Monday, June 22, 2009

Honoring a Special Dad (MME Penny Lane)

It's Monday and yesterday we honored the fathers in our lives. It's becoming tradition for my husband to receive a layout about him on occassions such as Valentine's Day, birthday, and of course... Father's Day. Afterall, it's the gift that keeps on giving...memories year after year, preserved for future generations.

The Faithbooking Challenge at A Cherry On Top this month centered around HONOR. Scripture from Phillipians, teaching us how to live an honorable life, was an easy choice to use in this layout, as it is a biblical lesson Jesse repeats to the kids often.

I pulled out old WR Memory Keepers chipboard alpha - with the stripes and paisley. I sanded and painted 2 coats of red over - not enough to totally mask the underlying designs, but it gives the letters a mottled effect and nice texture, especially with a little ink rubbed on top.

I just love the texture in these particular MME papers. They lend themselves so well to distressing. I find using my craft knife blade along the raw edge quickly softens the paper and allows it to be easily torn, rolled and crimped.

I have noted that in my laziness to trim off thread ends when I sew on layouts, that I have actually embraced the look of dangling threads. I think they add interest. I remember the days when I trimmed so carefully, but with less creative time, clean precision is NOT a priority. (LOL)

I created another layout and a few Father's Day cards as well, and will show you the other Dad layout shortly. I am just glad to have found creative time - I was going through withdrawal! On Friday evening I decided to get out the RoundUp and spray as many weeds as I could, rather than sweat and pull them on Saturday. This gave me the excuse to stay indoors to wash clothes and create - because the weed killer had to do its work. Kyle and Jesse went to a Civil Way reenactment in Sauk, and Abby had a birthday party in the afternoon - so I had two hours of interupted creative time!

Now, that it is Monday, I look at the weeds and have to say I expected more...according to the commercial - 5 minutes! Oh well, my dad is happy with the results he gets from RoundUp, so I have to assume that sooner or later, those weeds are going to die. Since many were attacking my good plants - I sure hope so! I am typically an anti-chemical kind of gal, but the situation was getting hopeless now that I am working full time.

Join me again for a layout that uses awesome paper from my you ever wonder what in the world you were saving such beautiful product for? Those were my thoughts this weekend. See you soon!

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