Monday, June 29, 2009

Wise Guy - Collaboration Album

Shameful. That is almost how I feel when I look at this album. Father's Day has come and gone and I have not yet given this album to my dad. My siblings helped with the contents - we reminisced on line about lines and phrases our father was famous for saying while we were growing up. It was a hoot to create, no pun intended!

Creating Keepsakes recently had a call for collaborative albums - of course I submitted. If it doesn't get picked up by dad's birthday in September I will wrap it up. (Dad, if you're reading my blog - act surprised!)

Here is a glimpse of the inside. The papers used are Piggy Tales. The album itself is Magistical Memories "Tab It Up" album.

This page in particular cracked me up with the story behind it. AND, hey, patting myself on the back here - I free hand drew that ox face!! There is something to be said for watching the old pioneer days shows like Little House - one gets to see an ox now and then. (LOL)

The album has a few small photos of my father, but the last page finishes with a nice, and recent picture.

I have to share a close up of the Magistical Memories wise owl - I think he just turned out the coolest. I know this little album has been featured on Piggy Tales web site and was on the ScrapSisTV catwalk...but I know I never shared it on my personal blog. My siblings probably wonder whatever became of that e-conversation.

Well, now you know. I have been hording it in hopes of a pub, but I will release it from my custody soon. (LOL)

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ellen s. said...

LOL rita, i just made a father's day card. it is amazing. i love all the details.