a very sick parent.

The Jones family have been on our prayer list. Medical bills are huge, and insurance is not covering them. Because of the diagnosis disability aid is being refused. It is total nonsense, and I pray that Nancy’s senator is working on their behalf. This family cannot become homeless in her condition. I just cannot fathom all this family is going through.

Which brings me back to Snowflake. I am sure that Snowflake can only be auctioned off on e-bay for an official non-profit organization. How might I help Nancy’s family? Do you know any bear lovers? If you do, please have them visit my blog and take a look at Snowflake. PM me with a silent auction donation. The highest bidder can send their check directly to the Jone’s family. I so want to make their Christmas a little brighter than its current dismal outlook. Our family ship the bear (continental U.S. only please) UPS ground service. I hope this is ok to do on my blog. If not, I will go back to the e-bay idea for the orphanage. All I know is that I would like to make Christmas a little brighter for another child, whether it be a sole child fearing her mother’s passing, or for orphans in the distant land of Malawi, Africa. I will leave bids open until midnight December 15th.

Broken dishwashers, faucets and toilets - so what? These are so very insignificant when I look at the big picture. Merely inconveniences. We have so much! This Christmas please consider the children who don’t have family, or health. There are so many opportunities – Toys for Tots, Koats for Kids, St. Jude’s Hospital or a local children’s hospital in your area, Salvation Army – the list is endless, and your donation, no matter how small, can make a difference. More importantly, give thanks for your blessings, and pray for those who are less fortunate. I pray Snowflake will help make someone’s Christmas a little brighter. He is definitely a one of a kind, hand-crafted treasure of a bear. Thanks for sending friends to have a look at him.

Auction Recap
1. Email me (click profile) with auction bid
2. Minimum bid $20
3. Highest bidder to send payment to Jones family
4. Nancy will contact me when rec'd and bear will be shipped UPS ground (continental US only)- won't she be surprised!
5. Bids close at midnight Dec. 15


k-joi studios said...

Rita, you are i in a million! I have not been keeping up with Nancy and had no idea of her new diagnosis.

I will see what I can do to help with get the word out about snowflake! :)

Stacey said...

Hi Rita, I came over by Kara and have to tell you I think you are a phenomenal writer. As Kara said, you're one in a million, I sure am glad I came over. I didn't see a link for Snowflake, was there one I missed?

Oh--and how fun to mosey over and see my kit down the next post, what a treat. Thanks for using it. :) ~Stacey

TxScrapAddict said...

Wonderful what you are doing! May I put a link to your blog on mine?