Monday, July 27, 2009

Scrap "The Color of Your Family" Challenge

I love the color ORANGE. Julia issued an "ORANGE" challenge this week at BoBunny.
When Kyle found this toad the other day I thought it one of the prettiest toads I have seen. As you can see, he has orange/rust colored spots -more color than I have seen on a typical American brown toad. Maybe he is not the usual species we catch?

I had to take his photo - I thought he was quite photogenic. He seemed to pose and strut his stuff on our deck the morning Kyle took him out to release him. In this toad's short stay with us I learned something about toads. Kyle put the toad into the aquarium which housed the tree frog over winter - the guys are a little behind getting that thing cleared out. Everytime we fed the frog a red wiggler worm they seemed to high tail it out of the dish and bury themselves in the gravel. Well, of course they ended up drying up and dying. Mr. Frog here, perhaps quite hungry, started digging in the gravel and dug up the worms. We actually watched him pull a worm up out of the gravel, and use his front foot to push the stiff, thin morsel of dehydrated protein into his mouth. It was really quite amazing to see - although many of you reading this may find my description gross. For that I apologize, but you see, I live with a boy who is into bugs and critters - and I have spent much time on "" in the past 8 years.

So what does all this have to do with a color challenge? Well, I admit I digressed a bit... it began as a short "do you see the orange in this toad" photo posting, but...

Visit BoBunny's blog often to see what challenge Julia is giving readers. I love challenges - they motivate me to "create" with a bit of channeled focus. Julia has claimed "orange" to be the color that best represents her family. Create a layout with orange and share it with her. Of course I am taking the challenge, how about you?

But her post made me think...what color represents my family? I would have to say "green". Perhaps many shades of green, although Kyle and I both love bright, kiwi green. Would you like another challenge for fun? Pick a color that represents your family, then find an object that color (fruit, pillow, your family wearing said color), photograph it, and create a layout journaling about why you feel the color represents your family. If you came looking for inspiration... I hope this post has given you a few ideas. If you scrap your family color - I would love for you to share a link here, AND I have various rub-ons and cardstock stickers from the Fiskars consumables lines to RAK out to a winner drawn randomly from those who participate. Since July is wrapping up, and you may need time to think about your photograph object, I am actually going to give until August 20th for a deadline. I will also gather up my RAK prizes and share a photo so you know what you are playing for. Happy scrapping!

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