Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Summer's End

Just a few more days and fall will officially begin. I belong to a photography group at our church - made up of amateurs like myself, and professionals willing to share their knowledge. It's a great thing!

Each month we have an assignment revolving around a theme or technique. The latest was to photograph "summer's end". I love this photo of Abby on the last day before school. We visited the beach at Governor Dodge State Park. Being the cold summer it was, I was not surprised to find a vacant beach. The water was cold, but the sun was shining enough to warm the sand and make it pleasurable to bare your feet and let your toes dig in!

A friend commented how "BIG" Abby's feet look in this photo. Well,I measured our shortcake and it seems she grew 1.5" since the last day of school! She had to have a growth spurt some time in her life! (LOL)

I look forward to scrapping this photo...not sure whether to use a quote or just what angle I may approach the layout. If you have a favorite quote that you feel might go well with this photo I would love to see it in a comment below.
Ordinarily I might say, "email me" - but alas my email is DEAD. The .pst file is corrupt - which pretty much means it is a goner. That would be my entire inbox...all my saved "layout submissions" which I kept in a folder for ease in resubmitting, all my important scrapbooking contacts, contract emails, and even some recent emails with photo attachments. So yes, sis, if you are reading this at some point I will need a resend!

Tonight I am finalizing our new computer build. I found the specs on our current PC, and although we have been grumbling about it for the past 18 months - this computer is 8 years old!!! How many last that long? I looked up the processor and it is an Intel, so it leaves no doubt in my mind that we are going with an Intel processor once again. Kudos to Intel!

Until the new PC arrives and everything is installed (I would guess a month out?) I have no email, although Jesse is trying to come up with something temporary. I will be able to access through our providers home page - but won't be able to submit any projects using attachments, sadly enough. So hey, if you need a response from me on something - better call me!!

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Dawne Carlisle said...

Rita my friend... a month is way too long - I'll go through withdrawals! You better come up with an interim solution! Posting on the cc: website? Then we can check it for messages?

That's quite a growth spurt for Abby... I always say the summer sun makes the kids grow just like flowers!