Saturday, June 19, 2010

Here Comes the Bride!!! (Telephone Pictionary Style!!)

This is the day that the Lord has made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it!!!
It's a gorgeous day for a wedding, and I am so excited for our friend Katie and her fiance, soon-to-be-hubby Mike. Today's post is dedicated to this amazing Christ-following couple. In a day and age where I begin to wonder if young couples marry anymore - these two are a shining example of the union God intended when He created marriage in Genesis.
In their honor, my family played wedding theme telephone pictionary earlier this week - Katie's most favorite game of all. She and Mike introduced me to this game, and now I look forward to playing it with neighbors and girlfriends in town. It is a hoot!!!

How Telephone Pictionary works... For the remainder of this post I will simply share examples from our game. There are 4 in our family so each telephone packet" had 4 sheets. I will say that this game becomes more of a riot when there are 8-10 people playing.

Play: At the same time each person writes a thought or phrase on the top sheet of their pieces of paper (everyone has the same number sheets of paper - one for each person playing). When everyone has written their words, the packet (of 4 sheets in our case) is passed to the right. The receiver looks at the phrase, places it to the back of the pile (as if you were flipping a spiral bound notebook), and draws what they read. This is not a contest for art - the drawing time should be about a minute to keep the game moving.
When that person is done the packet is passed right again, the receiver (2) looks at the picture, flips the picture to the back of the pile so no one else can see, and writes what they saw. Again, the packet is passed to the right (the last person in our family of 4), and the receiver draws what they read, and passes it to the starting position. The original writer of the phrase shares how their idea progressed (or perhaps regressed) with the group for a barrel of laughs.  Below - our pages dedicated to Katie and Mike.
Rita's idea:

Abby's Idea:
Kyle's Idea:

Jesse's Idea: images are left to right - it goes 1. words, 2. drawing, 3. words, 4. drawing. I have to smile at Abby's last drawing, her brother recently received a bull whip so he can practice his Indiana Jones moves...and likes to see how well he can decapitate dandelions in the yard. So hey, if you got any other ideas about the "whip" - scratch that thought! (LOL)

You may or may not guess, that in the last set by my husband, he was thinking of Ecclesiastes 4:12 "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken."  I am not sure why he did not write that down, but it is certainly a most appropriate thought for a wedding themed version of Telephone Pictionary. Relationships are hard, no doubt. I cannot even imagine having a relationship without having Christ in the center of it. A lasting marriage is not one of two loving hearts, but of three...husband, wife and the heart of Christ in the center. A marriage of three will last until the very end of time on our close friends Marv and Carol exemplified until his very end last week.  I wish for Katie and Mike...a marriage of three.
Congratulations Katie and Mike!!

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