Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 1 - Brrrrr!

Oh my - can't even tell it is July around here! Jackets, pants, and was tempted to wear closed toe shoes! I came home from work today, and promptly climbed into a sweatshirt and pants, socks and my warm slippers. Actually, I came home from the chiropractor. All this mad-night marathon scrapping has resulted in an aching body today. With my Snorkel mini album class coming up on Tuesday I knew it best to see Dr. T right away and nip it in the bud! The man is a true, gifted healer!

I do know it is July, however, not by the temps, but because I have been counting down days to the Cosmo Cricket Design Team application deadline. As I was scrapping earlier this evening, I told myself to stop making and start typing that email to Julie - or midnight will come and go and I will literally be running on empty! There is so much talent trying for this - all I can do is pray, God knows the desires of my heart, and His will be done!

Speaking of mini albums - in the past 24 hours I have put together two mini albums that have been floating around in my head for probably 18 months! Ya see, this is where the rush of a DT call gets things accomplished, and my sweet hubby has been handling meals the past couple of nights.

Some of you may recognize the album used above as Cosmo Cricket's blackboard Abby album. Besides being really cute, the reason I bought it is obvious. (LOL) I showed Abby the packaging and said, "Hey, this album has the same name as yours! What do you think, should I scrap about all the reasons we love you?" She replied in a mature six year old voice, "since it is MY album I want it to be about all the things I horses, strawberries, and the number 5..." (don't ask about that last one - it was one of those explanations for which I just shrugged) (LOL) I thought, well okay, it's good to get her input and so be it. I even found a "lovesick" rub-on and chopped off the "ick" portion. (Perhaps it could be used on a page about Kyle's feelings towards girls right now.) ;-)

To obtain an extra "b" in the blackboard letters I simply utilized a "q" turned over. I used little rub-ons first, and then topped the letters with Diamond Glaze. The glossy, black letters just POP off the Chemistry paper collection. Another favorite product to use with bright colors on black backgrounds is black tulle. The phoof is nice, too.

Other News for July
I am thrilled to finally be able to spill that I was asked to be a guest creative member for ACOT's paper team this month. Not even sure if I can reveal the mfr. line I will be working with, so "mums" the word. My reveal comes up mid-month.

With these cool temperatures our family has decided to head to Little Amerika on Friday afternoon. The 80 degree forecast sounds perfect for a day at an amusement park. Looking forward to riding the Meteor. I was hoping Kyle would ask a friend to go along, so I can get out of the TiltAWhirl, but I think he likes hanging with his folks at this. Abby, on the other hand, was excited to ask someone. I hope by next summer we have a mini van with air - so each child can ask a friend along on such trips. Makes it easier on the parents. (LOL)

Don't forget to check out my Cosmo blog for all the new, and not so new, projects I have been pulling together these past several days. I will soon be announcing a giveaway to celebrate the blog being complete at last - stay tuned!

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