Thursday, September 24, 2009

Would love to share, but....

Blogger seems to be having a technical difficulty - when I go to click on the photo upload button it is faded out...can't seem to share any pictures with you. Bummer! Anyone else having a problem?

I finished a couple of MME layouts - one is for the quote challenge due today. I guess I will share it at a later date, and submit my challenge the old fashioned email way, which I am happy to say, is working again. For now, at least.

I finished The Shack yesterday - looking for a GREAT book to read? It's about a man who suffers a tragic loss, how he copes with it, or should I say - doesn't, and how he finally is able to heal. If you, or someone you know is going through, or has, a personal struggle - I have to tell ya - this is a MUST read!! I can't wait to share my copy with one of the gals in my Thursday night group this evening! Have a great day!

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