Thursday, September 24, 2009

MME Quote Challenge - A Conspiracy!

The layout above was created for My Mind's Eye quote challenge using a phrase from U2 song lyrics, “every generation gets a chance to change the world.” I knew right away I wanted to scrapbook the photos of our kids helping with our family advent project from last year. I used papers from several MME lines - and was happy to see I still had some die-cuts and tags perfect for this layout on hand. If you want to join other conspirators who enjoy a good blog challenge - vist the MME site OR the BoBunny blog as well!!

I also worked in the heat embossing technique challenge from ACOT. I stamped "advent" with Brilliance ink in coffee bean, then used an embossing ink marker to trace over the letters and apply red powder. I hardly ever use my red embossing powder, so I may as well use it on Xmas layouts! Doing this gave me title letters a brown outline. Once all was done I could not resisting going across the center of each letter shape with Stickles. Seems once I start "stick'ling" on a project I have trouble putting the bottle down. For the word "conspiracy" I carefull hand wrote the word with a brown fine point, and traced over with a glaze pen. It's always risky business for me - trying to write a word in cursive on an almost finished project - but since it is on an MME tag, I had the opp to reject my work if I did not care for how it turned out. (LOL)

Inadinkadoo recently came out with holiday season acrylic stamps that include two sheets of images - one dedicated to the more secular approach of Santa, and the other to the birth of Jesus! I was so excited to find this set - and had my hubby stop in on the way home from work to use a 50% coupon I had. Great deal - and already getting plenty of use out of my Christian themed Christmas stamps.

Here is the journaling for this layout:
In November of 2008 we joined thousands across the country to participate in the Advent Conspiracy - people with a desire to change the world at Christmas, as the birth of Christ did on that very first Christmas morning.
We wanted to take Christmas back from commercialism, and made home-made gifts. Our family focus project was to create serving trays to sell to friends and family to raise money for orphans in Malawi, and for our church mission project. We raised $36 each for causes that were dear to our hearts.
Kyle and Abby, we hope that there will be many more Advent Conspiracies in our future Christmases. Your dad and I were happy to see your excitement in getting to paint, and proud of you for pitching in. Know that your efforts fed hungry children in distant lands, as you served as Jesus did. You may be young, but never forget that “every generation gets a chance to change the world,” and you did just that.

When I posted this project at ACOT one comment in the gallery thought my title idea was cool. Well - hey, I cannot take credit! The Advent Conspiracy is truly a global movement to take Christmas back from the commercialism and secular portrayal that now dominates the real reason for the season. To learn more visit the home site for Advent Conspiracy. You may never celebrate Christmas the same.

Ideas to Note:• Items under the tree include a cut-out of the serving trays we made, and a stamped image of the Nativity – to emphasize the purpose of Advent Conspiracy.
• Embossing powders and Stickles on the borders of the die-cut tags add “pop” to the design.
• Stitching gives a “homemade feel” and ties in with journaling.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope the Advent Conspiracy is a new idea for some of you, and that some of you will actual check out the site to learn more. I have been thinking ahead to the coming advent and what we might do as a family. I am already committed to make homemade gifts - I have three albums to make for nieces and nephews this Christmas. With that and the gifts I make for our kids, I don't feel I can commit to another homemade project to raise money for our causes. Instead, I think we will focus on volunteering - I have been wanting to ring for the Salvation Army for the past several years and have never done it. I want Abby to go along with me. She and I love to sing around the house, so I am hoping she will have the courage to sing with me in public. Of course, we would probably receive great donations if only she sang... We will have to see what she says, but who can resist putting a few coins in the kettle when they see her bright and dimpled smile?

However, if any of you are looking for a unique gift idea - check out my Praise Photography slide show. I also have more photos on Facebook. Some of you know I love to photograph nature, and often scripture verses pop into my head to go with the photo. If you love, or know someone who enjoys, sunflowers, butterflies, fall landscapes and floral macro shots - consider the unique gift of photography. Perhaps a special person has shared with you their favorite scripture verse and you would like to offer them a visual to go with. If you are interested in an 8x10 photo print matted in soft white, I would be happy to take orders. I can customize with a quote or scripture if you would like as well. $15 for plain, $20 for customized - and at least $5 would go towards supporting orphanages that we have heart connections to in Africa and Haiti. 5x7s also available. Mailing the photos to your home would be additional.

Advent and the season Christmas are not that far off. I have been working on Christmas gifts and will be sharing more ideas with you soon.

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